While the Luthras are welcoming Prithvi and his Mother over the dinner table, Srishti arrives there. Prithvi addresses her as his sister-in-law, which makes everyone feel awkward. However, he explains that Srishti is a sister-like figure to Kritika.

Srishti secretly stamps Prithvi’s foot to teach him a lesson. Kareena asks Srishti the reason behind her sudden arrival?? Srishti tells everyone that she has come to decorate the Luthra house for the wedding.

Meanwhile, Mahira waits for Karan outside and tells him about Prithvi’s arrival. She pretends to calm him and makes him believe that she wants him to stay calm. Karan thanks her for alerting him before entering the house.

Dadi sees Karan and calls him at the dinner table. However, he looks into Prithvi’s eye and tells Dadi that he is not hungry.

Dadi and Kareena begin their discussions at the dinner table. Rakhi invites Srishti for dinner, but she makes an excuse to talk to Preeta. Srishti gets shocked to hear Preeta say that Kritika feels Preeta is jealous of her.

Srishti tells Preeta that she had seen Sherlyn with Prithvi. Preeta discusses her agony with Srishti, who empowers her to fight Prithvi. Preeta tells Srishti that they need to come up with strong evidence against Prithvi and Sherlyn.

Kareena arrives in the Kitchen and warns Srishti and Preeta that she will not spare them if anything goes wrong! Srishti finds Kareena to be taking the wrong decision for Kritika, but Preeta explains why she’s doing so.

Prithvi secretly enters Rakhi’s room and makes fun of a comatose Mahesh. Prithvi tells him to wake up and sign the property papers for him, as he’s half Luthra now. This makes Mahesh move his hand to slap him, which makes Prithvi fall down.

Kritika notices this while passing by and assumes that the movement has happened because of Prithvi’s caring words for Mahesh. Kritika thanks Prithvi and says that his voice is magical. Prithvi calms her and tells her that he has to leave now.

Prithvi begins to worry about the recent occurrence. He fears Mahesh revealing that he (Prithvi) is behind his accident.  Kritika talks to Mahesh and requests him to regain consciousness.

Sarla and Janki arrive at the Luthra house, but Sarla finds it hard to enter. Janki tries to take her to Preeta soon and tells her that probably, Srishti and Preeta have some secret plan. Sarla tells her that she is disgusted by Prithvi and feels worried about Kritika.

Surprisingly, Prithvi arrives there and Sarla slaps him for kidnapping Preeta earlier. Prithvi apologises to Sarla and tells her that Pawan and Mahira had instigated him. He confesses being intoxicated and upset with Preeta. He begs Sarla to forgive him, and she leaves out of anger. He vows to make her forgive him soon!

Sherlyn looks petrified and Preeta sees her moving around in the house. Sarla walks inside the Luthra house and meets Rakhi, who is worried about the preparations for Kritika’s wedding.

Prithvi notices Sherlyn to be worried and Mahira sees him moving towards Sherlyn. Mahira finds them worried, while Sherlyn tells Prithvi about the improvements in a comatose Mahesh’s conditions. Prithvi pacifies Sherlyn and Mahira comes close to them to caution them. Prithvi talks about some strong evidence that can expose him. He tells Sherlyn and Mahira to keep a close eye on Preeta and Srishti. He tells Mahira to prepare an injection that will never let Mahesh’s condition improve! He plans to separate Karan and Preeta in the coming week!

Prithvi tells them how he wants this to happens before his wedding with Kritika. They feel confident about their plan to destroy the Luthras.

While the others are busy discussing this in the living room, Srishti finds Prithvi, Sherlyn and Mahira together. Prithvi notices this and walks away from them by making an excuse.

Kareena arrives there and Rakhi tells her not to worry about the preparations, as Sarla has arrived home. Kareena sees Sarla staring at Prithvi and tells her not to do so. Everyone begins to concentrate on their tasks and leaves from there.

Prithvi finds Preeta alone in the living room and comes close to her. He tries to flirt with her and says that she is feeling jealous of Karan and Mahira. Preeta gets mad at him and tells him to stay away from her!

Rishabh calls Karan and tells him that he’s coming home soon. Prithvi rejoices over the first step of his plan to make Preeta suspect Karan.

Meanwhile, Kritika discusses Prithvi’s wedding attire with a designer. Prithvi gets nervous on seeing Sherlyn around her. He agrees to wear the clothes chosen by Kritika, which begins to anger Sherlyn. Prithvi addresses Sherlyn as Sister-in-law and shows her the design chosen by Kritika. She taunts Kritika that at least, Prithvi shows respect to her. Sherlyn tests Prithvi by suggesting another design, which upsets Kritika. Sherlyn leaves from there with a smile and Prithvi pacifies Kritika by making her believe that he did so to improve each other’s relationship. Sherlyn sees them together from a window and vows to strangle Kritika after snatching the Luthras’ property!
Rishabh arrives home and enters Karan’s room. He wakes Karan up and tells him to walk to Kritika’s room to talk to her.

Sameer arrives there and hugs him out of love. Karan feels jealous and asks Rishabh why he did not hug him? Sameer, Rishabh and Karan leave to meet Kritika.

Suddenly, Prithvi runs into Janki and begins to make fun of her. Prithvi tries to patch up with her and offers his hand in friendship, but she asks him to move away! Prithvi jokingly tells her that apart from Sherlyn, only she knows all his dark secrets. He reminds her that he loves Preeta and tells her to try and place herself in his shoes. His narration about his past acts and his emotions begin to worry Janki.

Kritika, in her room, finds it hard to choose her attire for the function. Suddenly, Rishabh enters the room and Kritika cuddles him with love. Kritika says that she is very happy to see him home. However, he expresses discontent about her decision of marrying Prithvi. He tells her that Prithvi is not the right person for her.

Kritika gets emotional while praising Prithvi and revealing to Rishabh how circumstances brought them together.

Karan intervenes and says that he does not trust Prithvi and cannot see her with Prithvi. Sameer gets upset with her for saying that she is marrying Prithvi because he protected her honour.

Kritika tries hard to convince them all about her decision.

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