Sherlyn add that she got worried when he revealed that she knows he is taking money from both Kritika and Prithvi and it is because he has some videos and photos of Kritika while Prithvi desires to be the hero of his new Wife, he has kept both of their secrets, so would surely keep her secret as well, she must come with the money to the same place where he has called Prithvi, he also warned her to not tell Prithvi, as he is an unpredictable person, Prithvi is left stunned after hearing what Akshay was planning.

Prithvi keeps interrogating Sherlyn and she confesses to murder Akshay. She reveals that Akshay had been blackmailing to expose her. She explains why she didn’t reveal about it to him earlier. Sherlyn mentions that she wanted Rishabh to father her unborn child in the future. She tells Prithvi that she does not trust him anymore and wants to live with Rishabh.

Sherlyn narrates to Prithvi how she had visited Akshay in his hotel room with an empty bag. She explains how she got into a scuffle with Akshay after Preeta left for home. Sherlyn breaks down while revealing to Prithvi that Akshay died due to falling on a slippery floor.

Meanwhile, Sameer calls his friend to get a charger for Akshay’s phone that is discharged. Preeta asks Srishti to stay overnight at the Luthra House.

Prithvi and Sherlyn fear getting exposed and decide to get Akshay’s phone at the earliest. Preeta visits Karan in jail and tells him about Akshay’s phone. Preeta informs Karan that she suspects of someone in the Luthra House of murdering Akshay. Preeta tells Karan that he wouldn’t be shocked to know that person’s name, but asks for some time to come up with strong evidence.

Prithvi approaches Kritika and tries to get Akshay’s phone by luring her into a trap and Sherlyn waits outside their room.

Prithvi tries to hint that he wants to check Akshay’s phone. Kritika praises Prithvi for being nice to her and tells him that it is with Preeta. She thanks him for being with her even after learning about her past.

Mahesh and Rakhi ask Sameer and Srishti how they got Akshay’s phone? Srishti reveals that they had stolen it from Megha’s room.

Rakhi tries to make Srishti and Sameer understand that they should believe in Preeta’s decision. Srishti praises Mahesh and Rakhi for being so understanding with Preeta. Rakhi asks Srishti if she will marry Sameer? Srishti feels shy and leaves from there. Srishti’s reply disappoints Sameer and he goes after her. Rakhi laughs at their situation and Mahesh politely tells her not to tease them.

Sherlyn insists Prithvi to steal the phone from Preeta’s room at the earliest. Prithvi suggests Sherlyn to wait for a better plan, which begins an argument.

Mahira agrees to help Sherlyn steal the phone. Pammi keeps an eye on Mahira and Sherlyn, while they remain unaware. Sherlyn disguises as a thief and brings a mask to steal the phone. Mahira waits outside Preeta’s room and Pammi goes there to question Mahira.

Meanwhile, Prithvi plans to steal the phone without informing Sherlyn.

Mahira waits near the window of Preeta’s room to help a masked Sherlyn escape. However, Pammi arrives there and interrogates Mahira, which foils Sherlyn’s plan.

Suddenly, Srishti enters the room and asks Preeta about Akshay’s phone?

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