After everyone returns home, Pammi begins to call Preeta unlucky before Rakhi. This angers Rakhi, who scolds Pammi for badmouthing Preeta. She reminds Pammi of Preeta’s sacrifices and Kareena’s thoughts about Preeta. Rakhi supports Karan’s decision of saving Preeta by getting himself arrested. She mentions how Preeta’s behaviour made Karan more responsible and caring. Rakhi warns Pammi to never speak ill about Preeta again!

Prithvi seconds Rakhi’s opinion, which stuns everyone and annoys Sherlyn. Prithvi praises Pammi for being caring towards him.

Preeta apologises to Rakhi for everything and Mahesh arrives there. Rakhi asks Mahesh if he has recalled everything, but Suresh hints her not to talk about it. Mahesh keeps asking Preeta about Karan, but nobody answers him.

Prithvi tells Sherlyn that Megha has been blackmailing him. Mahira arrives there and talks to Sherlyn about getting Karan bailed out. Prithvi stops Mahira from doing anything to help Karan, which begins an argument. Sherlyn tries to defend Prithvi and Mahira tells her that Prithvi is playing mind games with her.

Mahira leaves from there and Kritika arrives there. She questions Sherlyn about her unexpected presence in the room?

Preeta feels bad for Karan and cries before Mahesh. However, he praises Preeta and Karan’s sacrifices, which angers Pammi. Mahesh assures Preeta to get Karan bailed out soon.

Suresh notices Pammi’s behaviour and later scolds her for being negative!

Meanwhile, Srishti discusses Ruchika and Megha’s behaviour with Sameer. She calls Ruchika, who doesn’t ends the call after answering it.

Pammi tells Suresh why she is upset about Karan’s decisions? Pammi vows to show Rakhi and Mahesh that Preeta is not the right match for Karan! Suresh warns her not to do it, but in vain.

Preeta keeps thinking how Karan and his family has been so nice to her? Rakhi calms Preeta when she tells her how Karan and everyone loves her so much. Prithvi overhears this and gets upset.

Preeta decides to visit a prisoned Karan and talk to him. An upset Prithvi goes to Sherlyn’s room and keeps looking for her. He begins to assume that Sherlyn is up to something very big.

Mahira runs into Sherlyn, who is talking to Rishabh over a phone call. Mahira questions Sherlyn’s changed behaviour and she tries to avoid it. Mahira begins to suspect Sherlyn and decides to spy on her.

Preeta visits Karan in jail and tries to talk to him to make him feel better. Karan and Preeta have a sweet banter, which calms them both. Prithvi arrives there and gets upset to see them close to each other.

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