ACP Vijay arrives at the Police Station when his subordinate Sushil calls him to meet a witness. A Waiter from the hotel shares some important information with ACP Vijay, who shows him some pictures. The waiter recognises a person and ACP Vijay decides to visit the Luthra House to arrest that person.

Kritika and Preeta return home and look for Sherlyn, who meets them in the Kitchen.

Preeta and Kritika comes home rushing to catch Sherlyn red-handed. However, Sherlyn meets them in the Kitchen and begins to question them to avoid their questions. Preeta goes to her room and wonders who deleted the CCTV footage at the hotel?

Karan arrives there and apologises to her for not being with her during the Holi celebration. He tries to cuddle her and asks her to kiss him.

Meanwhile, ACP Vijay arrives at the Luthra House. He asks Rakhi and Kareena to gather everyone of the Luthra family for a shocking news.

Prithvi frets getting arrested and tries to escape, but ACP Vijay scolds him. ACP Vijay tells them to call Karan and Preeta, as the news is supposed to shock them the most.

Kareena phones Mahira, who enters Karan’s room to call them. Mahira sees Preeta in Karan’s arms and deliberately throws a showpiece. Karan goes out of the room and Preeta makes fun of Mahira’s challenge to separate her and Karan.

Mahira challenges Preeta that she will soon prove true to her words.

Rakhi tells ACP Vijay that some of the Luthra family members are in Mahesh’s room. She explains about the improvement in Mahesh’s condition.

Karan arrives there and asks ACP Vijay for the reason behind his sudden visit? ACP Vijay begins interrogating everyone about their whereabouts on a day earlier. Kritika blurts out that she was in a Car, which worries everyone.

ACP Vijay asks Kritika where she was between six and seven the previous night? Kritika mentions the Car which makes him suspicious, she then clarifies that she meant the Car park, waiting for someone, he then asks Karan where he was because there was also not any match, as he’s a big fan and knows there was no match, Karan mentions that he was with Preeta at a hotel, he immediately says that this a new information when Karan clarifies that he was waiting for Preeta, but she did not come, so he came back with Mahira.

ACP also says that this mean Mahira was also not at the house, Karan however, says that she came to meet her friend  but was not able to, so they returned together.

ACP also asks Prithvi to explain because by now, he would have made up a story?

ACP asks Preeta if she can clarify where she was because the reason he has asked everyone the questions was because he wanted to know where they all are, he forces her to reveal where she was otherwise, they would reveal the story!

Prithvi stops the ACP mentioning that he is making a mistake because Preeta is not that kind of woman, ACP asks if he is her lawyer? Karan also stops the ACP saying that he’s making a mistake because he doesn’t have any proof however, the ACP orders the Constable to arrest Preeta!

Rakhi request to talk with Preeta in secret, ACP at first denies it, but then Rakhi pleads and he agrees saying that they only have five minutes.

Karan asks the ACP why is he arresting Preeta because he is mistaken? The ACP says that he needs suspicion to arrest, but in this case, they have the crime as well as the criminal, Karan also asks him to arrest him on the basis of suspicion,  but the ACP mentions that even though he really wants to arrest him, but he doesn’t even have a small proof agsinst him.

Karan explains that this means he has gathered proof against Preeta which worries Kareena and the family.

Rakhi enters the room with Preeta asking her what has happened, questioning if the ACP is telling the truth when Preeta explains that he is saying the truth and she met Akshay, Preeta starts crying and sits on the bed, Rakhi mentions that she knows Preeta can never do anything wrong so pleads with Preeta to reveal the truth because only then, would they be able to save her.

Preeta realizes that she cannot inform Rakhi about the revealing photos and the blackmail, she reveals that Akshay is not an honest person so was calling Kritika even after she is married, she saw him outside the hotel, so went to question him, they both got in an altercation when she got mad and hit him in the head with a wooden tray and left however she is sure that he was alive, but did not know that he is dead until the ACP informed them.

Rakhi is not sure that Preeta is saying the entire truth, so mentions that she should run away, as if the ACP arrest her, then he would not rest until she is proven guilty, Rakhi suggests her to run away, as there is nothing which she can do for her so she must run away, but Preeta is worried.

Karan asks what proof does he have against Preeta? The ACP asks him to show his ID, which worries Karan, ACP explains that he must have a high post because of which he is saying such things and making such big statements because they do not have any such instrument, Karan asks if he thinks of the situation as a joke?

ACP getting mad asks who is he to inform them how to perform their task, saying that the Police perform their duty staying away from their families even at the Holi event, so he should stop making such statements, he would be a Star Cricketer for his fans, but not for an honest Police Officer, he feels that this is the reason he has been transferred a lot, ACP hears that the alarm which he has set for five minutes is over, so explains that he would go and check it by himself.

Karan stops him saying that there is no reason for him to enter the house because he doesn’t have a warrant, ACP orders his Constable to even arrest Karan and make a big space, as he is a Celebrity!

Kareena stops the ACP explaining that he cannot do this because Karan is her husband, they are talking of arresting Preeta, so he is likely to react in such a manner and they cannot arrest all the husbands who get mad, ACP explains that he is saying this because of how Kritika is standing, he can witness her nervousness because she might know what has happened and so is feeling bad for her, he even says that she might be trying to blame Preeta which angers Kareena.

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