Sherlyn also comes inquiring why she is crying? Mahira explains how she was asked to leave even when she cared for the family and also that when she was thrown out like a Stranger, no one dared stop her, because she believed that they were her family, she mentions that she came to the house because of Rakhi, still she asked her to leave.

Dadi asks her to come in, as no one would say anything wrong. Mahira is still worried that someone would once again throw her out, she exclaims that she has her own self respect so she can come in but not like this because she is standing at the place where her relationship ended, so she would start her life where she left it, and she was about to perform the GrehPerwash, she explains that she has fulfilled all her rituals, so they should also perform her Greh Perwesh which shocks everyone.

Preeta is in the room when Karan comes in, she inquires if he is okay, but he thanks her for how she took care of the situation, he realizes that he forgot to give Mahira her medicine so would give it to her, Preeta asks him to send Ganesh to the hospital, but Karan mentions that she has come back, Preeta inquires why is he saying this, as she feels Mahira would stay in this house.

Rakhi says that they cannot perform her GrehPerwash, as she is not the member of their family however, Kareena orders both Sherlyn and Kartika to get the neccessary items, Dadi orders them to get what Kareena has asked them!

Rakhi takes Dadi aside, as she has something to talk about, Mahira asks if she has said something wrong? Kareena mentions that she would come back really soon.

Sherlyn reaches the Temple where she starts preparing the prayer tray thinking that she thought Mahira would leave and never come back, but she is a storm, as she has shook the entire Luthra family! Sherlyn thinks that she thought how Preeta threw her out of the house, she would not come back, but she has made such a dramatic entry that she has been left amazed.

Mahira standing at the door thinks that she would take back Karan from Preeta, as it is her right!

Preeta inquires why did they bring Mahira back home? Karan responds that she was left alone and even her Mother had left her, so they brought her back into the house, Preeta explains how no Mother can remain angry with their daughters for a lot of time. Karan says that she has kept him above, so how can he leave her alone in a situation like this? Preeta tries to explain that she is a problem in herself, as whenever she comes, he starts arguing with her. Karan says that they have been arguing since they met, Preeta tries to explain she is not the right person.

Mahira thinks that had she sent Karan to jail, he would have never asked her to come and not provided a second chance for her, but she never thought that she would get the chance so quickly, so now, she would make sure that Preeta leaves the house and she takes her place, she thinks that she would not fight with Karan, but instead he would take her side, she knows they both would be arguing.

Karan asks what she meant? Preeta responds that Mahira doesn’t love her, as he is her obsession because she even cut her hand, so it is not right for him to be in front of her, she mentions that she is afraid that Mahira would even pull her in this situation, Karan asks her to understand the situation meanwhile, he will come back after handing her the medicine, Preeta stops him saying that he should send her away because she thinks that it is the signal of a storm approaching.

Sherlyn also decides to close the window.

Sarla prays after seeing the signs of the storm, she thinks that it is said that if there is no direction to the storm, it signals destruction.

Mahira plans to ruin the life of Preeta!

Karan is leaving when they are both on each other’s neck, so Karan starts to remove himself, as he has to leave.

Sherlyn is taking the tray when she drops it, Sanjana calls her asking if she is okay? Sanjana mentions that their family Priest is sitting who said that there is something really wrong that would happen in their family so who would see the person that comes in their house because that person would ruin their house, she warns her that the person would harm her the most, Mahira thinks that she is the person and would ruin Preeta because she is in love with Karan!

Preeta removes the wedding necklace from the shirt of Karan and while doing that, it falls so breaks, Preeta is shocked to see that it has broken and they both wonder what would happen as she has broken her Wedding Necklace, Karan also looks in amazement while holding the piece, Karan says that he will send someone to clean it,but Preeta says that she will do it herself, so there is no need, she will do it herself, Karan leaves the room while Preeta is angry at him and also worried about what would happen, so she starts cleaning the room.

Sherlyn is worried and not even able to comprehend, so she requests her to asks something from the Priest, she asks the Priest what it means, as she dropped the tray, The Priest exclaims that this means that the person for whom the tray was for would ruin their lives, as she is not a good person and would be problematic for them all, so she should not let her come into the house, Sherlin thinks that Mahira would be a problem for Preeta, but not her and she would be fine even if she has to face some problem.

Rakhi asks them both to understand because what Mahira is asking cannot be done, as she is demanding GrehPerwash, but this cannot happen, as Preeta is already the daughter-in-law of their family.

Kartika also says that this is wrong because they are angry with Preeta, as she married Karan in disguise so why are they giving Mahira a chance?

