Kareena asks how dare he?? The ACP explains that she should not get angry as only the last part which he said about her was a joke.

The ACP tries to enter when Rakhi steps out alone, he asks where is Preeta when Rakhi replies that she has helped Preeta run away from the house, ACP gets mad and insists on entering when Rakhi stops him saying that this part of the house holds the rooms of her daughters-in-law, it is not right on his part, he orders the lady Officer to bring out Preeta, he says that he respects Rakhi as a woman, but she should not force him to behave rudely with her.

The lady Officer, Sushila, ACP Vijay’s subordinate, brings Preeta out in handcuffs, she says that Rakhi had locked her in the room to hide her, Rakhi turning to Preeta asks why she did not run even when she asked her to because the Police would otherwise arrest and put her in jail?

Karan fights with ACP Vijay’s team to stop Preeta’s arrest. ACP Vijay orders to arrest him as well, which makes Preeta fight them.

Preeta reveals to Karan before everyone that she had visited Akshay at the hotel!

Preeta begins to explain how Akshay was harassing Kritika. She shares that she had visited him only to stop this. However, a heated argument and Akshay’s misbehaviour led her to hit him with a wooden tray. Karan and the other people in the family get shocked to hear this. Karan gets upset with Preeta for keeping him uninformed and leaves from there.

Mahira shows three fingers to Preeta and reminds her of the third day of her challenge. Mahesh learns about Preeta’s arrest from Kareena. However, Kareena and Dadi stop him from helping her.

Pammi looks down on Preeta and quietly waits to expose Sherlyn!

Sarla lashes out at Rakhi when she apprises her of Preeta’s arrest over a phone call.

Kritika fails to convince Karan to help Preeta and later visits the Police Station.

Sherlyn scolds Prithvi for being worried about Preeta. Prithvi and Sherlyn get into an argument when Sherlyn accuses him of Akshay’s murder!

ACP Vijay makes a note of all the suspects and tells Preeta to confess the complete truth.

Mahira celebrates her victory after seeing Karan upset with Preeta.

Sherlyn blames Prithvi that he might have gotten mad wondering why did Akshay misbehaved with Preeta, so he went and murdered him in anger! Prithvi blames that it seems she has lost her mind and he thinks she might have dropped it, Sherlyn mentions that he is the one who needs a new mind because when Kritika was being blackmailed, he thought that she would come to him however, she informed Preeta, which is why he might have gotten mad, murdering Akshay!

Prithvi starts yelling out of his anger saying that he did not kill Akshay, she says that after yelling, nothing would change! Prithvi explains that when he was talking calmly, she did not believe him and not even when he’s yelling, he for the last time is saying that he did not murder Akshay, Sherlyn explains that she saw him throw the blo*dy clothes away however, Prithvi responds that it was Ketchup sauce, Sherlyn warns him to stay out of the case, as if the Police suspect him, then they would throw him in jail, he swears on the life of his unborn daughter and Sherlyn, she leaves in anger saying that he must stay away!

Preeta is walking in the cell, Sushila coming explains there is someone who has come to meet her, Kritika comes inquiring how is she doing? Preeta is really worried, Kritika explains that they should reveal the entire truth however, Preeta asks if Karan is really mad with her? Kritika questions how she is able to do this, she must at the present worry about herself when she is actually worried what Karan might be thinking?

Preeta reveals she is not able to live peacefully knowing that Karan is mad with her, she explains that he felt he saw them at the parking lot of the hotel however, she did not reveal the truth, but now feels she made a mistake by not telling him, Preeta asks Kritika if she went to him? Kritika replies that she did go into his room, but he is really mad, Kritika asks why are they even hiding the truth? Preeta responds they have revealed the entire truth, but they are only hiding the incident about the photos because it might ruin their lives.

Preeta mentions that she has informed them that Akshay was blackmailing her and even tried to misbehave with her, but if they tell the truth, what good will it do, as Akshay would not get alive once again. Kritika exclaims this means she is the reason for the entire situation, and it would be better that she tells the truth. Preeta asks if anyone has informed her Mother which worries Kritika.

