Mahira prepares the camera, then taking the water goes to the ice bucket and after adding the ice cube, she asks Karan to drink it, Karan exclaims that he is feeling really weird and doesn’t know what has happened, he tries getting up, but then Mahira holds his hand asking him to leave her hand, Karan exclaims that he has not held her hand, but Mahira is continuously exclaiming how he has held her hand and should have the honeymoon with Preeta and not her.

Mahira then pushes herself over him, Karan asks what is she doing, at which Mahira explains that she can entertain him if he desires, until Preeta comes, Mahira then thinks that the camera would record what she desires and then Karan would have to plead to her desires!

Shrishti explains that this cannot happen because she herself saw Mahira drinking the water.

Sherlyn also comes explaining that it’s so unfortunate that they have gotten awake because now, she would inform them about what has happened because they thought that Mahira would not be able to spend the night with Karan, but she saw them in the resort and even when Sameer came to their table, she saw how he mixed something in the drink, so she exchanged the drinks, and the best part is that Mahira is awake and is at the present moment with Karan in his room.

Preeta asks why is she talking rubbish?
Sherlyn goes to her asking why is she worried, but that she should be worried now, because Mahira is with Karan wearing the nighty which Shrishti brought for her and now Mahira would spent the night with Karan and in actual, would have the honeymoon. Preeta explains how this would not happen because she knows that Karan is not like that, Sherlyn explains that she desires to inform her that when the situation changes, then men tend to have mixed feelings!

Shrishti asks her to stop saying rubbish and that there is no need to watch the videos! Shrishti pleads with Preeta to not see them because she heard Sherlyn and Mahira talking about how they would mix something in his drink. Sherlyn explains that even when a person is in the state of being drunk, even then, what he does is actually what he desired to do, so this might happen because Karan desired to be with Mahira and not her, as he married her with false content! Sherlyn then starts the video before leaving.

Preeta sees that Mahira has given Karan a tablet, she prays that he doesn’t have it, but Karan takes it, he is not able to control himself, then falls against the table, Preeta exclaims that Mahira is wearing her night dress and she feels that she would try to do some wrongful act with Karan. Shrishti starts yelling asking why is she doing this because the dress was for Karan??

Mahira in the room asks Karan to not worry and calm down, she is turning on the music, and starts dancing with him, even when he is not really in his senses, she starts to have romance with him when he is not able to control himself, Karan falls to the ground and Mahira also goes after him and he in the state of being drugged sees Mahira as Preeta.

Preeta while being bound explains that she is not in front of him and it’s actually Mahira, Preeta pleads with him to leave her and not go near her because she is trying to manipulate him.

Karan however sees her as Preeta, then starts to be romantic with her thinking that it’s his Wife, they both start to dance while holding hands, Karan even kisses her hands, as he feels that it is really Preeta. They both stare into each-other’s eyes when Mahira pushes him against the wall, while trying to get closer to him, Karan also pulls her closer, but when she gets back, it is when he realizes that she is actually Mahira, so Karan pushes her away, he feels pain in his head, but Mahira is constantly trying to come closer to him, she forcefully takes him to the bed where he falls and she gets up on him.

Preeta isn’t able to see it, so calls for help without knowing who would come for them.

Rakhi brings tea for Dadi and Kareena, she sits down saying that she is missing them, Kareena explains that they would come back after some time. Dadi asks about Sherlyn and Mahira? Kareena explains that Sherlyn is ill and Mahira is taking care of her, Rakhi says but she told her that Mahira was ill and Sherlyn is taking care of her, Kareena explains that Sherlyn got ill while taking care of Mahira and when they sought the advise of the Doctor, he explained that it’s because of her pregnancy, so she should be sent to any hill station which is why she sent them both to Manali and they are in the same hotel as Karan and Preeta.

Kareena asks Dadi if she did the right act? She gets the approval then she ordered to bring the mobile phone.

Dadi asks Rakhi what has happened, as she is looking tensed? Rakhi explains that her problem is Mahira, as she doesn’t think righteous of Preeta and is of the view that Preeta stole Karan from her, which is not the case, and she cannot think of how to make her realize the fact because she is after all the daughter of her childhood friend.

Dadi seeing her mobile is shocked, as she has a lot of missed calls from Mahira and Sherlyn, Kareena also says that it’s the same with her, there is a ring on the door, Rakhi goes to check it, but Ganesh stops her saying that he found her mobile and she should sit while he would open the door, Rakhi also says that she has a lot of missed calls from Sherlyn and Mahira.

Mahira and karan enter the house, the entire family is shocked to see them both together so stand up, Mahira has held her hands closely and she’s crying while Karan is angry.

Rakhi asks Karan about where Preeta is however, he cannot say anything and stands there quietly, Rakhi then questions Mahira about where Preeta is and what has happened? Dadi then questions him, so he says that he has left Preeta in the hotel room, Karan explains how he saw that some goons were teasing Mahira and he saved her after which they both went to their room, while he was waiting for Preeta because she was not there meanwhile, he had some drinks and then something which should not have happened occurred as he slept with Mahira in the same room, hearing this, everyone is shocked.

Preeta also comes from behind mentioning that there is nothing to worry about, as she knows he cannot do anything wrong and has not taken anything from her, Karan explains that it is not right because the right which she had over him, he gave it to Mahira however, because of what has happened, he is asking that she should goes back to her house, as there is only one way left and he must marry Mahira.