Kareena mentions that she agrees with Dadi, as they would perform the ritual and even if she thinks that she is a member of their family, it is not the case, so they are doing this for her happiness, Karan also comes asking what is happening? Sherlyn mentions that they are going to perform the ritual which angers Karan who leaves explaining that he has married Preeta, so would not stand with anyone ever again! Kareena along with Dadi offers to perform the ritual.

Sherlin places the vermilion tray in the feet of Mahira and then Kareena taking the tray starts the prayer because she would now become a member of their family which is not acceptable, Mahira thinks that she would come into the house and since Preeta threw her out now, she would come with an entry that would not be stopped!

The oil lamps stops burning, so Preeta is sure that even the universe would not let her come back to their house.

Sherlyn once again burns it after which Dadi advises her to step in the vermilion tray and come into the house, Mahira enters the house looking with a sight of revenge at Preeta before standing right beside her, she turns to Kareena explaining that her luggage is right outside, as she left it outside because she was not in the condition so can someone bring it in? Dadi calls Ganesh, but Mahira asks Preeta so even Kareena orders her to bring the luggage, Preeta has to oblige to her order.

Mahira enters the room, Preeta puts her luggage down and she’s about to leave, but Mahira stops her, she exclaims that she wants Preeta to remember something that she threw her out of the house and closed the door, Preeta exclaims that she doesn’t want to talk with her because she is also not in her mental state, before something wrong would happen with her again. Mahira says that she told her that she would remember the lecture and attack using the same words as a weapon to snatch everything from her including her happiness!

Preeta also remembers how she warned her so Mahira exclaims that she has come back, Preeta exclaims that this was all a drama.

Mahira sees Karan then blames that Preeta has blamed and threatened to throw her out of the house! Karan comes in asking Preeta to stop this, as he has informed her why he brought Mahira here, she acts as if dizzy and sends Preeta away, Karan explains that he will send Ganesh with the medicine.

Preeta in her room is very angry to remember how Mahira came back into the house and is with Karan, she recalls how Janki explained that Mahira would become the second woman amongst Karan and Preeta.

When Karan enters, Preeta tries to leave however, he makes her sit, he says that he knows she is angry because of him and wants her to remember that he is doing this because of friendship, because he was married to her and promised Mahira for marriage, so this is his fault and she would remain in their house as a friend, Preeta exclaims that he is very nice and knows that he is doing all this to correct everything, but nothing would happen his way, as Mahira is not in the correct mental health because she disguised herself as Preeta and now, can do anything to make Karan her husband.

Preeta explains that Mahira is not in a normal state, so would do anything to claim him as her own, she explains that Mahira is not good for him, herself and their marriage including their family for which she is worried, Preeta exclaims that she doesn’t want this at which Karan assures her that nothing of this sort would happen, but Preeta mentions that she has entered the house with the ritual as GrehPerwash even when she doesn’t have the right, Karan exclaims that he has assured that Mahira has only come into the house as his friend, so he would make sure nothing wrong happens, as he is married to her so would not let anything wrong happen to her, he demands that she cheer up because everything would be sorted out.

Mahira gets frustrated seeing them from behind the room, she runs to her room in frustration thinking that she has not come to this house in order to witness their romance so now would make sure that she takes all the steps by which Karan can marry her! She is in the room when Sherlyn comes explaining that she was not able to find her medicine, so asked Ganesh to buy them from the market, Mahira asks her to leave her alone, at which Sherlyn explains that she should take the medicine for her sake, so Mahira mentions that the only way she would eat the medicine is when Karan comes to her and asks her to take the medicine! Sherlyn agrees mentioning that she would send Karan to her, so Mahira pleads with her to send Karan right away.

Preeta and Karan are in the room when the glass breaks, Karan thinks why did he do this, as he made such a big promise that she only belongs to Karan, even he doesn’t know why he cannot see Preeta in pain, but cannot understand the reason, and when he is about to leave, Preeta stops him, he inquires why did she stop him? Preeta asks him to assure her that whatever he said was just to calm her or does he actually feel it? Karan asks what she wants to say? Preeta mentions that he said that he cares for her because he feels something, Karan is not able to express his feelings for her and is mummering.

Sherlyn comes explaining that she brought the medicine for Mahira, Karan answers that he has already given her the medicine, Sherlyn explains that she is saying that she would only take the medicine form him, Karan leaves saying that he would come back after giving her the medicine.

Preeta thinks that Mahira has come in between them but she would not let her come in their relationship!

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