Megha says that Akshay has been after her since she met him at the party. She explains how he followed her from the dance floor to the corridor and misbehaved with her. Akshay says that Preeta and Megha are lying and all this is a hoax!

Karan loses temper on Akshay and drags him by his collar. He asks him to leave at once, which upsets Akshay’s family and Kareena.

As soon as Akshay begins to leave, Megha changes her statement altogether. She suddenly turns everything against Preeta and Srishti.

Megha pretends to confess that she was hired by Preeta. She explains how Preeta had asked her to play victim with the intentions of breaking Akshay’s alliance with Kritika. Kritika and Kareena are shocked to hear Meghna’s confession.

Akshay quickly uses the opportunity to amplify the intensity of the issue. He claims that Preeta has always been trying to turn Kritika against him. Akshay lies before everyone that Preeta is doing so to get him married to Srishti. He claims that Srishti is interested in him and both the Sisters are just making up everything! Kareena quickly believes in it, but Srishti threatens him to speak out the truth.

Preeta asks Meghna why she is tricking them when they were helping her? Meghna recalls how Akshay had proposed a deal to malign Preeta and Srishti.

Karan claims that he does not believe Srishti can do such a thing. Sameer loses his cool and pulls Akshay by collar. Kareena scolds Sameer for doing so.

Sarla and Janki arrive at the party. Sarla scolds Akshay for trying to malign Srishti!

Akshay begins to accuse Srishti of trying to come close to him. She mentions how she had publicly hugged him and sent him an email. Srishti clears that it was just a casual conversation.

However, Kareena lashes out at Preeta and Srishti. She claims that it’s possible that Preeta is falsely accusing Akshay to wed Srishti to him.!

Sarla loses her temper and begins to scold Akshay. Akshay’s mother gets upset with this and says that she was not interfering earlier. Sarla questions the Luthras and their judgement about Srishti and Preeta? Dadi seconds Kareena’s opinion, which hurts Sarla.

Rakhi feels sorry for everyone and says that she believes in Srishti and Preeta. She tries to make eveyone understand that probably, there is some misunderstanding.

Kritika bursts into tears and explains how all of this is hurtful to her.

Sameer pacifies Srishti and tells that he believes in her. Sarla leaves for home with Janki and Srishti.

Karan tells everyone that he will drop them home and then discuss it after returning. At the gate of the Luthra house, Karan hugs Sarla and pacifies her. He assures that he believes in her and Akshay is a narrow-minded person. He hugs Srishti and then drops them home in his car.

Akshay arrives outside and laughs at Preeta, who gets mad at him. Preeta tells him to stay in his limits and be prepared for her next move! Preeta tells Akshay that she will surely expose him before everyone and dare not misbehave with her or her family!

They enter the Luthra house and Kareena begins to scold her.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn and Mahira go to a corridor and call Ramona. They apprise her of all this, which surprisingly does not excite Ramona. She explains to Sherlyn how Akshay had hired the woman to get rid of Preeta forever. She tells Sherlyn and Mahira to be careful about how they see things. Sherlyn does not like this, and they return to the living room.

Kareena criticises Preeta and Akshay begins a pretence. He shows that he has no hard feeling for anyone and he has forgotten everything. This does not go down well with Kareena and she asks Preeta to apologise to Akshay before everyone! Preeta remains speechless and Rakhi tries to defend her. However, Dadi seconds Kareena and expects Preeta to apologise to Akshay, who is proudly waiting for this moment.

Kareena asks Preeta to apologise to Akshay before everyone! Preeta tries to make her realise why she did so. Akshay pretends to be okay about everything. He says that he loves Kritika and asks Preeta to make Srishti forget him. Preeta does not utter a word, but Akshay’s mother steps ahead and forgives Preeta. She politely asks Preeta if she is fine with everything now? Dadi criticises Preeta’s actions and gets upset with her for not apologising!

Kritika tries to pacify Preeta, who asks her if she trusts her? Kritika says that she believes in Preeta, but there is no reason for her to not trust Akshay at the moment.

Akshay and his family take a leave and Dadi takes Rakhi in her room. Sameer tries to come to pacify Preeta, but goes to his room due to Kareena. Kritika tries to hug Preeta, but Kareena drags her away.

Mahira and Sherlyn keep standing there and happily leave after everyone goes to his or her room.

Karan drops Srishti, Sarla and Janki home. He asks Janki to take care of Sarla and Srishti. Sarla makes him promise to always support Preeta. Srishti thanks him for having faith in her. He gives her a hug and leaves for the Luthra house.

On the way, Karan recalls how he had suggested Preeta to keep away from Akshay. He feels bad for how Preeta got scolded for her accusations.

Meanwhile, Preeta feels sorry for hurting Karan.

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