After returning home, Srishti tells Sameer and Preeta that she has got an earring of the person in veil. They assume that the person is a girl. Preeta surprises them by revealing that she still has Akshay’s phone with her.

Megha phones Prithvi and accuses him of sending a person to steal Akshay’s phone. When Prithvi denies sending anybody to do it, she tells him that Preeta, Srishti and Sameer wanted it too. After their discussion, Megha and Prithvi learn that someone else has taken away Akshay’s phone. Megha threatens Prithvi to give INR 3,000,000 and promises to find out about that person.

The person who had stolen Akshay’s phone climbs the stairs and enters a room of the Luthra House.

Meanwhile, Rakhi phones Preeta and informs her about Pammi’s sprained foot.

Sherlyn enters her room and Pammi questions her about her absence. Sherlyn threatens to expose the Luthras against her if she spies on her! After Sherlyn leaves, Suresh enters the room and Pammi warns him about a forthcoming trouble. Pammi vows to make Rakhi and Mahesh realise that Sherlyn and Preeta are unworthy daughters-in-law!

Srishti, Sameer and Preeta arrive at the Luthra House with Akshay’s phone. Preeta goes to Pammi’s room and Rakhi feels shy to see Sameer and Srishti close. Preeta begins to treat Pammi’s sprained foot and Pammi asks her about Sherlyn? Preeta’s reply does not satisfy her and she bluntly tells Preeta that she dislikes her and Sherlyn. Preeta replies that she understands her angst and promises her to bail Karan out soon.

Pammi asks Preeta about Sherlyn. Preeta’s reply does not statisfy Pammi, who talks to Suresh about it. Suresh scolds her for badmouthing Preeta. Meanwhile, Sameer and Srishti struggle to unlock the gallery in Akshay’s phone. Preeta suggests them to find an expert who can help them do it. Prithvi enters Preeta’s room and finds that nobody is inside. He begins to look for Akshay’s phone and Rakhi arrives there.

Prithvi makes an excuse that he was looking for Karan’s clothes to take it to him in jail. Rakhi tells him not to worry as Preeta has taken care of it. The next day, Rakhi helps Pammi sit for the breakfast.

Mahesh arrives there and tells Rakhi that he is going to visit Karan with Suresh. Preeta bumps into Srishti and Sameer and they accidentally drop Akshay’s phone. Pammi tries to pick it up but Sameer stops her and says that it is Akshay’s phone.

Prithvi, Sherlyn and Mahira get shocked to hear this. Kritika comes running and picks it up. Preeta quickly takes Sameer, Srishti and Kritika to the library. Prithvi fears that they will get the evidence against him.

Mahesh pranks on Karan, who frightens the former with his prank. Mahesh breaks down in front of Karan while giving him the ‘laddoos’. He promises Karan that he will bail him out soon.

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