Sarla enters the Police Station, ACP says to Sushila that they should make a bet that she is the Mother of Preeta Luthra, Sarla coming to her asks why has he arrested Preeta? Shristhi immediately claims they have made a mistake because her Sister can never do such a crime however, the ACP responds that the Police do not arrest anyone just for the pleasure, but on the basis of proof, he even advises Shristhi to join politics, as she would go ahead because they also talk a lot of nonsense.

Sarla asks for permission to meet Preeta, ACP Vijay explains this is the right questions saying he would have arranged the meeting had Shristhi not wasted both of their time, he orders Sushila to take Sarla to Preeta’s cell, he is about to leave when Shristhi stops him saying it seems he has a quarrel with her Sister? The ACP explains that everyone believes the Police hold a grudge against them, but he should talk in her manner and that Police do have a quarrel with anyone who doesn’t follow the law and her Sister is a Criminal.

Preeta explains there is nothing to worry about and she should not be tensed, if Akshay did really die from the blow which she hit him with, then she should be punished and if someone else is involved, then she trusts the system of her Country.

Shristhi getting mad with the ACP exclaims how she feels that there is something more to it and he should see who the real Murderer is and her Sister can never do anything, she has met a lot of Policemen, but meeting him, there is something off about him, the ACP asks her to say whatever she desires, but Shristhi leaves saying she doesn’t even want to talk with him!

Kritika tries to reason with Preeta when they see Sarla crying, she asks Kritika, but Preeta says nothing has happened, she is still questioning Kritika, so Preeta says that this is because she is tensed after seeing her like this, Sarla exclaims that they are also tensed seeing her in such a way.

Preeta explains that she did not say anything to the family, she saw Akshay at a hotel, so she went to question him, trying to say that he must not harm her family, Preeta reveals that she tried to reason with him however, they both got into a fight and she hit him with a wooden tray, so if he died because of her blow, then she is the Criminal, Sarla exclaims that she is not telling the truth because she is her Mother.

Shristhi exclaims that she is in a lot of trouble, but Sarla exclaims that she is not a liar and even if she hit him with a tray, she cannot kill anyone, Shristhi also believes that Preeta is innocent, Preeta asks her to not worry.

Sarla questions Kritika about the whereabouts of Karan because no one from the Luthra family is present and even the lawyers should have started to make efforts for freeing her, Kritika remembers what Karan said, she is about to reveal the truth when Preeta stops her and sends Kritika back to her house, Sarla says that now, Kritika has gone so she must reveal the truth, Preeta says she has said the truth, Sarla mentions how she would now question the Luthra family, the reason they are not standing with Preeta espically Karan who is her husband, he should have stood with her in this matter of problem.

Preeta sends Shristhi after Sarla because if she goes there, then it would create a lot of problems for both the families.

Mahira in her room is praising herself for winning the challenge which she has set with Preeta, but Sherlyn says that she did not have anything to do with it and it might be because of the incidents, Mahira exclaims that she might have also be involved in this incident.

Sarla is walking when Shristhi stops her, she is not able to speak because of the fear and then explains Preeta doesn’t want her to go to the Luthra house because she would go and fight there, Sarla asks if she knows the blame on Preeta and the punishment for the murder can be either hanging or life imprisonment?

Sherlyn in the room asks Mahira if she killed Akshay? Mahira however replies why should she tell her because some secrets should not be revealed, Sherlyn once again questions her saying that she is suspicious of Prithvi however, Mahira reveals he is not the killer then mentions how she saw the blood on Karan’s hand at the hotel where Akshay was murdered. She gets a call, Sherlyn thinks that she is a psycho lover of Karan, so would do anything to get her love, she attempted suicide so who knows what she is capable of? Sherlyn is suspicious of Karan, Prithvi and Mahira for murdering Akshay.

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