Karan is taking a shower when Preeta enters the room, he calls Preeta to give him his towel, but Preeta exclaims that she cannot find any, Karan asks her to look closely, but Preeta is not able to find it, she asks him if she should give her towel to him, but then he would not take it, because he desires his own towel which has his name on it, he says that she might be trying to take revenge for what has happened the last night, Preeta says that she doesn’t hold any grudge and has even forgotten what has happened.

Karan says that he would come out naked if she doesn’t give him the towel. Preeta challenges him to come outside if he has the strength, but then Karan mentions that he would come outside just as he is, Preeta closes his eyes when he comes out and she doesn’t even open her eyes when he asks her, he turns her around and then she comes into his arms, Preeta realizes that he’s wearing clothes, she inquires why did he not say anything of his clothes because she thought that he was not wearing anything?

Karan says that he told her that he is wearing his suit which she desired to see, so he came out in the same outfit, Karan says that he wanted to take revenge for what she did because she was awake when he lifted her in his arms.

Preeta comes to the lodge, Sherlyn feels that there is something wrong between Sameer and Rakhi, as they are smiling. Mahira asks her to not worry as it’s their day and nothing of the sort would happen.

Kareena comes to Rakhi mentioning that she has something to say about Preeta which she thought she would keep a secret, but now, desires to inform her.

Karan remembers how she tried waking him up, then exclaims that she should not talk about the night, he taking the blame says that he locked Preeta in the room and slept on the sofa, Kareena exclaims that he did this on purpose? Rakhi starts scolding him, asking him to not do such childish things! Kareena pleads with Rakhi to not scold Karan, Rakhi then apologizes to Preeta, who explains that it is not a matter of concern because they both play a lot of pranks on each other.

Sameer asks Rakhi to show the surprise, she shows the list on the Phone, at which Karan asks if she is going to Manali? Rakhi calls him mad, advising him to see the guest list, he sees his name and that of Preeta Luthra, he tries to refuse, but Rakhi forces him saying that they both would leave the next day and it is their honeymoon gift!

Karan says that there is no need, but Rakhi mentions that they both are going to Manali for a vacation, as it’s their honey moon gift, everyone is shocked, but Rakhi explains that they both as husband and wife have the right to spend quality time together with each other, as they are always busy with the problems which the entire family is facing. So she decided that they both should spend some time together alone and should consider it as a gift from her.

Preeta says that there is no need because they already know and understand each other very well. Rakhi exclaims that he is actually very happy, but he’s not showing it and if he’s really that arrogant, even then, he must go to Manali and spend time with Preeta even if it is fighting, but they should also see the beautiful mountains, as otherwise people would say that she was not so generous, as even when her Son got married, she did not let them go for honeymoon.

Rakhi orders Ganesh to bring the suitcases, as he would need to help Karan, Preeta tries to leave however, Karan stops her forcing that she thanks him for saving her from Rakhi’s scolding, she leaves and Kareena also gets mad, Dadi asks Sameer to follow her, as it’s not his honeymoon.

Mahira goes to Rakhi questioning why she can allow them both to go to the honeymoon? Rakhi exclaims that she is the only one who can do this and would have done it before, but because of the problems, she could not do this and even she was ill, but now she has gotten better so should accept the fact that Karan and Preeta are now married.

Shrishti is searching for her files, but Sarla is tensed and when she finds them, questions why is she so tensed? Sarla refuses to say anything, then Shristhi asks her to talk with Preeta and pack her warm clothes, Sarla starts questioning Shrishti however, they then video call Preeta.

Sarla asks if she is okay, as Shrishti said that she should pack the warm clothes? Shrishti mentions that she was only looking after her expenses as otherwise, they would have to buy a lot of clothes, Shrishti then explains she should go and spend a lot of money on the new clothes, Sarla explains that someone from her house called and it was Sameer so what has happened? Preeta in a low voice mentions that she is going on a honeymoon at which Sarla inquires about the location? She is shocked to hear about Manali, then mentions that she would pack all her clothes, but wonders if anyone would like them in her house including Karan, as they wear branded clothes?

Karan comes removing the misconception saying that she looks prettier in the clothes which Sarla has made, she ends the call after saying that she would send the clothes tomorrow, Sarla starts crying after ending the call, Shrishti asks why is she weeping because it is a moment of joy? Sarla questions why did she not tell her before? However, Shrishti leaves after taking her mobile phone.

Karan asks Preeta why she was so nervous after mentioning that they were going on a honeymoon? Preeta exclaims that the only reason she was so nervous was because people tend to think something else, Karan doesn’t understand, but Preeta mentions that she cannot explain however, Karan explains that he would tell her and it’s that they both would be alone in a room with no disturbance, he tries to come closer to her,but Preeta leaves the hall.

Mahira in the room exclaims that she was happy after knowing that Preeta and Karan do not share the same bed and that Preeta also threw him out of the room, but instead when Preeta was to be scolded, she got a reward and now they would be alone however, Sherlyn says that she cannot comprehend what would happen if the honeymoon becomes successful.

