Karan tries to calm them both and reminds them to be mindful of all the relatives here.

Sarla calls Akshay an unworthy man and says that Kritika is like her daughter. Kareena tells her not to compare Preeta with Kritika. Rakhi tells them to stop the argument and Kareena orders to oust Preeta from the house! Karan stops Kareena and says that he will leave with Preeta. Kareena says that he did this earlier and this is why Karan left Kritika during the wedding rituals. Kareena asks Karan to stay out of this and remains stubborn about ousting Preeta from the house.

Sarla says that she need not stay at a place where nobody trusts her. She decides to take her home and Karan questions Preeta’s decisions. He asks Sarla why Preeta did not trust him enough to involve him in her plan against Akshay?

Sarla takes Preeta home when he says that he has no reason to trust Preeta’s accusations against Akshay. Preeta appears lost and Janki says that she did the right thing by coming home. Janki talks to Sarla about Preeta, and Srishti feels sorry for Preeta. Srishti tells Janki how Preeta’s grief affects her.

Preeta feels bad about the fact that nobody trusted her at the Luthra house even after presenting the evidence. She blurts out that Karan never professed his love to Preeta.

Sameer tries to calm Karan down but he lashes out at him and packs Preeta’s bag.

Srishti phones Karan and tries to pacify him, but Karan does not change his decision.

Kareena packs Kritika’s bag and advises her to stay at her Paternal Uncle’s house for some time. Kritika refuses to go there and requests Kareena to let her stay at the Luthra house.

Kareena takes Rakhi’s help to convince Kritika for it. Rakhi talks to Kritika and explains that this is necessary for her well-being. Dadi, Kareena and Rakhi break down while pacifying Kritika.

Sameer arrives there and Kareena tells him to drop Kritika at the Airport. Sameer tries to reason Kareena’s decision, but doesn’t speak much due to her anger. Rakhi calms Kareena while escorting Kritika till the gate of their house. Kareena feels embarrassed to have to request her brother-in-law for Kritika. She holds Preeta responsible for this and vows to give severe punishment to Preeta!

The next day, Srishti finds Preeta sad and tries to cheer her up by asking for a cup of tea.

At the Luthra house, Karan wakes up and calls out for Preeta. Girish clarifies that it’s him and not Preeta, which irritates Karan. He calls Girish near him and tells him not to take Preeta’s name when he repeatedly talks about Preeta. Sameer, standing outside the room, keeps hearing everything and remains silent.

Srishti gets tea for Preeta, who begins to lash out at her for keeping the wardrobe messy. Srishti breaks down when Preeta continues to scold her for long. Preeta takes the cup of tea from her and hugs her. They both shed tears and share a moment of relief. Srishti tells Preeta that she need not apologise to her for shouting at her. She tells her to do it even more if it calms her down. Srishti insists that Preeta talks to Karan, and then calls him.

A sleepy Karan answers the call and mistakes Srishti for Preeta. Karan says that he has packed Preeta’s bag and immediately hangs up on her. Srishti requests Preeta to call him again and talk to him nicely. Preeta calls him back and says that she will come and collect her bag soon. She mentions that she will take it from Girish outside the house, and shouldn’t worry, as she won’t be seeing him! Srishti tries to tell Preeta that she shouldn’t get rude and make the matters worse.

Later, Karan tells Girish to pass his message to Preeta that he has redesigned his room like earlier and to give her back to her outside, when she comes for it.

Everyone gathers at the dining table and Karan arrives there for breakfast. Sameer teases him by saying that his smile is missing without Preeta. Karan leaves from there without eating, which worries everyone. Dadi blames it all on Preeta and Rakhi helplessly hears it.

Mahira tries to come close to Karan on seeing him alone and Rakhi notices this.

Later, Preeta asks Srishti about her windows being locked? Sarla tries to take Preeta out for a walk and talks to her about her decisions. Preeta tells Sarla that she has not gone wrong in any way. Sarla reveals how people’s lack of faith in her made her bring her (Preeta) back home.

Sarla sits with Preeta and tries to explain her decision to Preeta. Srishti and Janki patiently wait with them and observe their affection. Sarla tells Preeta that she wants Karan’s family to have faith in her. She confirms that if Karan’s family assures to trust Preeta, she will let her go with them. Preeta breaks down the moment Sarla leaves.

Janki asks Preeta to speak up if there is anything that does not feel right. Preeta says that she trusts Sarla’s decision and she knows that she needs to think logically.

Srishti messages Sameer to meet her the next day. Srishti arrives to meet Sameer and gets excited to seem him talk to a florist. Sameer tells him that he will buy the flowers later for the right girl, which disheartens Srishti. Sameer notices this and asks her if she wants flowers? Srishti changes the topic and tells him to focus on helping her bring Preeta and Karan together. Srishti reveals that Preeta keeps missing Karan and cries for him.

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