Everyone tells Mahesh to calm down and try to understand why he is scared.

Meanwhile, Prithvi regains consciousness and looks for his phone. He learns from a video recording on it how Preeta, Srishti, Karan and Sameer were trying to extract truth from him. Prithvi feels nice to see how Sherlyn and Mahira tried to help him regain consciousness.

Prithvi gets Pawan’s text message and learns that he is at the Luthra House. In no time, Prithvi arrives at the living room and gets even more shocked to learn that Mahesh has regained consciousness. Prithvi begins to walk towards Mahesh, who looks Prithvi in the eye.

Prithvi looks at Mahesh, who suddenly looks him in the eye. Rakhi asks the Doctor about the sudden changes in Mahesh’s condition? Meanwhile, Sherlyn hints Prithvi to see Pawan peeping from the main door.

Mahesh sees Prithvi and tries to expose him, but falls down due to excess strain on his brain. Mahesh’s family tells him to take rest. Mahesh recalls Mahira and Sherlyn’s wrongdoings and tries to expose them. However, Mahesh suddenly loses his partial memory and the Doctor explains it to the Luthras.

Surprisingly, ACP Vijay phones Karan and asks him to put the phone on speaker. ACP Vijay hints the Luthras that he has found a clue against the murderer and then says that he was joking. Karan avoids the call and everyone focuses on taking Mahesh to his room.

Janki calls Girish to ask about Srishti and learns about Mahesh’s condition. She apprises Sarla of this and they plan to visit the Luthra House with some handmade sweets.

Prithvi goes to a corridor to secretly meet Pawan.

Pawan and Prithvi get emotional while wishing Holi to each other. Prithvi apologises to Pawan for not telling him about Mahesh and requests to go home.

Sherlyn arrives there and informs Prithvi about Suresh getting suspicious.

Preeta tells Kritika about her worries related to Akshay’s murder investigation at a hotel.

Sherlyn takes Prithvi to that hotel and tells him to disguise as a woman.

Preeta, wearing a burqa, plans to destroy the CCTV footage at the same hotel using a disguised Kritika’s help.

Preeta, wearing a burqa, asks a Waiter to take her to the CCTV room of a hotel. He refuses to do so and Kritika, disguised as a hotel staff, arrives there.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn suggests Prithvi, disguised as a woman, a plan to delete the CCTV footage of last 3 days. Sherlyn waits at the corridor and thinks about the evidence that can prove Prithvi to be Akshay’s murderer. Prithvi enters the CCTV room and tries to bribe the personnel there.

The Waiter tries to mislead Kritika and Preeta after getting suspicious of them. Preeta knocks at the CCTV’s room door and the personnel in it goes to open it.

Prithvi uses the opportunity and deletes the CCTV footage of last 3 days. Later, Preeta informs Kritika that someone has deleted the CCTV footage.

Suddenly, Kritika sees Sherlyn there. An investigating team of the Police begins to search the hotel.

Preeta calms Kritika and tells her not to reveal anything about Akshay to anybody.

Preeta and Kritika decide to reach home at the earliest to interrogate Sherlyn.

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