Kareena comes mentioning that nothing would happen as Mahira would be the one to celebrate the honeymoon with Karan, Kareena exclaims that she has always supported Sherlyn but now needs her support because she would take Mahira to Manali and should get her close to Karan, as Preeta would be alone so they can handle her, Mahira mentions that she now feels that everything would happen as she desires, she hugs Kareena exclaiming that she cannot believe how clever she is.

Shrishti and Janki reach the Luthra house, Janki inquires why did she bring her here because she has a lot of work to do however, Shrishti says that she can do it later, they wonder where is everyone, at which Janki says that she is mad because not everyone would have gone for the honeymoon!

Preeta comes down and immediately hugs Janki, she mentions that they have gotten late because everything has been packed and there is no more space, Janki exclaims that there is nothing to worry about, as she has only three bags, Preeta however exclaims that it is not the case, as she is going with The Karan Luthra and he has the habit of taking all his belongings, they all start to joke as Preeta only has a single small suitcase.

Karan pleads with them to stop as otherwise, they would get late, when they are about to leave, Janki gives them the bag and Shrishti makes a joke which irritates everyone, they all take the blessings of everyone, Rakhi inquires if he has kept the address however, Karan goes back to get his mobile, they all head to the cars when Karan comes after changing his clothes, he exclaims that there was still another bag, so he wore the clothes and left it there.

They are not able to close the car trunk however, Karan refuses to take out any bag, but Shrishti says that she would do it because they are going for the honeymoon, so should not fight, Shrishti exclaims that her Sister is a really difficult person to keep up with. Janki says that she should give them a good news after coming back and it should not be a matter of concern, Preeta and Karan are not able to understand, but then leave.

Janki advises Shrishti that they should also leave for the house, but Shrishti sends her back, while she remains with Sameer.

Preeta and Karan are in the Car, she is remembering what Janki said and explains that she would not sleep on the bed, but instead use the sofa in the resort because she doesn’t feel comfortable on the bed, Karan is not able to understand what he should say.

Karan thanks God, Preeta inquires what he meant? Karan starts to mumble, but then mentions that this would imply that he would have the whole of the bed to himself, Preeta also thanks God, so when Karan inquires about it, she explains that before a honeymoon, both of the individuals should understand the other, as it is necessary. Karan mentions that they would first get to know of each other then would have the honeymoon.

Shrishti inquires Sameer what he thinks about, he asks about what? She explains that she is talking of Karan and Preeta, Sameer mentions that he thought she was asking about them, Shrishti inquires what is happening between them because she thought that they both were best friends and Kareena doesn’t want them to even talk, she knows that Pawan is trying to get closer to her, even when he’s the brother of Prithvi and even then, she would not be with him, but he has a lot of strength even when they both are wrong.

Sameer exclaims that she is not thinking about what he’s going through because Kareena has given him the last warning that she would send him back to their village if he is close to her however, this is not the case and he’s still with her, Shristhi asks him to not be worried, as she was just joking with her, he exclaims that he has a lot of feelings, but he’s waiting for the most opportune moment, he then hugs her, but gets shocked when Rakhi comes from the back, Sameer exclaims that she should stop crying, Shristhi doesn’t understand what he meant.

Rakhi asks why is she crying? Sameer explains that she was missing Preeta and was about to pass out, so he consoled her and gave her a hug, Shrishti is forced to act as if she is crying, Rakhi hugs her explaining that she should be happy because the differences which they had have been wiped off and now they are living a happy life, Rakhi exclaims that she doesn’t have any tears even when she is crying, Shrishti is forced to make an excuse that she is just sad, as her sister is not going to be in the City, but she’s happy and sad both at the same time.

Rakhi mentions that she would drop her off because she would get a chance to meet with Sarla, as it has been a long time, she also asks Sameer to come with her, they then get into the Car.

Mahira is packing her clothes, Sherlyn comes to the room asking her what she’s doing, at which Mahira exclaims that she is not worried because now, Kareena is on their side however, Sherlyn tries to explain that no one would be able to help them, even Kareena, and if they are stopped. And that Sameer is loyal to Preeta and would inform her of everything, so she should hide, Sherlyn explains that she would look out for anyone, Mahira mentions that she is just like a Sister however, Sherlyn mentions that she is not a Sister, but just her crime partner and they just cover the crimes.

Mahira inquires how does she have no emotion, at which Sherlyn mentions that she can make Rishab fall in love with her if she desires, but she would never do this, as she only loves one person and would marry him really soon.

Preeta and Karan are driving in the Car, Karan starts singing a song and after hearing it, Preeta tries to see her lips wondering if they are dry, then Karan takes out the lip balm, Preeta inquires how did he get it? Karan starts teasing her explaining that he kept this because if she desires to come closer, then he would give her the lip balm.

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