Sristhi and Preeta both realise that the person who has stolen it is still inside the room. Sherlyn manages to escape, but bumps into Pammi and they both get frightened.

Srishti and Preeta keep looking for a masked thief. Prithvi mistakes a masked Sherlyn for a male thief and decides to catch her. The Luthras come running and gather in the living room due to Pammi’s screams.

Preeta and Srishti informs everyone about the thief. Pammi says that the masked person was a woman in a man’s guise. They assume it to be Megha and begin to lock each window and door of the house.

Sherlyn signals at Mahira to ask for help. Mahira avoids her and goes back to her room to keep herself safe. The Luthras get a hint that the thief is hiding behind the curtains. Prithvi recognises her and the Luthras get close to catching Sherlyn red-handed. He pretends to be injured to save her from getting caught. Sherlyn quickly runs out and enters the house from a backdoor. She leaves a trail of footprints in haste that makes Preeta suspect her.

Suresh and Mahesh tease Prithvi, who is pretending to be injured. Rakhi takes them out of the room and asks Prithvi to take rest.

Srishti, Sameer and Preeta arrive outside Mahira’s room by following the trail of footprints. They enter Mahira’s room and she accidentally asks them about Bakra No 3? This makes them suspect her even more and they begin to interrogate her.

Kritika enters Mahira’s room and takes Preeta, Srishti and Sameer with her, which worries Mahira.

Prithvi meets Sherlyn in her room and tells her how he hurt himself to save her. Sherlyn’s heart melts after hearing Prithvi and she tells him how Mahira backed out from helping her. She explains how she deliberately left her footprints outside Mahira’s room to make everyone suspect her. They celebrate their victory and break Akshay’s phone together.

Kritika surprises Preeta, Srishti and Sameer by revealing that Akshay’s phone is still with her. She explains how Akshay’s phone was always with her and the one that has been stolen is her used phone. They wait for Sameer’s friend to bring the phone’s charger and break open its lock. Srishti gets emotional to see Preeta planning to sleep on the floor.

Srishti plans to return home. Preeta explains that even Karan must be sleeping on the floor in jail. Srishti takes a leave and Preeta and Karan miss each other.

Mahira visits Karan in the jail and shows concerns for him. Mahira criticises Preeta for comfortably sleeping in Karan’s room, while he is sleeping in the lock-up. Karan confesses his love for Preeta and an upset Mahira leaves from there.

The next morning, Sarla visits Karan and apologises to him for cursing and beating him earlier. Sarla takes leave after sharing an emotional moment with Karan.

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