Prithvi learns from Sherlyn about it and he goes to ask the Doctor about it. The doctor tells Prithvi that the improvement is due to an injection.

Prithvi gets upset with Mahira after learning that this injection was brought by her to kill Mahesh. Preeta tries to cuddle Karan, but he goes to his room. Preeta follows him and tries to calm him down, but Karan keeps trying to walk away from her. Preeta apologises to him for being unable to arrive on their date. Karan tries to leave the room, but Preeta has a sweet banter with him.

A nervous Prithvi goes to the Kitchen of the Luthra House to have some water. Sherlyn follows him there and asks him about his visit at the hotel. Sherlyn suspects Prithvi of murdering Akshay and begins to ask questions about him. Prithvi fears that ACP Vijay must have observed the same details.

Mahira eavesdrops on their conversation and leaves from there. She goes to her room and feels worries for Karan. Ramona gets worried to see Mahira’s phone call late at night. Mahira tells Ramona about Prithvi’s visit at the hotel room and then mentions how Karan has beaten someone at the hotel. Ramona hears everything and passes a judgement that Karan is the murderer. She explains that Karan is a hot-tempered man. As per her theory, Karan has beaten Akshay to death for speaking ill about Kritika. Mahira gets shocked to hear this and drops the phone in her hand. Ramona realises that call has dropped and goes back to sleep.

The next day, everyone is eager to play Holi. Preeta remains busy in preparations of the Holi party at the Luthra House.

Karan comes close to Preeta and asks Preeta about playing Holi with her. Karan brings out colour from his pocket and smears it on Preeta. He asks Preeta to smear it on him too, but she refuses to do so. A disappointed Karan thinks about leaving and Preeta stops him. Preeta holds his hand and comes close to him. Preeta cuddles Karan and smears the colour on his cheek with the colour on her cheeks.

Karan tickles Preeta and lifts her up. She begins to run away from him and Karan chases her. They pass Prithvi during his short chase and the latter gets irritated to see this.

Prithvi receives Sherlyn’s phone call and gets upset on learning that she is crying. Meanwhile, Rakhi sits next to a comatose Mahesh and talks him about her dilemma. He shares how she wants to play Holi with him, but doesn’t want to spoil others’ fun by appearing sad.

Karan teases Preeta by talking about her weight and then she leaves from there.

Mahira arrives there and asks Karan what he is looking for. Mahira says that nobody is around him. Karan tells Mahira that she needs to have a vision like him to see Preeta around him. Mahira asks Karan if he loves Preeta to an extent that he can kill someone if that person hurts her.

Prithvi arrives in Sherlyn’s room and finds her weeping. On being asked, Sherlyn reveals that she is worried about her pregnancy. She is uncomfortable about losing her good looks and the changes in her body due to pregnancy. Prithvi teases her by asking her if she is pregnant with his child. Sherlyn asks Prithvi again about Akshay’s murder. She asks Prithvi why he has been avoiding her questions about it. Prithvi tells her to stop suspecting him and leaves from there.

At the lawn, Rakhi gives instructions to Girish about arrangements for the Holi party. Rakhi and Kareena warmly receive Aastha and Hemant. They talk about Preeta and Shelyn to Aastha and Hemant. Mahira asks Karan if she can smear colour on him and Sameer comes running to play Holi with him. Mahira rubs her cheek on Karan’s shoulder and smears the colour on it herself.

Srishti arrives at the Luthra House for the Holi party. Srishti gets some pouches of bhang and suggests Preeta to feed it to Prithvi. Preeta refrains from doing so, but Srishti explains how it can help them make Prithvi confess his crime.

Sameer arrives there and praises her. Soon, he smears colour on Srishti and Preeta sees them have a sweet moment while wishing Holi to each other. Srishti convinces Preeta and they walk towards Kritika and Prithvi. Preeta and Srishi wish Kritika Holi and they pretend to be nice to Prithvi.

Meanwhile, a girl tells Sherlyn that her belly is bulging out. This annoys Sherlyn and she replies back saying that it is obvious because she is pregnant. Srishti takes a glass of thandai from a man and offers it to Prithvi after adding bhang to it.

However, Prithvi says that he will never consume anything offered by her. Kritika gets shocked to hear him say that he will surely drink it and keep drinking it if Preeta offers it. Srishti takes the glass to Preeta, who offers it to him with a condition. Preeta tells him to begin referring to him as his sister-in-law and slyly agrees to it. Prithvi takes the glass of bhang and prepares to drink it, but Sherlyn stops it.

Sherlyn makes an excuse and gives the glass to Kritika. Srishti gives Sameer a slight push, which makes Kritika drop the glass on floor. Prithvi gets upset with Sameer when the bhang spoils his shoes.

Prithvi leaves from there to clean it and Sameer follows him. Srishti gets Sameer’s message and she shows it to Preeta. Sherlyn realises that they are planning something against Prithvi. In a room, Prithvi scolds Sameer for following him. Kritika arrives there and tries to calm him. Kritika cheers him up by gifting him a pair of new shoes.

Meanwhile, Hemant gets upset with Aastha for not defending his mother when others pointed out at her shortcomings. Rakhi helps Hemant and Aastha when he faces irritation in his eye due to colour. Aastha escorts him to a washroom and learns about Sameer, Srishti and Preeta’s plan against Prithvi. Aastha misunderstands them and later foils their plan to feed Prithvi a strong dose of bhang in a thandai. Aastha takes the glass and calls Preeta to talk to her in person. Aastha tells Preeta that she stopped her because she was trying to wrong Prithvi. Preeta praises her for being careful and honest. Preeta explains the reason behind their actions to Aastha. After realising about Preeta, Sameer and Srishti’s care for Kritika, Aastha offers to support them in their plan. Surprisingly, Karan arrives there and Aastha asks him if he will support Preeta in her plan.

Aastha suggests Karan to challenge Prithvi for a bhang drinking competition and they all agree to it. Later, Karan sits on a table and others challenge Prithvi. Unaware of their intentions, Prithvi takes up the challenge. Srishti suggests everyone to do this in the guest room.

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