Preeta mentions that she is explaining that Karan is not wrong at which Mahira mentions that she should not blame her because all that has happened was because of her, because she is the victim and Karan is the accused! Preeta explains that she is saying the same thing because Mahira always thinks of ruining her marriage with Karan, so she is wrong.

Mahira mentions that it is not so, as she went with Karan on her honeymoon then why did he come close to her? It is because he could not get away from her, even when he desired to.

Sherlyn also starts blaming Preeta saying that she wrongfully married Karan and even sent a legal notice to their house because of which Mahesh Uncle got ill, Preeta stops her saying that she should not blame her, because she also knows who is really behind it all and she did not have anything to do with it.

Mahira mentions that she tried calling everyone, but when Karan himself desired to come near her, then what could she have done, because she is a girl and could not fight with Karan.

Preeta explains that she has not deceived Karan and even when she married him in disguise, it was not to ruin the life, but to save the family from her because had she not married him, Sherlyn and Mahira would have killed Mahesh Papa that night, hearing this, everyone is shocked, Preeta explains how they both have always tried to harm the family and Mahira pushed Mahesh Papa at the function of Holi, Preeta explains that she should not be blamed because they are not wrong and it is Mahira and Sherlyn who are at fault, she also explains that she did not send any notice to them, because why would she have sent a notice to her own family?

Mahira mentions that she should stop acting and not play this card, as she has to leave the house! Preeta mentions that Mahira should not be mistaken as this is her house because she is the Wife of Karan and would never leave the house! Karan then gets tensed, so asks Preeta to go back to her house, as he has to marry Mahira.

Sherlyn stops imagining all of this and eagerly waits to see all of this come true the next morning. She enjoys Preeta bearing the pain of watching Mahira bed Karan, and that if this happens, then it would be the most occurring thing in her life, but it’s only depended on the honeymoon that happens between Karan and Mahira.

Preeta thinks that she has realized what is happening, as Karan thinks it is Preeta with him in the room, Preeta calls Shrishti explaining that they have to call the Police, Shrishti exclaims that she doesn’t have any plan because how would they call them? Preeta taking up the tablet exclaims that it was connected to the internet of the resort and now they can call anyone for help.

Mahira is with Karan in the bed, she exclaims how she went through a heartbreak when he left her, but the pain is nothing, as compared to the lust to get him, she is about to get close to him when there is a knock on the door, Mahira orders the person to leave, then goes to open the door in anger, she is shocked to see the Police standing there, they are adamant to search the room however, Mahira exclaims that she cannot let them however, the Inspector refuses to even talk with her saying that she would be questioned in the Police Station!

The Police Inspector enters the room and tries to wake Karan up, she asks from the Manager about the identity of the girl? They then arrest Mahira and when she questions about the reason, the Inspector asks if she is Preeta? Mahira refuses, then the Inspector says that this is the reason because Karan listed Preeta as his Wife.

Mahira mentions that she is the Wife of Karan, the Police ask for the proof, as she doesn’t have the Vermilion and Wedding Necklace. Mahira stops them and tries to wake Karan up, she thinks of why she had to give Karan the second tablet??

The Police arrest Mahira after she changes, when she’s in the hall, the Journalist comes and questions Mahira about what she is doing in the resort? Mahira gets angry and also fights with them, but the Police takes her to the Station.

Mahira reaching the Police Station, refuses to go inti the cell and she’s constantly threatening the Constable, they explain how they hear the same dialogues everyday, so she should stop talking, as she has been charged and caught while doing the crime!

Mahira is standing when the Inspector comes inquiring why is she not in the cell yet? Mahira demands that she been given a chance to call. The Inspector agrees saying that she is sure Mahira would not be able to prove that she’s the Wife of Karan because of how she was caught, as Karan was drugged and she would have taken his advantage, then blackmailed him for the rest of his life!

The Inspector hands her the Mobile Phone, Mahira decides to call Kareena because she would tell them all who she is, Mahira then decides to call her Mother, because it’s very late and she might have gone to sleep.

Ramona answers the call after waking up, the Police Inspector says that no one would come to her aid and she should be arrested!

Mahira then decides to call Sherlyn saying hat she would tell them who she is, the Constable takes the Mobile from her because it was her last chance!

Shrishti enters Sherlyn’s room, she opens the door to let Preeta enter, Shrishti explains that she desires to harm Sherlyn however, Preeta stops her saying that she would take the revenge, they stop when she sees that the Inspector is calling Sherlyn, she answers the call and when the Inspector asks if she can come to the Police Station? Preeta agrees to come, Mahira gets relaxed and threatens them all of the severe consequences!

Preeta and Shrishti both are walking towards the Reception of the resort while on their way to the Police Station, Preeta remembers how she confronted Mahira in the hall and that is when Sherlyn hit her from behind with a vase.

Preeta and Shristhi walk out of the resort, Shrishti remembers how Preeta mentioned that Inspector Pooja called her before she came to Manali and gave her the number of the in charge Inspector of Manali, Shristhi asks how would they call her since they would be in her mobile? Preeta then searches the internet and finds the contact after which she adds the Inspector on the call, explaining how they came to the resort to perform their honeymoon and that is when Mahira and Sherlyn tied them up, so they should come to the resort and save them, they recall how the Inspector sent his team to the resort.

Preeta recalls how the Inspector informed her that they have arrested Mahira, Shristhi then is freed and comes to her when she also wakes Sameer up, they exclaim that this is Karma because she got what she deserved!

Sameer also comes asking what has happened? They all head into the room of Karan when Shrishti says that she would open Sherlyn’s door with the master key but he must remain with Karan and inform them as soon as he wakes up.

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