Srishti and Sameer come up with a plan to avoid getting caught.

Srishti applies a layer of shaving cream on Sameer’s face and tells him to pretend as Prithvi before the Security guard. Sameer tries his best, but soon begins to overdo it and the security guard begins to doubt him. He recalls Prithvi sensing something dangerous tonight and suggesting him to be extra careful. To test Sameer, he tells Sameer that he has shaving cream on his nose. He notices Sameer’s hand and asks him about the ring on his finger? Sameer overlooks it and tries to distract him by saying that only women wear rings. This assures the security guard that it is not Prithvi but an Impostor.

Srishti, who is hiding in a wardrobe, realises this but keeps mute. The security guard pretends to be unaware of anything and steps out of the room to call Prithvi and alert him.

Prithvi gets his phone call and tries to answer. First, a waiter and then Prithvi’s college friend Shubham runs into Prithvi. Shubham badmouths Prithvi, who makes fun of him while recalling how he had beaten him during the college days. Shubham asks Prithvi about Sherlyn and their affair, which begins to upset him and worries Sherlyn.

Kritika arrives there and Prithvi introduces him to her. He questions Prithvi if he has revealed about Sherlyn to Kritika, who tends to overlook it as usual. Kritika takes away Prithvi’s phone and does not let him talk on the phone to make him focus on the function.

Prithvi later takes Shubham to a room and punches his nose, but Shubham promise to make him pay for this later, as he has a flight to catch now!

Sameer finds strong evidence from Prithvi’s locker that gives him and Srishti a ray of hope.

Karan includes Preeta in his surprise dance for Kritika. However, a jealous Prithvi pushes Mahira ahead to spoil their performance.

Karan dances with Mahira for some time for courtesy and begins to dance with Preeta again. This begins to anger Prithvi and Mahira. Karan gets close to Preeta while dancing with her and Pammi tells everyone that probably, they are still in the honeymoon phase.

Prithvi uses the opportunity and tells Kritika that Preeta is intentionally getting close to Karan. He tells Kritika that Preeta is doing this to make him jealous of Karan, which he(Prithvi) is obviously not. Kritika, who was enjoying the performance earlier, now begins to get uncomfortable.

Suddenly, Mahira deliberately twists her shoe and pretends to have a foot sprain. Kareena, Dadi and the others begin to worry about Mahira. Karan stops dancing with Preeta and rushes to lift Mahira and take her to her room. Preeta notices this and finds it strange.

Pammi asks Dadi if Mahira is the same girl who was supposed to get married to Karan? Dadi overlooks her nosy behaviour and politely answers her question.

Suresh and Rishabh comes from Mahesh’s room and meet Prithvi. Suresh thanks Prithvi and explains that his arrival is lucky for the Luthras. Prithvi gets shocked to learn that a comatose Mahesh is getting better after his arrival. Rishabh does not respond to this, but Pammi takes Suresh away for something.

Mahira, in her room, unleashes her evil side after Karan and Kareena leave. Preeta gets shocked to learn that Mahira had been pretending to be a changed person before others.

Rishabh asks Kritika to come and meet him, as he wants to talk to her about something. Kritika does not leave from there and insists Rishabh say everything before Prithvi. Rishabh apologises to Kritika for being harsh with Prithvi and upsetting her. He tells Kritika that he wants her to be happy and she should forget the past. Prithvi keeps answering for Kritika and she quietly listens to Rishabh. However, Prithvi’s unwanted inputs annoy Rishabh and he tells Prithvi to let him talk to her peacefully!

Soon, Srishti and Sameer arrive there and feel on top of the world. Prithvi notices this and begins to worry. He steps away from there and keeps thinking about Sherlyn. To his surprise, Sherlyn arrives there and he asks her to keep an eye on Srishti. Sherlyn frets about getting exposed and begins to follow Srishti.

However, Rishabh gets in her away and takes her to Pammi. Sherlyn lies to her about how she met Rishabh and got married to him. Rishabh asks her about appearing tensed? Sherlyn tries to avoid him and leaves from there saying that he should not try to be nice to her! Rishabh finds it strange and regrets being good to her.

Sherlyn, while leaving from there, keeps thinking why Rishabh was so nice to her? She tells herself that Rishabh is the person who had harmed her relationship with Prithvi!

Kareena gets in Sherlyn’s way and asks her about looking so tensed? Sherlyn makes an excuse and tells Kareena that she is going to her room.

Prithvi tells Kritika that he’s restless and getting nervous. He leaves from there to keep an eye on Srishti. Kritika thinks that he is uncomfortable because of Rishabh.

Prithvi quietly leaves from the living room and Sherlyn sees this and follows him. Prithvi runs into his Mother and tells her to stop Kritika from following him. She tries to tell him to focus on his wedding, but he leaves after giving her a warning.

Kritika arrives there and asks Prithvi’s mother about him. She makes an excuse that Prithvi will be hers all through the night, but she meeds to introduce her to some of her relatives and takes Kritika with her to meet them.

Sherlyn enters her room and begins to scold Prithvi for meeting her secretly! She tells him to be careful, as Rishabh has returned home. Prithvi tells her that he is feeling wrong about the change in Srishti’s behaviour. He tells Sherlyn about his observations and they realise that Srishti is planning to expose Prithvi.

Meanwhile, Kareena feels worried about Sherlyn and walks towards her room.

Prithvi begins to lose his cool and Sherlyn cuddles Prithvi to pacify him. Kareena opens the door and gets shocked to see Sherlyn with Prithvi.

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