Prithvi, Sherlyn and Mahira are shocked to see Preeta with Akshay’s phone. Preeta takes it away with Kritika, who accidentally calls a person named as Bakra No 1. Kritika, Sameer, Srishti and Preeta learn that it is Kritika’s phone number. They call a person named as Bakra No 3 from Akshay’s phone and a phone rings in the Luthra House. They begin to look for that phone in the house.

Meanwhile, Rakhi arrives at the dining table and asks Prithvi about Akshay’s phone? Pammi notices Prithvi and Sherlyn leaving from there in haste. Mahira suggests Rakhi to inform Mahesh that Preeta has gotten Akshay’s phone.

Prithvi, in a room with Sherlyn, tells her that he is looking for his phone to avoid getting exposed. Mahira tries to ask Sherlyn about it but the latter avoids her and leaves.

Prithvi gets his phone and realises that his phone wasn’t ringing. He assumes that Bakra No 3 is someone from the Luthra House and the same person has murdered Akshay. Pammi decides to find out the truth that everyone is hiding from her. Rakhi who calls Mahesh fails to talk to him.

Suddenly, Prithvi enters a room and sees Sherlyn with her phone that has been ringing for a long time. Prithvi suspects Sherlyn and begins to interrogate her.

Rakhi is really worried, Pammi exclaims she cannot understand what is going on in this house, Rakhi asks she said Karan is locked up in the jail because of Preeta but now she would see what they all have known from the start! Rakhi explains that Preeta got Akshay’s mobile and when she was locked up, they did not think of getting the mobile, as it might contain the proof however, she has first done all she can to get the mobile, she is sure that Preeta would be successful and knows that both of her children are innocent, so she knows that Preeta would be able to free Karan from jail.

Rakhi exclaims she said in the evening that Preeta is not in the house so might have gone to have some leisure time, but she knows Preeta never went for herself however, she went to collect the proof so she is sure that Preeta would be able to free Karan, Rakhi leaves.

Pammi wonders if she might be wrong about Preeta however she is sure that Sherlyn is not the right girl for their family!

Preeta along with Shristhi, Sameer and Kritika hear the voice, she points that the sound is coming from that side, Kritika explains that is only Sherlyn’s room however, they say that the voice might also be coming from Mahira’s room.

Prithvi is with Sherlyn asking why is she not answering his questions?? Sherlyn tries to leave but he stops her asking if she understands what kind of problem she has gotten herself into, because everyone is searching for her mobile, he once again questions what is the matter, but then Preeta along with everyone else enters the room.

Kritika asks what is he doing? He reveals he has lost because he came to try and explain to Sherlyn that she is pregnant and she shouldn’t walk and just take rest, as it might cause a lot of problems in the pregnancy, but she is not listening to him, so Kritika should explain that to her, he leaves and hide.

Sherlyn asks what are they all doing? Preeta reveals they have come to find the truth about her mobile, she tries to dial the bumber, but then explains the battery is drained out, Sameer decides to dial the contact however they explain the ringtone is different, Prithvi standing outside thinks that he advised Sherlyn to change her ringtone, he is glad.

Sherlyn questions why Sameer is calling her when she is standing in front of him? Kritika asks Preeta to leave because they have other important work to perform.

Preeta along with everyone see Mahira in her room who is worried because all of her plans are failing and even the entire Luthra family is against her. Sameer dials the contact however, the ringtone doesn’t match, Preeta leaves saying that they would find the truth after charging the mobile.

Prithvi is angrily questioning Sherlyn if she murdered Akshay however, Sherlyn denies that she had anything to do in the murder, he is suspicious of her actions, so once again questions her, she sits on the sofa when Prithvi pressurizes her, she reveals she is the murderer of Akshay, Prithvi is stunned and asks why did she hide everything from him, she should have come to him before taking such a step, she must know that he was always with her so could have taken care of the situation without even leaving a clue?

Sherlyn getting frustrated asks when was he with her, because he always thinks of Preeta and now, he’s even with Kritika, he did not tell anything to her about his plans! Prithvi questions why did she not inform him? She asks when she would have informed him when he was with Kritika or thinking of Preeta, as she feels he doesn’t even love her anymore! Prithvi realizes this, then sitting with her, apologizes asking her to reveal how it all happened.

Sherlyn reveals that Akshay called her in the night and started blackmailing her, Sherlyn asks if he remembers the night when they both were talking about the pregnancy? He somehow recorded their video and then demanded money, Prithvi is stunned, Sherlyn reveals he just called her that night and didn’t let her realize he had some video of the both of them, but after some days, while she was sleeping, he sent her the video, she was about to call him, but he called her before she could do anything else, she questioned what does he desire, then he revealed that he wants 2.5 million rupees from her and that too by 7pm the following day, he explained that it is not blackmail because he is only planning to gather money after his retirement, as he cannot live without money.

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