At everyone’s insistence, Prithvi calls Shubham, and puts the call on speaker. Shubham, unaware of everything, confirms that he missed his flight due to being at Prithvi’s wedding. Preeta then points out that Prithvi has to prove that he was at Shubham’s marriage 7 years ago. Prithvi refuses to go and bring Shubham at the Luthra House to avoid disturbing him.

Srishti takes his phone and finds Shubham’s address, number and photo. Srishti decides to visit Shubham with Karan and Preeta. Before leaving, Srishti makes everyone give their phones to Sameer. Srishti secretly tells Kritika to keep an eye on Sherlyn, and Preeta tells Kareena to keep an eye on Prithvi.

Kareena takes Prithvi to a room and Sherlyn tries to leave, but Kritika makes an excuse to be with her. Suresh decides to enter a comatose Mahesh’s room until everyone returns.

On the way, Srishti tells Preeta and Karan that he is surely married. Preeta points out that they need to find his former wife. Srishti recalls that Mahira is locked in a wardrobe. At the Luthra House.

Prithvi’s mother warns Kareena that she will regret for interrogating Prithvi. Prithvi tells his mother not to say anything against Kareena. Sameer warns Prithvi and tells him not to address Kareena as his Mother-in-law!

Suddenly, Ramona arrives there and warns Prithvi that he will be severely punished if  proven guilty! Sameer sees an unconscious Mahira in a wardrobe and worries for Srishti. Ramona asks Kareena for Mahira and tries to contact Sherlyn. Kareena tells her that everyone’s phone is locked in a wardrobe and says that she is waiting for Prithvi’s truth. Kareena tells Ramona that she is waiting for Shubham to confess the truth.

Prithvi feels worried and thinks that he should have not beaten Shubham. He thinks about the person who could help him convey his message to Shubham?

Ramona commends Srishti’s idea of locking everyone’s phone in a wardrobe. Kareena suggests Ramona to look for Mahira in the other rooms or maybe ask Sherlyn. She goes to Sherlyn’s room and sees Kritika and Rakhi there. Ramona pretends to be sorry for Kritika’s last marriage issues and the recent one. Kritika says that nothing has gone wrong yet and Prithvi is not proven guilty.

Rakhi reminds Ramona that she is being hardhearted towards Kritika and tells her to be careful. Ramona shouts back at Rakhi and says that she always misbehaves with her! Rakhi tells her that she talks to her this way because of her improper tone of communication and being careless towards other’s emotions.

Ramona avoids it and tells Sherlyn to help her find Mahira. Sherlyn thinks of it as an opportunity to talk to Shubham and tries to leave the room with Ramona.

Kritika immediately gets up and tells Sherlyn that Srishti had asked her to be with her. Sherlyn pretends to feel bad and overreacts to the fact that Kritika trusts Srishti more than her. Rakhi tells her to calm down and says stay with Kritika till everything gets sorted out.

Ramona warns everyone that she will lodge a complaint if she doesn’t find Mahira soon and leaves the room.

Sherlyn prays that Karan doesn’t find Shubham.

Karan, Srishti and Preeta arrive at Shubham’s house and ask him if he knows Prithvi? Shubham says that he is not married and Prithvi is a disgusting person. Shubham mentions that he is aware that Prithvi has troubled many people. Karan tells Shubham to answer a few questions and give some clarity about some stories that Prithvi has told them. He agrees to come to the Luthra House and goes inside his house to take his wallet.

At the Luthra House, Kritika asks Rishabh if Karan has returned home yet? Soon, Karan, Preeta and Srishti arrive with Shubham. Karan proudly introduces Shubham to everyone, which begins to scare Prithvi and Sherlyn. Karan says that he hasn’t asked him anything yet and now he will expose the truth.

Srishti asks Prithvi is Shubham the one who he was helping to get married? Karan asks Sameer to give him Prithvi’s picture. Shubham sees it and says that it is Prithvi and suddenly his phone rings. However, he avoids it and apologises for it. Preeta tells everyone that Shubham is not married and he doesn’t even recall this picture.

Suddenly, Shubham says that he was married earlier, but now he is divorced. He confirms that the picture was taken on his wedding day when Prithvi was trying to help him by wearing his ‘outfit’. Shubham says that he is mentally disturbed and wants to leave unless there are any more questions.

A furious Rishabh asks him to leave and Prithvi thanks him before leaving. Prithvi pulls off a stunt and thanks Dadi for having faith in him. Kritika walks up to Prithvi and agrees to get engaged to him.

After their engagement, Kritika tells Prithvi that she is upset because of his actions and goes to her room. Prithvi goes to the guest room and celebrates his victory.

Sherlyn and Mahira join him and Prithvi says that God has miraculously saved him. Mahira reveals how she freed herself from the wardrobe and convinced Shubham to testify in Prithvi’s favour in exchange for money.

Mahira tells Prithvi not to underestimate her power. She shows him the message where she transferred money to Shubham’s account. Prithvi is pleased with things finally falling into place. He then asks Mahira and Sherlyn to go away, as he can’t be seen with two other women when he is about to get married. Sherlyn asks Prithvi to stay loyal to her or else he will ruin everything!

Rakhi tells Kritika that she is not satisfied with the story told by Prithvi. Kritika says that she trusts him and wants him to support her. She says that she is tired and wants to sleep.

Preeta goes to Prithvi’s room and asks him what he is up to now? She says that you have always been a thug and a crook, Kritika loves you and you are betraying him? Prithvi says that he loves the entire family of Kritika and what she is doing is wrong. Preeta says that she knows his real face and she knows that he is already married and that Shubham was lying today. Soon, I will figure out who you were married to. She says this is all a scam and I will bust it!

Prithvi says that I will become your worst nightmare if you try to stop me from marrying Kritika! Preeta is about to leave when Prithvi holds her hand because Sherlyn is secretly escaping behind her back. They argue while she leaves.

Kritika is seen sitting in her room reminiscing the events of the day. Sherlyn goes to her and asks if she is fine? She says that she will be fine and Sherlyn leaves.

Prithvi also goes to Kritika’s room but she asks him to leave, as she needs space to think. Prithvi tries his best to lure her into his words, but she is adamant and wants him to leave!

Karan sees  Prithvi standing out of her room and he warns Prithvi that he has his eyes on him and will smash his face if he ever tries to harm her!

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