Later, Prithvi arrives in Kritika’s room and pretends to be sorry about not revealing to her about Shubham. Kritika keeps thinking if she should tell Prithvi about Akshay. Prithvi eagerly waits for her to speak about Akshay to pretend to be nice to her. Kritika asks Prithvi to drop her at some place, but he makes an excuse. Kritika drops the idea to talk to Prithvi about Akshay.

Before leaving to meet Akshay, Prithvi tells him to threaten Kritika over a phone call. As ordered, Akshay calls Kritika and threatens to defame her and her family! He asks Kritika to bring money at a hotel. Prithvi sees a frightened Kritika keeping all her jewellery in a bad in leaving her room.

Preeta notices Kritika leaving with a bag of jewellery and worries for her.

A frightened Kritika rushes to meet Akshay in a Cab and Preeta follows her in a Car. Preeta keeps worrying why Kritika is in such a rush and keeping everything a secret?

Mahira follows Preeta and feels that she is going to meet Karan at a restaurant. Mahira is eager to execute her plan to separate Karana and Preeta.

Kritika arrives at the hotel entrance and Preeta learns that Karan had invited her to the restaurant of the hotel. Preeta assumes that probably Kritika is also going there to meet Karan. The security guard asks her to go to a different entrance that is meant for the hotel. Preeta moves ahead to follow Kritika and Mahira gets shocked to see Preeta moves away. She overlooks it and decides to go and see Karan by the time Preeta arrives there.

Meanwhile, Prithvi arrives at the hotel and a security guard asks him not to park his car at a reserved space. Prithvi comes up with a lie and quickly goes to Akshay’s room. He asks Akshay why he is staying at a hotel and Akshay tells him that his parents have gone out. Prithvi gives him the money to threaten and harass Kritika, who arrives at the parking area of the hotel. Prithvi makes himself a drink and Akshay takes a count of the money Prithvi had gotten for him. Prithvi asks him to stop doing it and call Kritika.

Preeta arrives at the parking area and calls Kritika. Suddenly, Kritika gets Akshay’s phone call and he threatens her to come soon. At the restaurant of the hotel, Karan eagerly awaits Preeta for their date. Mahira arrives there and meets Karan. She pretends to be unaware that Karan and Preeta were supposed to meet here.

Mahira lies that she is waiting for a friend and goes to a different table. Karan waits for Preeta for some time and Mahira comes back to his table. She says that he does not find her pretty but others are continuously staring at her. Karan assures her that she is pretty and he does not feel otherwise. Mahira begins to worry why Preeta has not arrived yet. She doubts that Preeta is definitely busy with something very important.

Meanwhile, Preeta stops Kritika, who is rushing towards the elevators. Preeta asks her why she is bothered and takes her to talk in person.

Prithvi enters his car and notices that Sherlyn had called him. He calls her and begins to discuss the expected victory of their plan. Preeta, in a car with Kritika, tries to convince her that she can share her issues. Kritika breaks down while revealing about Akshay to her. Preeta assumes that she is feeling bad recalling the past and Kritika tells her how Akshay is blackmailing her.

Kritika tells Preeta that Akshay has her private pictures and videos. She mentions that Akshay is threatening to leak her pictures online for money. Prithvi, over a phone call with Sherlyn, loses his cool and keeps honking to make the car ahead move. A security guard arrives there and suggests him to calm down. He goes to Preeta and requests her to move his car away. Preeta lashes out at him for unreasonable demands and the security guard goes back to Prithvi.

Prithvi intentionally rams into Preeta’s car, while leaving from there. Kritika calms Preeta and tells her to focus on Akshay’s threats. Preeta decides to visit Akshay and teach him a lesson. She makes Kritika record her voice on a phone and asks her to exchange clothes with her. Preeta, disguised as Kritika, arrives at the hotel and prays for success of their plan.

Preeta exchanges clothes with Kritika and tells the latter to wait in the car. Preeta, disguised as Kritika, visits Akshay with a plan against him.

At a hotel room, Akshay opens the door and mistakes Preeta for Kritika. He asks Preeta why she had covered her face with a scarf. Akshay brings Kritika’s pictures and Preeta secretly communicates with him by playing a recorder that has Kritika’s voice recorded on it. Preeta tries to leave after getting Kritika’s pictures but Akshay stops her from leaving. Akshay forces himself on Preeta and tries to molest her, but she hits on his head with a wooden tray rendering him unconscious.

Meanwhile, Karan waits for Preeta at the same hotel’s restaurant. He tells Mahira that he will wait for Preeta for another 10 minutes and then leave for home. She tells Karan that she will return home with him.

Mahira orders some food and feel happy to be with Karan. She pretends to be happy about Preeta and Karan’s relationship. Karan gets upset that Preeta did not value his time and kept him waiting. They discuss their childhood days and are eager to celebrate Holi soon.

Meanwhile, Sameer phones Karan, which upsets Mahira. Karan tells Sameer that he was talking to her about him, but Sameer avoids it. Sameer reveals to Karan that a comatose Mahesh has begun to blink his eyes. Sameer even mentions that a doctor has claimed that Mahesh may soon regain consciousness. Karan gets excited to see learn about this. Sherlyn, who is standing behind Sameer, begins to worry after hearing this.

Preeta comes running in the parking area and meets Kritika. She hands over Kritika’s pictures and videos to her. Preeta begins to reveal how Akshay had intentions of molesting Kritika and he tried doing it to her as well. Kritika is more than shocked to hear this. Preeta tells her to get in the car to exchange the clothes and then return home.

Kritika breaks down and throws the pen drive and keeps stamping on it. Preeta brings the hard copy of the picture and gives her a lighter to burn it. In a room of the Luthra House, Prithvi keeps cursing himself for loving Preeta.

Preeta goes to the restaurant to meet Karan but learns from a waiter that he has left for home. She assumes that Karan must be very upset with her for not showing up on their date. Karan meets Mahira near the exit and she asks why his hand is having bruises. Karan replies that someone was speaking ill about Kritika and he had gotten into a scuffle with him.

At the Luthra House, everyone celebrates the good news of improvement in Mahesh’s condition.

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