Preeta sees Karan is again in her room. Preeta asks Karan to confess his feelings to her and he asks her to do it first. Preeta tries to profess her love and realises that Karan has got some injuries on his shoulder. She goes to get a turmeric paste to apply on Karan’s wounds and runs into Srishti. Preeta finds it hard to stop Srishti and Janki from entering the room. They assume that Karan is inside her room and tease her. Preeta brings the paste and begins to apply to his wounds, which brings them closer.

Karan rests in Preeta’s room and she applies turmeric paste to his wounds.  Karan rubs his cheek on Preeta’s cheek and wishes her on Valentine’s Day. Preeta feels shy and Karan kisses her forehead.

Suddenly, Karan gets Rakhi’s phone call and Preeta insists that he answers it. He asks Preeta if she wants him to leave and they have a sweet banter. Preeta gets surprised to learn that Karan has decided to stay in the room for the night. Preeta reminds him that she shares the room with Srishti and she will be back anytime soon.

At the Luthra house, Rakhi enters Mahesh’s room and gives him a rose to wish him Happy Valentine. She expresses her concern for Karan and reveals how he has been upset after Preeta left home.

Sameer hears this and feels helpless on seeing her cry. Srishti keeps texting Sameer for Valentine’s Day, but gets mad at him when he calls her stupid. Srishti calls him to talk, but Sameer begins to complain about her carelessness towards Karan and Preeta’s relationship. Srishti blurts out that Karan is home and has discussed about taking Preeta home with Sarla. Sameer tells Srishti that he was unaware of this and feels happy to hear everything. Srishti tells him that Preeta and Karan are in her room. Srishti decides to enter their room and tease them.

Preeta asks Karan to leave, but he insists to stay back and rest on the same bed. Karan mentions that he misses her whenever he looks at his couch. Karan explains that he cannot return home without her because he misses her. Karan takes Preeta in his arms.

Suddenly, Srishti enters the room and sees Karan hiding behind the bed. She makes an excuse and finds Preeta nervous. She steps out of the room and tells Sameer about all this over a phone call. While discussing all this, Srishti jokingly tells Sameer that he need not propose to her. Sameer tells her that he is not planning to do anything like this. Sameer hangs up on Srishti, which affects them. Srishti thinks that she should apologise to him if he has felt bad, but drops the idea. Sameer keeps wondering why he is feeling bad because Srishti is not his lover? Sameer realises that he should profess his love to Srishti on the morning of Valentine’s Day.

Preeta tells Karan that Srishti has definitely seen him. Karan decides to rest in Preeta’s bed and Preeta tries to convince him to return home. Karan tries to come close to Preeta while they share her bed. However, Preeta feels shy and tries to maintain a distance. Karan asks if she wants him to stay and she tells him to wait. They begin to discover a new side of each other. Karan’s fingers play with her hair and then begin to come close. However, Preeta suddenly notices a lizard on the wall and screams out of fear.

Sarla and Janki hear this and assume that the Thief is hiding in Preeta’s room. Srishti tries to stop them by making excuses but in vain.

Sarla, Janki and Sarla enter the room, but Karan hides behind the door. Sarla begins a countdown and threatens to call the Police and keeps searching the room. Janki sees Karan hiding there and helps Karan by making Sarla leave the room. Karan and Preeta thank Janki and Srishti for making excuses.

The next morning, Karan arrives at the door with flowers for Janki, Srishti, Sarla and Preeta. He wishes everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day and tries to quickly take Preeta home. Sarla tells Karan that a Car similar to his Car was parked in their locality for the whole night. However, everyone tries to avoid it. Srishti and Janki suggest Sarla to let them go home. Karan requests Sarla to let them leave early, as he has to attend a meeting.

At the Luthra house, Kareena tells Dadi about her friend Angella, who is facing some depression and cosmetic issues. Rakhi tries to help her, but then realises that the services Angella needs is beyond her knowledge.

Suddenly, Karan arrives there with Preeta, who has a rose in her hand. Kareena and Dadi get shocked to see them and Rakhi is happy to see Preeta. Kareena stops Preeta from entering the house and questions Karan’s decision. Dadi tells Kareena that probably Preeta called him and asked him to take her back as people must be speaking ill about her.

Karan gets annoyed to hear all this and confirms that he, at his own will, has gotten Preeta back home! Karan tells everyone that he has promised Sarla to support Preeta. Kareena asks Karan whether a discussion before doing this didn’t appear necessary to him? Rakhi barges in and requests Kareena to calm down. She asks Kareena to let Karan and Preeta be home and discuss it later, as it’s Valentine’s Day. Kareena gets upset after Rakhi asks them to go to their room, Dadi pacifies her.

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