Preeta rushes towards Kritika and tells her not to fear Prithvi. She suggests Kritika to forget him and return to her family. Preeta asks Kritika whether Prithvi threatened her for this marriage?

Mahira brings a heartbroken Sherlyn to a room wherein, the latter vandalises everything. Mahira pacifies her and tries to convince her that probably, Prithvi has a reason behind doing all this. She stops Sherlyn from revealing that she is pregnant with Prithvi’s child. She advises Sherlyn to step out of the room and first hear him out.

Meanwhile, Dadi asks Kritika about the sudden decision to marry Prithvi? She tells them she got married fours day prior in Chandigarh. Kareena asks Kritika about her reason behind this decision? Kritika calms her and tells her about a fair that she had visited with her Cousins. She reminds Kareena about the day her Uncle had asked for her permission to let her stay home.

Kritika describes a beautiful fair while revealing how a group of Villagers began to eve-tease her there. Kritika tells everyone about giving the eve-teasers a befitting reply.

However, Karan loses his cool when he hears that those men had been chasing her. Kritika tells Karan that it would have been of no use to call him at that moment. Prithvi tries to defend Kritika and Karan tells him to stay out of his family’s discussions!

Preeta questions Kritika about her decision to marry Prithvi? However, Kritika assumes that Preeta is upset because Prithvi married her. Prithvi taunts Preeta while consoling Kritika and says that he was left stranded during his marriage, just like her. He accuses Karan of stealing his love. He claims that his pair with Kritika is the best because they both have been cheated.

Kritika begins to narrate how she and Prithvi arrived when the eve-teasers were forcing themselves on her. Prithvi beats them all and forces them to flee. He consoles Kritika by giving her a hug. She tells Prithvi that she judged him wrong and thanks him. Prithvi claims that he saved her only because he finds her nice.

Dadi stops Kritika’s narration and scolds her for marrying Prithvi just because he saved her honour!

Dadi criticises Kritika for marrying Prithvi just because he protected her honour. Kritika requests her to let her complete the narration to help everyone understand the situation. Kritika shares how Prithvi attacked the leader of the eve-teasers and rescued her by snatching his bike. However, their gang continues to chase them and they all arrive at a place wherein, mass marriage ceremony is organised by a politician. The eve-teasers meet the politician and explain why they have arrived at the function.

Everyone looks for Prithvi and Kritika, but they remain hidden under a table. Prithvi overhears about the ceremony and tells Kritika about it. She comes up with an idea to escape the ceremony. Soon, Kritika and Prithvi run into a couple who has planned to call off their wedding. Prithvi requests them to lend their clothes to them.  The eve-teasers fail to find Prithvi and Kritika after they both replace one of the eight couples at the ceremony. Gradually, Prithvi and Kritika perform the wedding rituals to maintain their cover before everyone.

After hearing it all, Karan refuses to accept Prithvi and Kritika’s wedding. Kritika tries to convince him, but Preeta reminds her that Prithvi is a Kidnapper, Criminal and characterless person! Kritika questions her judgement by reminding her that she had something similar about Akshay too.

A furious Sherlyn, with teary eyes, arrives there and tells Kritika that she cannot marry someone like this!

Prithvi argues that Sarla had chosen him as Preeta’s suitor and everyone is judging him based on his past. Kritika defends Prithvi by saying that she trusts him and will never judge him because of his past.

Preeta tries to convince Kritika that it was just the situation that made all this happen. Preeta stresses on the point that Kritika and Prithvi’s marriage is a mistake.

Mahira barges in and says that Preeta is not the person to say something like this. Karan stops Mahira and tells her to stay out of all this!

Kritika argues with Preeta that she did the same thing with Karan, but their marriage is going well. Kritika breaks down while convincing Karan to accept their marriage. However, Karan leaves from there saying that he will never accept Prithvi!

Rakhi tries to stop Karan to pacify him, and comes close to Kritika. Rakhi pacifies Kritika and Dadi comes ahead to support her.

Kareena says that she does not accept their marriage because she has not seen it happening. Kritika promises Kareena to marry Prithvi again before the Luthras. Prithvi agrees to it and asks Kareena to make Preeta look after all the arrangements. Kareena orders Preeta to make each function look great! Rakhi decides to help Preeta, but Kareena avoids this.

Prithvi thanks Kareena for accepting their marriage and he promises her that he will never ask her about Akshay.

Mahira goes to Sherlyn’s room and tries to calm her. Mahira tries to talk to a furious Sherlyn, but she asks her to leave! Sherlyn, sitting in the room alone, talks to herself and thinks about Prithvi’s actions.

At Prithvi’s insistence, Kareena asks Preeta to make arrangements for his wedding with Kritika. Everyone returns to their room after this and an upset Preeta recalls Prithvi’s threat.

Srishti calls Preeta, who reveals about Kritika’s sudden wedding with Prithvi. Srishti gets shocked to hear this and decides to visit Kritika to convince her to leave Prithvi. Preeta tells her not to do this and shares how Kareena is supporting Prithvi. She tells Srishti how Prithvi was making fun of their family. Srishti tells Preeta that Prithvi must have taken advantage of a heartbroken Kritika. Preeta tells her that Kritika will be formally getting married to Prithvi before everyone.

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