Kritika narrates the incident wherein Preeta supported her and went to talk to Akshay. Everyone gets even more shocked to hear that Preeta had attacked Akshay because he tried to molest her.

Kritika is weeping, Kareena holds her hand when she apologizes to both of them before hugging Kareena, she then turns and goes to Sarla apologizing to Sarla for helping her, she is constantly standing in front of Sarla who doesn’t do anything, but instead hugs her, Kareena is also shocked to see this and going to Sarla, she apologizes knowing she was at fault, Kareena leaves crying after Kritika.

Rakhi comes to Sarla offering her tea, she however says that she came to ask for their help but now must leave to be with Preeta but before she could ask them, they all are helping her in this difficult time, Rakhi assures that Preeta would come back to her own house really soon, Sarla explains that she is comforted hearing her and leaves saying that she would talk with her on the mobile.

Rakhi turns to see Pammi standing who comes down, Rakhi holding her hands exclaims she desires to talk with her and explains she must not talk to anyone about what has happened in their house, Pammi explains she knows how to keep a secret, Rakhi should be glad she has gotten such daughter-in-laws who are always there to protect the family like Preeta, she says that if Sherlyn also starts worrying for the family, everything would be sorted, Rakhi gets tensed

Sherlyn leaves saying that she would make tea for them after which Pammi hugs Rakhi explaining there is nothing to worry about, Rakhi leaves.

Sherlyn taking the cups of tea says she is feeling bad for Preeta when she has gone as she has to do all the work for the entire family even when there are a lot of servants, she says she has not come to do such work, but then, she sees Pammi standing who comes taking the cups from her ordering her to go back to her room, Sherlyn taking a sigh of relief says she felt Pammi was coming for the necklace  but it is not the case.

Pammi says that she has already taken the necklace because Sherlyn left it in the hall when Sarla arrived at their house, Pammi reveals that she took the necklace from the hall, she saying that she is talking from her heart says how she was jealous of Rakhi because she got such a good family and also children but now she is relieved that Sherlyn is not that good.

Shristhi and Sameer are in the car waiting for Mahira, she comes out, but then gets a call and they get worried wondering where she is, she comes out but after reaching the car gets a call from someone, they are worried about who the person is, Mahira leaves and Shristhi asks him to drive fast however, he reveals that he would do so after keeping some distance because she would get suspicious, Shristhi also agrees with him, they start following her.

Mahira in the car wonders why the blackmailer has changed the time, thinking what could be the reason she therefore understands that the only other person he could be blackmailing is Prithvi, she suddenly stops.

Shristhi and Sameer wonder what has happened, Sameer stops the car at the signal, they both wonder why has Mahira stopped here, Sameer suggests that she might have changed the location but Shristi says that it cannot be, as there are more chances of getting caught, Sameer asks if they should wait at the original location, but Shristhi is worried if they change the location.

Prithvi stops his Car aside there, he kneels down to pick something up, Shristhi feels as if she saw him but they both then leave.

Mahira sees Prithvi leaving so stops him, he asks her to find a mechanic however she starts blackmailing him, saying that he’s in the Luthra house because of her and she also helped him even when he did not ask, so he must now return the favour and help her.

Preeta follows Sushila, asking who has come to meet her, she replies that she does not know and was ordered to bring her here, Karan enters the room, Preeta gets delighted seeing him and rushes to hug him, he pushes her away asking why she hid everything from him because had he known she would not have gotten into so much trouble, Preeta gets startled, she asks what does he mean.

Karan reveals Kritika has informed him of the entire truth, Preeta starts weeping explaining he desired to say it, Preeta explains she knows he is angry with her, Karan asks that she knows his anger but doesn’t understand how much he cares for her, she knows his anger, but doesn’t understand what she means to him, but she doesn’t know how much he loves her, he responds that she doesn’t trust him, Karan reveals how he feels to hurt himself when she doesn’t care for him, Preeta stops him, she hugs him tightly, he prevents her from saying anything.

Kareena is at the door calling to Kritika, she doesnot even open the door, Rakhi also comes asking what has happened, she herself knocks on the door saying that she would not leave until Kritika opens the door hugging Kareena, Rakhi explains that she thought of meeting her and felt she would be with Kareena because she knows how much Preeta loves her, Kritika assures her saying that she knows that Preeta has done for her only what an elder sister could do.

Preeta asks Karan to never say that she doesnot care for him because if he did not care then why did he send the pink pillow, karan asks how did she know it because he asked the Constable to say that Rakhi send it, Preeta explains that this is what he said but she knew it from her heart that Karan send the pillow because he is the only one who would not be feeling sleepy while she was in the cell, she also knew he send the chocolate milkshake because he is the only one who knows it, Karan and he is in her destiny which no one can snatch from her, they both hug each other Preeta apologizes for being wrong, he asks her to say it loud and loud, she realizes he is just teasing her. They both hug each other once again.

At the Luthra House, Rakhi calms Kritika and suggests her to keep the family informed in future. Kareena seconds Rakhi and apologises to Kritika. They share an emotional moment and then cuddle each other.

Srishti and Sameer, while following Mahira, run into Megha and Ruchika. They observe that Megha is dragging to some place and Ruchika is avoiding her.

Meanwhile, Preeta tells Karan to lie to Sarla that she will get a bail. Karan initially refuses to do so, but later promises to tell her this. Suddenly, Kareena arrives there with Kritika.

Srishti and Sameer see Megha and Ruchika getting into a scuffle. Ruchika threatens Megha to leave her house and they bother threaten to expose each other. After Megha leaves, Srishti and Sameer confront Ruchika, who pretends to be strong and tells them to leave.

Kareena apologises to Preeta for her behaviour, which makes everyone emotional.

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