Srishti keeps trying to make Sameer understand that Sherlyn has definitely hidden the evidence in her room.

Surprisingly, Mahira arrives there and accuses them of theft. Srishti, to distract Mahira, tells her to be careful as Sherlyn has been plotting against her! They leave from there and Sherlyn enters her room.

Mahira confronts Sherlyn, who begins to panic. Later, Mahira assures Sherlyn her support, but warns her to never go against her!

Mahira tells Sherlyn that she will not believe in others, as she has faith in her. She warns Sherlyn not to go against her ever. Sherlyn pretends to be nice to her.

Prithvi arrives at Megha’s house and finds her phone. Prithvi calls Sherlyn and tells her that he has got Megha’s phone. However, Megha arrives there and puts a knife on his neck. Prithvi strangles Megha and forces her to delete Sherlyn’s videos on her phone.

Suddenly, Ruchika hits Prithvi on his head rendering him unconscious.

Preeta confronts Sherlyn and interrogates her about Akshay’s murder? Preeta daydreams that Sherlyn has gotten injured due to their scuffle. She avoids getting physical with Sherlyn and tries to distract her. Sherlyn gets a hint of it and she rushes to catch Sameer and Srishti red-handed.

Rishabh video calls Sherlyn and finds Srishti and Sameer in Sherlyn’s room.

Preeta, Sameer and Srishti find a letter in Sherlyn’s room and learns that someone knows a secret related to Sherlyn’s pregnancy.

Preeta, Srishti and Sameer discuss the letter that stated about a secret related to Sherlyn’s pregnancy. They presume that the letter was written by Akshay. Preeta decides to visit Megha with Srishti to discuss it.

Sherlyn senses that something is wrong, but fails to find anything.

Meanwhile, Megha and Ruchika threaten Prithvi to expose him and Sherlyn. They ask him to arrange INR 7,000,000 within 24 hours!

Prithvi leaves for home and Megha tells Ruchika to stop being greedy.

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