Sherlyn takes Prithvi to a corner and says that it seems like Kritika is also against him now. She adds that the marriage is not done yet and he should play it safe till he gets married. He will have to become her hero in order to be a part of the Luthra family. Prithvi says that I will do it, all I need is a plan.

Kritika receives a call from Akshay who wishes her on her marriage. He says that his life would have been set if they had gotten married. Kritika tells him never to call her again and he played with her trust and love. He says that you are a fool, I never loved you, but your money. He adds that we were really a close once and I have proof of that. I need money in exchange for a favour to keep the proof to myself. He says that you either meet me tomorrow with 2 million or I will send those proof of our intimacy to your husband and will also post them on social media! Kritika pleads to Akshay but in vain.

Kritika stands in shock as she recalls her past with Akshay.

After threatening Prithvi, Preeta arrives in the kitchen. Suddenly, Karan arrives there and Preeta pulls out a knife mistaking him for Prithvi. Preeta apologises to Karan and makes an excuse about pulling out the knife. Karan overlooks it and thanks her for all her efforts to prove Prithvi wrong to save Kritika. Preeta feels bad for being unable to stop Prithvi and Kritika’s engagement. Karan thanks her for whatever she could do and tries to get romantic with her.

Mahira arrives there to hinder their sweet moment and Karan leaves from there. Preeta tells Mahira that she not pretend to be so nice before her as she clearly understands about her intentions. Mahira tells Preeta that she can do nothing to stop her and reveals that she had pretended to have a foot sprain. She reminds her how the Luthras believed her truth. Preeta tells her that she can never separate her from Karan as he loves her. Mahira reminds her that she had married Karan by deceit and says that he does not love her. Preeta humiliates her and tells her to leave from the kitchen, which angers Mahira.

Mahira threatens Preeta to separate her from Karan within three days. Preeta warns her that she can throw chilly powder on the person who speaks ill about her or Karan. Mahira gets shocked to deduce that she had thrown chilly powder on Prithvi. Preeta proudly confirms it and Mahira remains speechless.

Sherlyn arrives in a comatose Mahesh’s room and says that she is tired of being scared. She tells him that she does not want him to regain consciousness and expose her. Sherlyn, with an poisonous injection in her hand, begins her plan to kill Mahesh, but Pammi arrives there.

Pammi hears everything and gets into a scuffle with her to stop this. She snatches the injection from Sherlyn and Rakhi enters the room. Sherlyn begins to pretend to be nice and Pammi immediately apprises Rakhi of Sherlyn’s evil intentions. Pammi tells Rakhi that she had heard Sherlyn bidding Mahesh adieu while injecting a poison in Mahesh’s glucose bottle.

Meanwhile, Prithvi enters Kritika’s room and tries to talk to her, but Kritika asks him to leave. He keeps peeping at Kritika’s window and thinks about her actions. He gets shocked to see Kritika frightened over a phone call with someone. Kritika leaves from there and he enters the room to spy on Kritika.

Prithvi sends a message to Prithvi to know more about it. He learns about Akshay and sends messages to find more about their conversation. Prithvi learns that Akshay is blackmailing Kritika for money. Prithvi decides to uses this opportunity for his benefit.

Rakhi questions Sherlyn when Pammi says that Sherlyn was trying to kill Mahesh by infusing some poison. Suresh arrives there and Rakhi breaks down after learning about Sherlyn’s intentions.

However, Suresh scolds Pammi for suspecting Sherlyn, who thanks him and takes a leave. Suresh calls a friend and asks for his son’s help. Mahira looks at Dadi’s room and hatches a ploy against her to keep Preeta busy.

Prithvi visits Akshay at a hotel room and beats him for blackmailing Kritika. Akshay begins to apologise to him and promises not to do it again. Prithvi tells Akshay to blackmail Kritika and leak her private pictures online. He even offers Akshay big money and suggests a plan to do it all.

Meanwhile, Karan enters the kitchen and Mahira deliberately turns off the lights. Karan mistakes Mahira for Preeta and lets her cuddle him. Mahira later lies that she had suffered a foot sprain. Karan tells Mahira that he was looking for Preeta and didn’t know that it was’t her when she cuddled him. Mahira lies to him again by saying that Preeta is with Prithvi at the terrace. She asks Karan not to tell Preeta that he learned it from her. Karan tells Mahira that he and Preeta trust each other and can talk to the people they want to.

Surprisingly, Preeta arrives there and asks Karan why he is with Mahira in the kitchen. Preeta reveals that she was with Dadi due to her foot sprain. Karan tells Preeta that he wants her in the room soon.

While Preeta prepares a milk as a remedy for Dadi, Karan waits with her. Mahira realises that they want some privacy and she leaves after pretending to be nice to them. Mahira vows to end this trust between them very soon. Karan decides to take Preeta on a date and tells her to meet at a restaurant.

Prithvi convinces Akshay to blackmail and harass Kritika to an extent that she gets frightened. Prithvi tells Akshay that once he does this he will pretend to defeat him and become Kritika’s hero.

Suresh secretly meets one of his friend’s son, Sonu. He gives Sonu the injection that Pammi had snatched from Sherlyn when she was trying to kill a comatose Mahesh.

Prithvi returns home and tells Sherlyn how he has planned to become Kritika’s hero. Sherlyn feels good about the idea but brings out the flaws in Prithvi’s plan. Prithvi thanks Sherlyn for his suggestions and praises himself. Sherlyn lovingly slaps him and says that she is deadlier than him. Prithvi praises himself and her for their evil ideas!

Pammi sees this from afar and leaves from there without letting them know anything.

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