Sameer finds Prithvi’s shoe and tells her that Kritika had gifted Prithvi a pair of similar shoes. The factory’s security guard arrives there and tells them that there were two people in the factory. Srishti finds a golden bracelet and keeps it with her.

Mahesh meets his lawyer friend, Siddharth along with Karan to discuss Preeta’s case. He tells them that Preeta’s statement has weakened the case.

Mahira meets Prithvi and tells him how Shubham has been blackmailing her. Srishti confronts Mahira and Pammi reveals that Prithvi and Mahira have same phones.

Karan, Srishti and Sameer confront Prithvi. They ask him about the shoe and ask him about his presence at the factory? Srishti tells Karan that she has learnt from Prithvi’s phone that a blackmailer has been asking him for money.

Sarla gets emotional after Rakhi tells her that Kareena has finally accepted Preeta. Janki overhears this and tells Sarla that she does not believe Kareena.

Karan visits a jailed Preeta and tells her that Megha is Akshay’s killer. He promises Preeta to bail her out soon. Srishti cuddles Karan to thank him and Sameer expects that she will do the same to him.

Karan immediately visits Mahesh’s lawyer and tells him how he found out that Megha is the killer. After hearing the entire narration, the lawyer suspects Ruchika to be the killer. He then tells Karan to bring Ruchika and Megha to the Court of law.

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