Meanwhile, Srishti and Preeta actively look for evidence against him in his room. Preeta finds his phone and Srishti unlocks it. Srishti is shocked to see Akshay’s pictures with Ruchika. Preeta tells her that this is the girl she has been talking about. Srishti tells her to transfer all the pictures from his phone to their phone.

Suddenly, Akshay senses someone’s presence in his room and comes out of the bathroom. Akshay get shocked to see Preeta and Srishti in his room. He looks around and finds his phone is missing. He asks them about it and pretend to be unaware. Akshay says that he is aware of their intentions and tells them to return his phone. They begin to fear and Akshay says that he was just kidding them. Srishti secretly throws it on the Couch and he gets surprised to find it.

They all step out in the living room. Akshay begins to doubt even more when he learns that Kritika was in the Kitchen and Sameer was in the living room. He gets a hint about their plan and then Akshay’s father brings the vegetables for a soup. Akshay’s mother prepares it and brings it for him. Akshay realises that Sameer is not interested in drinking it. He understands they all were just trying keep each family member busy.

Srishti and Preeta step out of the house and discuss about Akshay with Sameer. Unaware of this, Kritika asks Preeta to rush to her designer to collect her clothes.

Akshay, from his room’s window, keeps an eye on them and gets sure that Preeta and Srishti were up to something big. He checks his phone and sees that some photos were transferred to Preeta’s phone. While he gets shocked to see this, Preeta is eager to expose him before everyone.

At the Luthra house, Rakhi tells Kareena that she is confused about decorating the place for cocktail party. They discuss how the children wants it to be great. Kareena assures her that she is doing great and she need not worry.

Akshay decides to fight Preeta and teach her a lesson!

At the Luthra house, Kareena makes a phone call to invite Akshay and his family for a cocktail party. Akshay’s father tries to avoid it, as he does not drink. Rakhi convinces him by explaining how they should join their children’s celebration. Kareena prepares to get decked for the party at the evening. Rakhi phones Sarla and invites her to the party.

Meanwhile, Srishti, Preeta and Sameer plan to expose Akshay using the pictures that they had gotten from his phone. However, their plan gets foiled when they learn about Akshay deleting all the pictures. Srishti suggests to use the truth serum on Akshay to make him confess his wrongdoings.

The Luthras welcome Akshay’s family to the party. Kareena tries to make Akshay comfortable and he tries to tease her. Kritika takes him to her friends. She introduces him to one of her friends, Megha. Akshay feels that Megha is excited to meet him. However, she reveals that she is excited to meet Karan soon. Akshay feels her hand during a hand shake, which makes her feel uncomfortable.

Sameer feels disgusted of Akshay, who falsely praises Kritika. Sherlyn and Mahira sees this and think that Sameer is up to something. Sherlyn tells Mahira that Sameer is doing all this as part of some plan. Mahira taunts her and says that he is doing it for Srishti.

Srishti and Preeta discuss how they need to be more careful, as Akshay is aware of their intentions.

Karan arrives there and Srishti lies to him that Preeta was praising him. He feels proud of the fact that she has finally accepted it. Preeta confirms that she was not talking about him and he leaves. He returns to the room and tells Preeta that he has heard her praising him. He assures her that he will not throw tantrums even after knowing this.

Karan enters the party and Megha goes bonkers. She tells him that she loves him and mentions a lot of other details. Karan and Preeta take a leave from there and Srishti warns her to keep away from Karan.

Later, Mahira tries to come close to Karan while everyone is dancing. Srishti and Preeta keep an eye on Akshay. They notice that he’s constantly staring at Megha. In no time, he walks up to Megha and tries to feel her during a dance. She resists him and walks away from the dance floor.

Srishti and Preeta follow Megha and Akshay. In the corridor of the Luthra house, Srishti gets shocked to see Akshay molest Megha. Srishti rushes to help Megha and tries to pull Akshay away from Megha. In a fit of rage, he pushes Srishti away and she gets hurt.

Preeta comes running and supports Srishti. In a jiffy, Preeta walks up to Akshay and slaps him, which angers him. Srishti pacifies Megha and Preeta drags Akshay to the Luthras to reveal about his wrongdoings to everyone. Preeta claims that Akshay is not the right person for Kritika. However, her accusations are not taken seriously. Kareena gets mad at Preeta for doing this! Preeta asks Megha to reveal about his behaviour to everyone.

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