At the same time, Kritika steps ahead and questions Prithvi, who is in Sherlyn’s arms? While they get shocked to see Kritika, Mahira is confident about her plan.

Kareena begins to believe Preeta after seeing Prithvi’s pictures. However, she stops Preeta from stopping the engagement. Preeta assures her that Kritika may be hurt now, but in the long run, this will proof to be fruitful for her. Preeta agrees to get scolded for it, if needed, which makes Kareena emotional.

An overwhelmed Kareena cuddles Preeta and Karan arrives outside the room.

Mahira sees Srishti following her and questions her about it? Srishti lies that Preeta has exposed Prithvi and Mahira begins to ponder over. This assures Srishti that Mahira is one of his allies and she renders her unconscious.

Karan snaps a picture of Kareena cuddling Preeta and asks them how this impossible thing happened? Kareena says that Preeta has proved her point that Prithvi is not the right person for Kritika. Karan asks her how she believed Preeta but not him when he said the same thing? Kareena decides to reveal everything in the living room and requests Karan to keep calm. Kareena threatens to expose Prithvi if he doesn’t confess it!

Kritika tells Prithvi to answer and questions him about cuddling Sherlyn in the corridor?

Rishabh tells Kareena that maybe she is misunderstanding Prithvi. Kareena reveals that she had found them in a similar situation in a room too.

Srishti reminds Rishabh that Prithvi and Sherlyn were alone at both the instances. She requests Kareena to show the evidence against Prithvi. Kritika suddenly says that she is not upset because he cuddled Sherlyn. She says that she has been upset because he didn’t trust Kritika enough to pour his heart out to her.

Karan asks Sameer to bring a projector and holds Prithvi by his collar. Kritika defends Prithvi against Karan and warns him that he needs to respect Prithvi. Preeta tells Kritika that she can surely defend her husband, but she needs to know that she is not his former Wife. This leaves everyone in the house shocked and scares Prithvi and Sherlyn.

Srishti enters the Kitchen and tells Sarla and Janki to come to the living room urgently. She tells them that they planned to expose Prithvi before everyone.

Preeta asks Sameer to turn on the Projector and show Prithvi’s picture to everyone. Prithvi and Sherlyn get shocked to see the picture of their marriage. Kareena tells everyone that Prithvi is the groom in the picture because he is already married. Preeta questions him about the bride as the picture is partially burnt and her face is not visible. While Prithvi remains speechless, Rakhi and Dadi begin to question him.

A furious Rishabh sternly asks him to answer everyone’s questions! Kareena gets mad at him and keeps asking him to answer the questions! Rakhi says that Prithvi is an unworthy man and they cannot marry Kritika to him. Rishabh gets upset with him for cheating on Kritika and trying to fool the Luthras.

Sameer decides to call the Police and Rishabh agrees to it. Srishti warns Prithvi that he will soon be booked for cheating everyone and pressurises him to answer the questions!

Prithvi pretends to feel bad about being maligned and asks Kritika if she trusts him? She tells Kritika that he will answer her, if she has any doubts! Kritika, with teary eyes, tries hard to have faith in him. Prithvi immediately says that he will answer everybody because they have hurt him. Preeta claims him to be married and he shouts aloud that he is married. This infuriates Karan and pounces at him, while Sameer holds Prithvi from behind.

Sherlyn loses her calm and rushes to save Prithvi. Suresh tries to stop Karan and Rishabh moves ahead to beat Prithvi.

Sherlyn barges in, pushes everyone and screams at everyone. Everyone is more than shocked to hear her say that nobody can beat Prithvi! In a jiffy, she gains control over herself and tells Rishabh that she doesn’t want a disgusting man like Prithvi to be hit by them. Rishabh finds it hard to believe and she walks up to him. She reminds Kritika and Rishabh that she never wanted Kritika to marry Prithvi. She tells Rishabh that she doesn’t want Rishabh to get jailed for beating Prithvi, as she wants him to be there for her child. She pretends to pounce at Prithvi and falls in his arms. She tells him to quickly come up with some excuse.

Prithvi looks at his Mother and begins to use her as a cover. He tries to make everyone emotional and his mother worries for him. Prithvi comes ahead and keeps asking Kritika if she wants to know the truth? He keeps trying to buy time to come up with some excuse.

Sarla stops him and asks about the identity of the bride in the picture? Suresh gets annoyed with Prithvi’s elongating conversation and tells him to cut it short! Everyone’s questions makes Kritika ask him to reveal the truth.

Kareena accuses Prithvi of trying to turn the members of the Luthra family against each other and falsely blaming it on Preeta!

Prithvi tells Srishti to let him complete his words. He says that he is dressed like a groom in the 7-year-old picture to help his friend Shubham get married.

Srishti interrogates Prithvi during his false confession about his first marriage before the Luthras. Dadi assures her faith in him and asks him why has he kept the picture of his friend’s wedding for so many years? Prithvi thanks Dadi for trusting him and hints at her that he knows about the person who has brought this picture. This makes Srishti and Sameer feel nervous.

Prithvi pretends to be nice to everyone and says that he was unaware of facing such a humiliation. He tells Kritika that he will wait for her, if needed, and tells her to take time and think about it. Kritika says that she trusts him and says that it’s her mistake that she couldn’t know much about him.

Dadi decides to begin the engagement again, but Kareena doesn’t like this idea. Preeta stops everyone and demands evidence from Prithvi to support his claims. She points out that he should not be backing out from proving his confession.

Prithvi’s Mother scolds Preeta and says that he is no rowdy to be interrogated like this.

Sarla immediately says that Kritika belongs to a reputed family and every mother deserves to know about her daughter’s suitor well.

Rishabh tells Kritika to ask Prithvi about it only if she wants to know about it? Kritika hesitantly asks Prithvi to tell everyone about his friend. Prithvi fails to come up with excuses when Preeta insists to know his friend’s name and address? Sameer and Suresh tell him to stop making up stories and start talking at the earliest!

Prithvi recalls his fight with Shubham and tells everyone that he cannot call his friend because he must be on a flight.

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