Preeta is really tensed in her room, Karan comes inquiring what has happened, because he has just returned? Preeta exclaims that she was tensed because he was not with her, Karan says that she is flirting with him however, Preeta says she was worried, as he might be flirting with someone. Karan inquires if she got jealous however, Preeta responds that she doesn’t get jealous.

Karan mentions how she is busy irritating everyone, Preeta says that she never causes harm at which Karan says that she is lying, as when they first met, he was on a date with two other girls and she ruined it by coming into his Car and he got scared because of her voice. Preeta advises him to have some shame because he’s talking about dating with other girls while being with his Wife, he mentions that she is getting jealous, Preeta refuses to talk, she exclaims that she came to her Mother’s house the first time, but he never had any discussion about her visit but instead is talking about other women.

Preeta says that she cannot comprehend how she has married a flirt, Karan also mentions how he keeps reminding himself that he has married a balla and he wishes that those pretty women were in his life. Preeta sits down mentioning how those girls were never beautiful and even goes on saying that she doesn’t even think Mahira who is his friend is pretty and she seems like an Ant which tries to bite everyone in the family!

Karan laughs saying that she might be right because, he just saw Mahira who was looking like a devil with some black makeup on her face, Preeta also laughs.

Mahira is trying to remove the ink, but isn’t able to and she promises that she would make her pay! Sherlyn asks her to calm down because nothing would happen, Mahira mentions that she would inform Karan about what Preeta has done, as she is wrong! Sherlyn tries to explain saying that it’s a childish act and they would have to do something bigger, Mahira assures that she would not leave Preeta and would surely take revenge!

Mahira mentions that she cannot comprehend what Karan must be thinking, as he said all those things to her. Sherlyn thinks that it is a childish act and Preeta would not gain anything from it, so why did she do this?

Mahira is walking in the hall thinking that she would make her pay, as she would also ruin her face so that when Karan sees her, he would get scared too!

Preeta is laughing, so Karan asks her to not control it, he mentions how he got scared after seeing her. Preeta explains how she got mad at Mahira which makes Karan realize that it is her doing however, Preeta refuses to take the responsibility, but Karan explains how he liked it and laughed a lot since a long time, Karan tries to force Preeta so that she also laughs however, she makes him stand as a statue, he doesn’t move a bit then she thinks that she should also have some fun however, Karan breaks it and starts teasing her saying that they are not children.

Mahira seeing this gets really mad, she’s leaving when she stumbles, but Ganesh catches her before she falls however, Mahira isn’t comfortable, but he’s looking in his eyes, she hits him in the foot when he’s constantly looking at her, she leaves before ordering him to clean it.

There is a bell and when Ganesh opens it, Shrishti comes in saying that he should leave the door open because a lot of people are going to come. Ganesh wonders what kind of a prank she is playing? Shrishti demands something to eat first.

Preeta inquires that she always desires to eat before doing work, Shrishti exclaims that after doing all that she has done, she requires a lot of food, they both head up to the balcony.

The entire family is shocked when there is a lot of ringing and the guests are coming, the Priest also comes mentioning how he was called for a prauer, he says that it was Rakhi who called her. Shrishti exclaims how she disguised her voice as Rakhi and called Ramona asking her to come for the prayer.

Sarla also comes, Preeta is shocked to see her Mother in the prayer, Shrishti exclaims that she had nothing to do with it, as it was Rakhi. She remembers how she called Sarla as Rakhi and invited her, she exclaims that she was about to be caught but now, Preeta asks her to fulfil her role.

Sarla mentions how she was called by Rakhi, Kareena is shocked because Rakhi invited everyone and didn’t even considered talking with her.

The Priest explains how he has brought all the belongings for the prayer and that they must show him where the prayee would take place. Karan agrees then orders Ganesh to call Preeta, who informs Karan that Shrishti has also come, so should he call her too? Karan is shocked.

Sarla wonders why Shrishti did not inform her otherwise, they both would have come together.

Sherlyn advises that she called to ask Rakhi where she has gone, as when she has arranged a prayer, then why did she go to get the medicine? Kareena advises her to call Rakhi saying that everyone has arrived, Sherlyn tries calling her.

