Babu runs over them and then tries to check on Preeta. The Spectators try to catch him and beat him on finding Preeta unconscious. Srishti cries for help and asks the people to call an ambulance to rush Preeta to the hospital.

At the Luthra house, Karan gets tears in his eyes and asks Sameer if Preeta is actually in the room?

Kareena tells Karan to apply turmeric on Kritika on behalf of a coma-stricken Mahesh. Sameer steps ahead to apply turmeric on Akshay and thinks about punishing him soon.

Mahira begins to worry on not finding Preeta around. She asks Sherlyn about it and the latter confirms that she must be somewhere around.

Srishti manages to help Preeta regain consciousness. Preeta quickly begins to look for all the evidence against Akshay. Srishti tells her that only the hard copy of the pictures are missing. They take the remaining evidence and rush to the Luthra house.

The people present there get Babu arrested, but he pretends that it was just an accident.

Meanwhile, everyone begins to look for Karan. He comes to the living room from a coma-stricken Mahesh’s room with a bowl of turmeric. Kritika gets emotional when she sees Karan make it look like Mahesh is performing the rituals of ‘haldi’ for her.

Kareena, Rakhi and Dadi stop Kritika from crying and suggests that his blessings are always with her.

Srishti drops Preeta and decides to go home soon. She tells Preeta that she left home keeping Sarla uninformed.

Sameer calls Preeta to tell her that Karan has been looking for her.

Unaware of Babu’s arrest, Akshay feels confident about being able to stop Preeta and Srishti. However, he worries because of not getting his call. He begins to assume that maybe Babu has killed Preeta and Srishti.

However, Preeta arrives at the Luthra house, which leaves Akshay shocked.

Preeta asks Sameer to arrange a projector and some people do the setup for her. She announces that she will soon present the real Akshay before everyone. Her narration somehow begins to unsettle Kritika, Kareena and Rakhi. She gives him the option to confess before she begins the show.

Karan silently awaits Preeta’s surprise. Some pictures of Akshay and his friends come up on the screen. She tries to skip it and plans to move to the pictures of Akshay and Ruchika. However, the following pictures come out to be just a few family pictures.

Akshay narrates the story behind each picture and ends the slideshow. Srishti, Sameer and Preeta feel defeated. Everyone feels happy and Akshay thanks her for presenting him so beautifully before everyone.

Sameer and Srishti keep thinking about how he managed to replace all the proof? Srishti gets Sarla’s phone call and learns that Janki needs immediate medical help. Janki feels bad for Srishti, as Sarla has lied to her. Sarla asks Janki to pay a man for locking each window and door of the house by wooden planks.

Preeta is in the hall, Karan comes thanking her mentioning how he liked what she has done for everyone in the hall, Preeta asks if he’s happy, to which he mentions yes, then he asks if she has anything to say? Preeta is about to talk when Kritika comes and immediately hugs her mentioning how she cannot believe the surprise which she has given even saying that all those people who were not able to attend her functions have seen it in the photos and she thinks that her Sister-in-law is the best when Karan also says that this is what he was saying to Preeta that she is the best, he then gets a call, so leaves them.

Kareena comes to them mentioning how Preeta has created problems in each and every function however, she was glad to see what Preeta did for her daughter in the function and she is glad, but this doesn’t mean that Preeta would get back the responsibilities for the functions, as Mahira and Sherlyn would still have the responsibility, she exclaims how she believes that Preeta would not create any problem from now on, she advises Kritika to come with her, as she has to show her a necklace, Kritika leaves after hugging Preeta and also exclaiming how much she loves her.

Preeta is still worried, wondering where the photos which they took from Ruchika’s house went, as she was about to show them in the function.

Akshay asks the Driver to stop, his Mother inquires where he is going? He replies how he has to fulfill an important business meeting, as he cannot stop working even after he’s married, he gets out of the Car, while his Parents leave for the house.

Akshay is waiting on the road when a Biker comes to meet him, he exclaims how Akshay is just the same as before, to which Akshay replies that the money this time would be much more, he hands the Biker cash for his work, he also pleads with Akshay to always remember him for any work.

Akshay is still on the road when Megha comes from the Car, he after getting in the Car greets her and they both set off.

Sarla is calculating the expenses of the house, when the doorbell rings, she goes to open the door with a smile knowing that it will be Shristhi, she immediately tries to explain herself however, Sarla asks her to come in with a smile.

Janki comes out of the Kitchen, Shristhi is worried about her, but she’s also shocked, then exclaims that she is fine even when her Mother told her that Janki was hurt on the mobile, Shristhi asks if Sarla is alright, as she doesn’t seem fine, as she thinks that she might have had Dadi’s cough syrup (Alcohol), Janki asks her to not say such things about her Mother.

Shristhi is worried when Sarla asks her to go and rest in her room, as she might be tired, Janki comes to Sarla saying how Shristhi will be shocked when she sees what they have done.

Shristhi is amazed and excited in her room thinking that her mother did not scold her even when she could have, she after lying on the bed realizes what her Mother has done, she is shocked to see that the window is closed shut.

Sarla asks Janki to count backwards and when they reach one, Shristhi yells asking how they locked her window? Sarla exclaims that she is her mother, so can do this, but this is because she refused to accept her orders even when she ordered Shristhi to not leave the house, so when she did not use the door then would not be able to use the windows, Sarla then leaves mentioning how she loves Shristhi and needs to rest.

Karan is on the phone and he’s really worried when Preeta comes asking what is the matter because she might be able to solve his problem, Karan agrees mentioning how she’s the one who can help him, he mentions how he loves Kritika, but also needs to look after Rishab and has to finalize a deal when he’s not around, now the problem is that it is clashing with the function of Kritika and he has the responsibility of the entire function, so now she must take the responsibility on his behalf.

Preeta wonders how can she have the responsibility even when she doesn’t want Kritika to get married because she knows that Akshay is not the right kind of a person. Preeta mentions how she knows that he is emotional however she likes the one and only Karan Luthra, he agrees mentioning how he would get freshened up, as it’s time for his flight.

Akshay is in the room when he gets a call from Ruchika who asks if everything is sorted, because he did not even attend to her calls? Akshay explains how everything is sorted because he took care of the matter, she mentions how she cannot live without him, when he explains how he knows that she will not leave him alone, he is sitting when Megha comes and hugs him, she exclaims how she has to leave and he must give her the clothes, she then wears them, then also asks him to drop her off however he refuses exclaiming how he has an important work.

Akshay calls Preeta asking to meet her outside the Luthra house when she would see his different side. Preeta refuses to meet him however, she isn’t able to do anything, as he ends the call.

Shristhi is in her room, Sameer is worried about her so calls to inquire if she is alright? Shristhi asks if he has ever seen a Mother who is a Jailer? Sameer is worried when she explains that it’s her mother, as she has shut her window with small planks of wood when she did not accept her orders, she doesn’t know what to do, Sameer asks her to calm down, as he will give her the tools and she can open and close the window any time she pleases, Shristhi agrees when suddenly the charging on Sameer’s mobile ends, Shristhi doesn’t realize saying a lot of things however, when she comes to know, she then gets really angry wondering why everyone doesn’t listen to anything that she has to say???

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