Karan asks Kritika to be happy, so Sarla and Kritika both leave Karan.

Shristhi and Sameer are both shocked to hear the news that Megha is pregnant with Akshay’s child, they all try to wonder what the story might be, Shristhi says this is what she was trying to explain to Sameer that there is something else going on, but he did not believe her, Shristhi reveals that she is clever and can comprehend things, but he did not believe her.

Preeta questions what she thinks? Shristhi reveals a person can only murder because of two things, either rage or knowledge, she feels that there might be a connection amongst them, Preeta explains she after hearing Megha talking did not think that she can kill anyone, Preeta advises them they must first go to meet Karan, then go straight to Megha’s house.

Sarla is standing behind them, she comes to Preeta saying that she after hearing her remembered Pragya because she was also the same and did what she once thought of doing, Preeta explains she cannot be as good as Pragya but if Sarla thinks she is like her, then it’s a matter of blessing, Sarla reveals she is really good, which is why she cares for everyone, Sarla explains how Preeta went to the Luthra house as a Doctor but befriended Karan, ans who would have thought that the Luthra family would be her in-laws, she knows Karan ill-treated her a lot, she now feels that Karan is really the only one who is suitable for her.

Preeta places Sarla’s hands on her own at which she explains she always has her blessings, Preeta picks the lunch before hugging Sarla, Shristhi once again hugs Sarla exclaiming she feels really nice to have a mother like her, she kisses her and Sarla advises her to take care of Preeta.

Kritika returns home with Prithvi and tells him that she is upset with her. Prithvi tries hard to cover his statements about Karan, but he fails to convince Kritika.

Meanwhile, Preeta, Srishti and Sameer visit the Police Station with a tiffin for Karan. However, the Police Inspector does not let them meet Karan. They learn from the Police that Akshay’s phone has been missing after his murder.

Preeta recalls Megha’s conversation and tells Srishti that probably she has the phone. Srishti tells Preeta that Megha has moved to another place to live. Preeta manages to get the address from a receptionist at Megha’s hospital. Sameer hesitantly suggests Preeta and Srishti to disguise themselves as eunuchs and visit Megha’s baby shower at Akshay’s house.

Ruchika visits Megha and argues with her. Meanwhile, Akshay’s mother asks Megha about some eunuchs?

Megha questions the eunuchs about their unexpected arrival. Sameer and Srishti manage to convince them and they all begin to entertain Megha.

Preeta sneaks into Megha’s room and looks for Akshay’s phone. Srishti and Sameer begin to worry when a few real eunuchs join their dance. After putting in some efforts, Preeta manages to get Akshay’s phone.

Someone in a veil enters Megha’s room and snatches Akshay’s phone from Preeta. Srishti and Sameer rush to the room after hearing Preeta‘s screams. Megha, Ruchika and Akshay’s mother follow them into the room. They catch hold of Preeta and begin to lash out at her. Srishti gets an earring of the person in veil and later defends Preeta against Ruchika, Megha and Akshay’s mother.

Prithvi struggles to pacify Kritika, who is upset with him for making fun of Karan. He tries to use Pammi’s help to pacify Kritika. Pammi subtly threatens him to look after Kritika.

Meanwhile, Srishti accuses Ruchika of pretending to be nice before Megha. She tells Megha that Ruchika had accepted money to testify against her. Megha pretends to be innocent before Akshay’s mother when Preeta accuses her of being involved in his murder.

Preeta and Srishti ask Megha to help them find the real culprit but Akshay’s mother asks them to leave.

Kritika keeps asking Pammi about Prithvi’s secret, but she avoids answering it.

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