Preeta and Shrishti are in the hall when Ganesh comes saying that Karan is calling them both for the prayer, they ask him to go while they would come after some time.

Kareena asks Ramona to come with her to where the prayer would occur, Ramona orders Mahira to hand her the box of the sweets.

Shrishti exclaims that she is really worried, as she should have also called Rakhi, but she doesn’t know what she would have said to her, Preeta asks her to not worry, as her mobile would not connect, Shrishti inquires what did she do, because Sherlyn has not been able to call her? Preeta exclaims how she took care of her mobile and took out the battery when she was about to go to the market while Rakhi was advising Ganesh to call her if there is something else required for the house.

Shrishti is really amazed, so asks how was she able to do it? Preeta says that she did this because Rakhi is always busy in such matters, so she decided to make sure Rakhi is away from such incidents that she considers Ramona to be her friend, but should know that Ramona is not a nice person, she explains that Rakhi should reach back home which is why she ordered the Driver to bring her back as soon as possible, she explains that another benefit of taking out the battery is that no one who is in the house would be able to divert her from the truth and she would witness the truth after coming back, she explains that they would reveal the true face which they are all hiding, so they both head for the prayee.

Sherlyn comes exclaiming that she has not been able call Rakhi, as it’s not connecting.

Shrishti and Preeta also comes, she acts as if she is stunned saying that Rakhi has also called her, Sarla explains how Rakhi forced her to come.

Kareena asks if she knew about the prayer at which Preeta responds that she came to know of this because of the preparations and also that Rakhi is the only one in the family who believes a lot in the prayer. Ramona taunts her asking what is the prayer for, as she knows a lot? Preeta says that it is for the peace and the health of Mahesh because it’s understood.

Ramona exclaims how clever she is, then she would know that there is also a need of Parshad, Preeta mentions that in this prayer, there is no need for the sweets and the Parshad would consist of fruits.

Kareena gets mad exclaiming that they should start the praywr as a lot of the time has been wasted! Ramona orders Ganesh to distribute the sweets amongst the staff of the house.

Shrishti immediately calls him asking for something to eat, Sarla scolds her asking why did she not have something to eat in their house, as she came for the prayer however, when she insists, Ramona asks Ganesh to give her a ladoo for the time being, then after a while, can bring her something which she can eat. Shrishti appreciates her as her Mother always scolds her, Ganesh hands her the box, and taking it, she stands up

Sherlyn understands that Preeta and Shrishti have planned something, but she doesn’t understand what it is.

Rakhi comes to the house, she is amazed to see that there is a prayer in her house. The Priest asks her to come after washing her hand, as she would start the prayer.

Ramona asks how can she forget when she herself arranged the prayer? Rakhi explains that she did not arrange for the prayer. The Priest explains that the prayer is for the better health of Mahesh Luthra, Rakhi is about to answer when Shrishti acts as if she is not well and starts vomiting, she holds her stomach and acts as if she is not well. The Priest advises that they should stop the prayer, however, Rakhi mentions that they cannot leave the prayer, so they all continue.

Preeta comes running explaining that Shrishti is vomiting blood and only ate the ladoo, everyone gets worried, Preeta explains how she is vomiting just like she was when she was at the Sarghi, Rakhi asks them to call the Doctor however, Preeta mentions that she was not able to reach anyone.

Shrishti also comes with blood on the napkin, she starts blaming Ramona mentioning how she tried to kill her and that she should not hold a grudge, as even though she broke the glass of her Car, it doesn’t mean that she should kill her. Shrishti inquires why does she hate her so much that she tried killing her? Ramona pleads saying that she did not mix anything in the ladoo and they are mistaken, Preeta explains that Shrishti was fine before eating her ladoo and after eating them, she got so ill that she started vomiting blood.

Ramona constantly tries to plead her innocence however Preeta blames that she tried to kill her Sister, Ramona exclaims that she did not mix anything in the ladoo which she brought today, but had mixed poison in those which she brought for the sarghi, everyone is shocked to hear the truth. Sherlyn exclaims that she cannot do anything now to save Ramona.

Preeta mentions that she mixed the poison in the ladoo which they had for Sarghi and got ill, Sherlyn blamed it on her Mother who got arrested.

