Outside the Police Station, Srishti tries to stop Sarla from visiting the Luthras. Sarla explains how the Luthras are wrong if they are not willing to support a jailed Preeta. Srishti tries to convince her that this could lead to an argument, which would hurt Preeta. Sarla vows to do anything to bail Preeta out and leaves from there. Srishti prays for Preeta and thinks why nobody is helping her. She thinks about visiting the Luthras for Preeta.

Mahesh finds Rakhi worried and assures her that he will look after Preeta. Suddenly, Kareena arrives there and questions him is he will visit Preeta. Mahesh lies to her that he will visit his doctor and not Preeta. After she leaves, Mahesh reveals to Rakhi how Karan is upset with Preeta but trying to bail her out. Karan argues with ACP Vijay that Preeta is innocent and waits for his lawyer. However, Karan gets mad at his lawyer when he fails to bail Preeta out.

Karan leaves from there and ACP Vijay promises Karan’s lawyer to take Preeta to the court. Srishti visits the Luthra House and Sameer tells her why he couldn’t help Preeta. Srishti questions Karan about his behaviour and requests him to visit Preeta. Sushila, a lady constable, gives Preeta a refreshment that makes her realise that Karan had visited her. Suresh tells Pammi that someone had broken the injection brought by Sherlyn. Kritika, Rakhi, Suresh refuse to have dinner due to being upset. However, Kareena and Pammi avoid all this and focus on eating their meal.

A lady Constable gives Preeta a bottle of a special milkshake. She tells Preeta that her mother-in-law left this for her. However, Preeta realises that Karan had gotten if for her. She misses Karan and suddenly, a Cop tells Preeta that someone has come to see her. Preeta gets shocked to see that it’s not Karan but Prithvi.

Prithvi shows concern for Preeta and says that he can even kill someone for her. This makes Preeta suspect Prithvi, who assures her that he hasn’t killed anyone. Meanwhile, Mahira, over a phone call, tells someone that she has transferred the money for some secret task.

Sameer arrives outside her room and hears her asking that person not to contact her again. Sherlyn suffers a stomach ache and Pammi tries to help her. Pammi gets greedy on seeing her jewellery.

Pammi decides to teach Sherlyn a lesson for ousting her out of the room. At the Police Station, Prithvi claims that he and Preeta have not killed Akshay. He points out at some facts to prove Karan may have killed Akshay. Preeta admits her mistake of not telling Karan the truth. She shows Prithvi a pillow and the bottle of milkshake that Karan had left for her. Preeta tries to prove to Prithvi that Karan cares about her, but he is right by being upset.

Preeta recalls a flashback when Karan brought the Faluda for her and she didn’t know anything and Karan explained what it is and how there is a shop nearby which is famous for it, Preeta says that she doesn’t know anything about the dishes from Mumbai, she felt it was good with the chocolate, but Karan revealed that he himself put them there, as it’s the Karan special and she should just order that whenever she comes which is when she said that she would always come with him, he also gives her a spoon full. FB ends.

Preeta explains this is how she knows Karan is really missing her, she is also sure she is really not the killer because she did not hit him that hard because when she left, Akshay was still alive, she explains that this is why she is sure that her family would be worrying for her, so will surely find out the truth about the Murderer, so he should surely not worry about her.

Prithvi exclaims that he is sure she doesn’t want his help so would not even tell her the truth from now on because he will not be able to do anything so she must stay alone!

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