At the end, Kritika breaks down and threatens suicide, which begins to worry Rishabh and Sameer. Rishabh agrees to let her marry Prithvi, which upsets Karan and Sameer. Sherlyn and Prithvi eavesdrop on their conversation and begin to worry on learning that Rishabh has returned home. Prithvi feels victorious when he hears that Rishabh has agreed to Kritika’s decision.

Prithvi tells Sherlyn how he had paid the goons to eve-tease Kritika. He explains how all of this was a part of his master plan to destroy the Luthras. Sherlyn gets shocked to hear this and Prithvi takes a leave.

Sameer, Rishabh and Karan step out of the room and run into Sarla, Srishti and Preeta. Karan tells Sarla that Rishabh has proved to be of no use by failing to convince Kritika against the marriage. Rishabh tries to explain that convincing Kritika is difficult, as they have no evidence against Prithvi.

Karan gets upset with Rishabh after hearing him, but Sarla stands by Rishabh. Srishti questions Sarla’s ideology when she hears this? Sarla explains that a family has no option, but to support the child when he or she threatens to commit suicide. Rishabh goes to pacify Karan and Sarla makes Preeta promise that she will not interfere this time.

Janki and Sarla wait outside the Luthra house and wait for an auto rickshaw. Janki recalls the conversation with Prithvi. She tells Sarla that his conversation has begun to make her believe that he is a nice guy who just loves Preeta. Sarla reminds her that Prithvi has always fooled them by his sweet talks. She begins to express her disgust for Prithvi and they decide to return home.

Meanwhile, Srishti and Preeta remain busy with the wedding decorations. Preeta asks Srishti why she has gotten stones and she reveals that she has gotten it to hit Prithvi. He arrives there and begins to tease Srishti, who lifts a hammer.

Kareena arrives there and scolds Preeta for being unable to do some preparations! Srishti tries to defend Preeta and soon answers back to Kareena, which begins to frighten Preeta. Srishti answers Kareena back when she scolds her and Preeta for not tying a holy garland on the main door. A frightened Preeta tries to pacify Kareena and Srishti leaves from there.

Kareena decides to tie it on her own and begins to ask for ladder. Preeta tries to help her, but Girish reminds her of Dadi’s lunch. She goes to the Kitchen to prepare it for her. Kareena lashes out at Srishti’s assistant when he tells her that there is no ladder.

Prithvi overhears this and decides to use the opportunity to prove himself a nice man.

A furious Srishti enters Sameer’s room. He feels shy to suddenly step out of his bathroom and sees Srishti there. Srishti asks for his help to stop Kritika and Prithvi’s marriage. Sameer says that probably, Prithvi is a changed man or Kritika’s love may change him.

Meanwhile, Prithvi praises Kareena and tells her that he will help her. However, he calls Srishti’s assistant and makes him tie the garland. Kareena tells her that she had challenged Srishti that she will do it on her own. Prithvi tells her that it does not matter who did what as long as the goal is achieved. Kareena subconsciously tells herself that Prithvi’s kind of thinking is unacceptable to her. Prithvi leaves from there and enters the Kitchen to talk to Preeta.

Prithvi enters the Kitchen and begins to flirt with Preeta. She tries to stop Prithvi, but he continues to annoy her. He reminds her how they were close to becoming a Couple someday. Preeta loses her temper when Prithvi begins to badmouth Karan. Prithvi lies to her that Karan is always seen loitering with Mahira. He tells Preeta that Karan is the one who is a womaniser and she is questioning his character? Preeta decides to leave from the Kitchen after throwing chilly powder at him. Prithvi rejoices over his successful attempt of poisoning Preeta’s mind against Karan!

Srishti, while walking in the corridor, saves Kareena from tripping over. Kareena lashes out at Srishti for her poor management!

Rakhi notices this and comes ahead to defend Srishti against Kareena. Rakhi says that Srishti has been nice to her and tried to save her, which upsets Kareena.

Prithvi arrives there and Rakhi leaves from there to avoid this conversation. Prithvi praises Kareena and tells her that Preeta has tried to provoke Rakhi, which has led to a change in her behaviour.

Sherlyn, in her room with Rishabh, compliments him. He laughs at Sherlyn praising him and she begins to ask him about his decision about Kritika’s marriage? He tells Sherlyn that he’s bearing Kritika’s marriage like he’s bearing his marriage with the former. He reminds her that the Luthras have no option, but to accept it because of Kritika.

Later, Preeta helps Kritika get rid of starvation by ordering her favourite sweets on an app.

Karan is boxing in his room remembering when Kritika explained that she was adamant to marrying Prithvi, and she threatened to kill herself if anyone tried to stop her, Preeta enters asking what has happened? He says that he’s taking out his anger when Preeta makes him takes off his gloves, he explains that he is not happy with the marriage, Preeta also mentions that she is not but the two people who are getting married are really happy, he explains that he cannot show happiness when he’s not, so says that he is going to take a shower, Preeta takes out his clothes for the function.

Karan in the bathroom wonders why was he angry with Preeta because she should not be blamed, he asks Preeta for the towel and hugs her.

Mahira pushes him away, asking what he’s doing? Karan explains that he thought it was Preeta, to which she explains that she is not and he should be careful because if Preeta sees them together like this, then she would blame the entire situation on her.

Preeta enters questioning what is happening when Mahira immediately explains that Karan purposefully hugged her, he is left startled when Mahira mentions that she is trying to clarify the situation because it might create problems for them, Karan tries to clarify himself, and he’s about to leave when Mahira once again hugs him in front of Preeta, she immediately explains that it is a friendly hug and she should not worry, Karan rushes into the bathroom.

Mahira coming to Preeta explains she is not understanding what is happening right in front of her eyes, she starts laughing exclaiming thst it was just a joke then, but after heading out the door, thinks his (Prithvi’s) plan is working, so Karan and Preeta would not even realize when their relationship was destroyed by Mahira!

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