Karan teases Kareena when she cuddles him. Preeta and Kritika laughs at her. Sushila, the lady constable, arrives there and asks them to return home. Meanwhile, Srishti and Sameer’s confrontation makes Ruchika nervous. She threatens them of booking them and Karan for mental harassment. As asked by Preeta, Karan visits the Arora House to talk to Sarla, who gets emotional to see him.

Karan, Sarla and Janki talk about Preeta and the efforts that he had put in for her. Karan assures Sarla that he is always there for Preeta. He promises her to bail Preeta out at the first hearing. Ruchika’s threats make Srishti message Karan about all this. Suddenly, the police arrive there and decide to arrest Srishti and Sameer. Amidst the chaos arrives Karan, who puts a pretentious Ruchika in her place.

The police warn Ruchika not to file a false complaint again and take a leave. Srishti and Sameer later apprise Karan of everything. Surprisingly, Mahesh arrives there and Karan leaves for home with him. Srishti and Sameer immediately get in the car and leave to see the blackmailer. Prithvi repairs Mahira’s car and she leaves to meet the blackmailer. Unfortunately, as Mahira leaves Prithvi’s car breaks down.

Srishti and Sameer visit a closed factory and wait for a blackmailer. Suddenly, the security guard arrives there and goes to his room. They hide behind some junk and suddenly, Prithvi arrives there. However, they fail to see each other. Soon, a disguised blackmailer arrives there and the security guard tries to chase him.

Everyone hides in a closed room and they all try hard to catch the blackmailer. Prithvi runs after him and the security guard runs into Srishti and Sameer.

Meanwhile, Mahira meets Shubham and slaps him after giving the money. She warns him not to blackmail her again!

The blackmailer escapes from them and they all mistake Prithvi for the blackmailer.

Prithvi hides behind some junk and realises that Srishti and Sameer are after him. They see his shadow and decide to bring some boiling water to throw on him. Prithvi hears this, but finds it impossible to escape them. The security guard decides to call the Police. Srishti and Sameer worry about catching the blackmailer.

Sameer and Srishti throw boiling water at Prithvi, but he escapes them. In no time, he runs into a biker, who helps his flee.

Pammi notices Kareena is tensed and she keeps asking her. Kareena reveals how Karan had said something hurtful to her in the jail. Pammi seconds her when she says that Preeta must have brainwashed Karan.

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