Rakhi exclaims that she did not think Ramona would do such a thing, Mahira tries to defend her mother however, Karan asks her to stop, as she has accepted it by herself! Karan mentions that Sherlyn got ill and blamed it on Sarla’s Mom who she got arrested and they got her bailed out after a lot of effort, but even now, she can still be arrested.

Preeta mentions that it’s not always those who are telling the truth that are blamed for everything, Preeta asks Sherlyn to take back her case now that her mother has been proven innocent.

Rakhi asks her to speak and why is she quiet?? Sherlyn mentions that she is not able to comprehend what has happened, Rakhi exclaims that now that everything has been proven, she should take back the case as otherwise, she would go and file a counter case on Ramona because as a Mother, she cannot stand with the one who is wrong!

Ramona explains how she was not able to say anything because when she came to know they had eaten the ladoo and she could not do anything, she did not want her daughter to suffer for her mistake, Ramona apologizes to Rakhi, Dadi and Kareena however, Rakhi asks her to seek apology from Sarla, as she has suffered the most because of her being quiet!

Ramona apologizes to Sarla, she explains that she doesn’t have any grudge against her because she was thinking that there might be some ingredient which was expired that caused the poison and she might have made the same mistake but even if she did it on purpose, even then, she is not mad because Ramona is friends with Rakhi and her daughter is now a part of their family, she never desires that anyone has the chance to ruin the name of this family.

Karan comes to Sarla explaining that she must be proud of her daughters, as they were able to reveal the truth so easily, Preeta says that it’s a matter of trust which both of them have in Sarla, they know that their Mother is not capable of harming anyone, because of her pure heart so would not hold a grudge even against her enemy which is why they decided to prove her innocence and have now been able to.

Rakhi asks why Sherlyn is still silent and why is she not saying anything? Rakhi exclaims that she must go to the Police Station and take back the case, Sherlyn agrees however, Karan exclaims that they will both go and take back the case  nowagainst Sarla and free her, Karan exclaims that she always mentions that no one stands with her, but now he would be with her, he exclaims that yesterday, she was so angry that she did not listen to anyone and would have sent anyone to jail, most especially Sarla, but he is with her and cares for her and the child because he is also related to him, so even if she wants to file a case against Ramona, then he would be with her.

Sherlyn thinks that she knows Karan is playing a game because he knows she will not file any case against Ramona, Karan is standing there smiling thinking that now, Sherlyn would not be able to do anything,

Sherlyn says that she doesn’t want to file any case, but would also take back the case against Sarla, Karan says that he is proud of her while looking at Preeta.

Shrishti inquires what does he want to say to her? Karan says that he was talking about her before leaving.

Rakhi apologizes to Sarla exclaiming that she was blamed because of her friend however, Sarla mentions that Rakhi doesn’t have to apologize, Kareena gets mad and leaves, Ramona also takes Mahira away.

Rakhi allows Preeta to go back with her Mother, as she might want to spend some time with her, but orders her to come back before night, Preeta hugs her and they all leave for the house.

Janki is anxiously waiting for everyone, when they enter, she inquiries about what happened in the Luthra house and did Ramona accept her crime? Sarla mentions that this means she also knew and they all did not tell her, Preeta exclaims that it is not that but they didn’t tell her because she would have stopped them and also that the tension which she felt for Shrishti at the Luthra house when she started coughing out blood wouldn’t be true.

Shrishti says that she would tell Janki and comes exclaiming that she was the one because of whose performance they all accepted that Ramona had poisoned her, Sarla orders her to just explain the truth and not boast about her acting, Janki stops her from interrupting Shristi’s detailed gist. Shrishti explains how she acted as being ill after eating the ladoo which Ramona brought and because of their performance, she finally accepted that she poisoned the ladoo in the Sarghi.

Preeta further states that Rakhi then stood with them and ordered Sherlyn to take back the case otherwise, she would file a counter case against Ramona, Sherlyn got scared agreeing to take back the case, as she is friends with Mahira and Ramona.

Sarla adds that after this, they were in the way of coming back during which Karan called to inform that Sherlyn has taken back the case and she is finally free because of her daughters, Janki is overjoyed and exclaims that this would mean she will stay with Sarla and no one would leave the house, she immediately runs to get tea for them all.

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