Sameer is anxiously waiting for someone, Shristhi comes asking why did he call her so late at night, and he must reveal everything which he heard, Sameer mentions that he saw Mahira heading into the room where she was talking with someone, yelling at the person saying that he must not call her as she doesnot want anyone to find the truth about them also he must check the mobile as she has transferred the money.

Shristhi in a state of confusion asks if it was about the murder of Akshay, she desires to find the truth about the call, Sameer inquires how would they be able to because she would not give them her mobile, Shristhi reveals that they would have to steal it, Sameer agrees to do it till they are able to free Preeta.

Karan enters the room, he is not able to even sit peacefully as he feels that Preeta is not with him, Preeta also is restless in the cell, she therefore places her head on his pillow, Karan feels a gush of wind so walking towards the fleece of Preeta kisses it because he is really missing her.

Sameer sees Karan so tensed so wonders how they both just started to feel love for each other but now are facing so trouble, he vows to make sure that he is able to help Preeta get released from the jail.

In the morning Sherlyn in the Kitchen wonders why did Preeta have to kill Akshay because she went to jail and now she has to finish all the work in the house which she is not able to because of the pregnancy, she cannot kneel to pick the vegetables which fell.

Mahira enters inquiring what is wrong with her, Sherlyn pointing towards her stomach says that she is pregnant so gets irritated and tired after finishing just a little of the work, she requests Mahira to make some coffee for her to which she agrees.

Prithvi coming from behind asks why is she getting so frustrated, She responds that it is because of him, Prithvi questions what does she mean, she replies that she is pregnant because of him and now he is asking these stupid questions.

Prithvi reveals that it is a normal thing in pregnancy so he would not argue with her because of the mood swings, Mahira asks if she should also make coffee for him, he replies she should make it completely bitter, he one again turns towards Sherlyn requesting her to not be so angry because if she is happy then the baby would also be healthy, he sees Pammi coming so immediately starts calling Sherlyn Sister-in-law, advising her to take care of herself because if she falls, then it might cause complications in the pregnancy.

Prithvi says to Mahira that he would come back if there is still some time in making the coffee, Pammi asks Sherlyn what is she doing also asking about Ganesh, she says that he is watering the plants, Prithvi once again comes back saying that he mistakenly took Mahira’s mobile, she also hands the coffee, but Pammi stops him saying that she feels he is a really clever person who is at two places in a single time, which is why he is holding the hands of Sherlyn and taking care of her so that she has even allowed him to marry Kritika because she was not happy at their wedding in the start, Prithvi thinks she is really clever but then leaves.

Mahira also says that she has some work, Sherlyn tries to leave however, Pammi stops her explaining how she said that she has not two but four eyes and the two at the back are just for thinking, she must also realize that she is not simple like Rakhi, Sherlin gets furious.

Prithvi is walking, he gets a call from someone who reveals that he knows the entire truth of Akshay’s murder, prithvi then warns him to not be so clever with him, the blackmailer says that he knows that the money which he gave to Akshay and which he took from Kritika sums to be fifty lacs, he threatens Prithvi to bring the money by four in the evening otherwise, he would go to the police station with all the proofs. Prithvi gets tensed after ending the call.

Preeta is sitting in the cell, Mahira comes exclaiming that she has finally won the challenge from Preeta and has made sure she is thrown in the jail, Mahira asks her to not be comfortable in the cell but then advises her to not be because the jail would be a lot worse where she would have to go, after the court hearing, Mahira exclaims she is feeling a lot better after removing Preeta form Karan’s life and would make sure he forgets her so she can claim him as her own.

Mahira visits a jailed Preeta and passes comments on Preeta’s state. Preeta gives Mahira a befitting reply and suspects her of Akshay’s murder after a heated argument.

In the kitchen of the Luthra House, Pammi tells Sherlyn about her suspicions. Pammi tells her that she has seen her slapping Prithvi. Pammi reminds her of the day she had slammed the door in her face. Sherlyn tries to give her an expensive necklace in exchange for keeping it a secret.

Pammi gets sure that Sherlyn and Prithvi are having an affair. Meanwhile, Prithvi worries about arranging INR 5,000,000 to give a blackmailer. He decides to ask Sherlyn to arrange it for him.

Srishti and Sameer keep an eye on Mahira, who is busy grooming herself.

Sarla visits a Lawyer’s office, who lives in her locality. He suggests Sarla to ask the Luthras to get Preeta a good lawyer as he is incapable of helping her.

Sherlyn enters Prithvi’s room and asks him why he called her urgently? Prithvi thinks about revealing the blackmailer to her, but notices that she is hiding something. Prithvi insists Sherlyn to show it to him and finds out that she is hiding an expensive jewellery.

Prithvi thanks her and God after deciding to use it and arrange the money to give the blackmailer.

Prithvi gets upset when he learns that Sherlyn has got the jewellery to give it to Pammi. She explains how Pammi is blackmailing her. Prithvi tells Sherlyn that some unknown blackmailer has asked him for INR 5,000,000. Sherlyn feels at peace when she realises that Prithvi had not murdered Akshay. Prithvi tells Sherlyn about his plan to catch the blackmailer and bring him to the Luthras!

Sherlyn suggests Prithvi to sneak into Mahesh’s room and break open into his locker. He prepares to steal an ancestral necklace and arrange money after selling it off.

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