Megha mentions about sending a letter to her and Girish looks at Sherlyn.

Prithvi arrives at the Police Station and meets Karan. Prithvi video calls Rishabh and shows how Karan is suffering in the jail. Prithvi taunts Rishabh that he has done nothing for Karan. Prithvi subtly makes fun of Rishabh and Karan. Karan tells Rishabh that he trusts him and he need not feel guilty for anything. A furious Karan strangles Prithvi when he tries to take a selfie and warns him from visiting him again!

Karan strangles Prithvi for making fun of him and Rishabh. A Police Constable arrives there and asks Prithvi to leave.

At the Luthra House, Srishti asks Preeta why she is so calm after learning about Sherlyn’s wrongdoings? Preeta tells Srishti that she wants to punish Sherlyn, but she cannot take decisions out of haste. She explains how Sherlyn’s pregnancy is a benefit for her until they make her confess her crime.

Sameer arrives with a SIM card and he and Srishti prepare to call Sherlyn and threaten her.

Pammi sees them together and questions them about their behaviour?

While at a restaurant, Sherlyn decides to teach Megha a lesson! Meanwhile, Megha approaches Ruchika for help. She tells Ruchika that she is afraid of Sherlyn. Megha presumes that Sherlyn had killed Akshay because he was blackmailing her. Ruchika pacifies Megha and asks for half of the money that she will receive from Sherlyn.

Srishti lies to Pammi that Sameer is in love with Mahira. Sameer replies that Srishti is jealous of Mahira because she loves him. Preeta tries to distract Pammi as the latter apprises Rakhi of this.

Later, Sameer calls Sherlyn to threaten her, but she does not take him seriously. Srishti makes fun of him and decides to look for something in Sherlyn’s room.

Pammi keeps asking Preeta about Mahira, Srishti and Sameer’s love triangle in front of Rakhi. Rakhi pretends to have a sprain and takes Preeta away.

Preeta clears Rakhi’s doubts and Rakhi says that she likes Sameer and Srishti as a pair. Preeta feels nice to hear this and agrees with her.

Meanwhile, Srishti and Sameer enter Sherlyn’s room and look for evidence against her.

Ruchika pacifies Megha and suggests her to ask for money from Sherlyn.

At the Luthra House, Sherlyn meets Prithvi and reveals that Megha is blackmailing her. She tells him that Megha has evidence against them on her phone. Prithvi promises her that he will get the evidence from Megha’s house by any means! Sherlyn deliberately does not reveal about Megha’s demands to teach her a lesson!

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