Mahira warns Sherlyn not to go against her! Sherlyn gives her a befitting reply and Mahira deliberately pours juice on her.

Pammi runs into Mahira and they get into an argument when the former taunts her. Mahira challenges Pammi that she will marry Karan by any means!

Sameer’s friend brings Akshay’s phone after repairing it. Preeta tells Srishti and Sameer that Mahira is not the killer. They call Scapegoat No 3 from Akshay’s phone and hear Sherlyn’s phone ringing and realise that Sherlyn is Scapegoat No 3. Preeta comes up with a secret plan against Sherlyn. Preeta asks Srishti to distract Mahira and goes to Mahira’s room. Preeta finds a footwear from Mahira’s room and Srishti fails to stop Mahira from going into the room.

Preeta takes a footwear from Mahira’s room and keeps it in Sherlyn’s room after washing it.

Meanwhile, Sameer runs into Mahira and lies that Srishti’s dressing sense is awful. She taunts and leaves from there. Sameer explains that he was praising Mahira to distract her. Sherlyn senses someone’s presence in her room, but Preeta succeeds in executing her plan.

Mahira bumps into Preeta, who asks her if Pammi told her anything? Mahira recalls Pammi’s taunts and presumes that Preeta had asked Pammi to taunt her.

Srishti, Sameer and Preeta are confident that Sherlyn is involved in Akshay’s murder. A furious Srishti confronts Sherlyn, but Preeta pacifies her.

Rakhi arrives there and tells Sherlyn that Rishabh had made a video call to her.

Sherlyn mistakes Rishabh’s concern for love when he asks her about her pregnancy. She asks Rishabh if he loves her like Karan loves Preeta? Rishabh avoids the conversation and regrets calling her.

Sameer suggests that Preeta and Srishti make an anonymous call to Sherlyn and threaten to expose her.

Soon, Sherlyn gets a phone call and the caller demands INR 5,000,000 from her.

Rakhi visits Karan in the prison and sees him playing with a ball.

Rakhi visits Karan in jail and gets emotional to hear Karan’s words. She tells him how everyone misses him.

Sherlyn visits a restaurant to meet the person who had called her. She sees a pregnant woman in a burqa approaching her. Sherlyn lifts her veil and learns that it is Megha.

Meanwhile, Prithvi feels jealous as Rishabh prospers in his business. Prithvi comes up with a plan to hurt them!

Girish, a house help, gets a letter for Sherlyn and takes it to her room.

Megha tells Sherlyn that she is aware that she is pregnant with Prithvi’s child. Megha shows her a video wherein she is talking to Prithvi. Megha asks Sherlyn to give her INR 5,000,000 in exchange for keeping her secret. Megha tells Sherlyn that she is aware that she had gone to meet Akshay.

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