At the Luthra House, Prithvi tells Sherlyn about Megha’s threats and Sherlyn blurts out that she had demanded INR 5,000,000 earlier. Prithvi gets upset for failing to get his hands on Megha’s phone! He assures Sherlyn that he will arrange the money.

Meanwhile, Pammi enters Mahira’s room and tells that she has lured Sameer into having an affair. While Mahira is shocked to hear this, Pammi warns her to stay away from him!

Sherlyn faints while Prithvi discusses Megha’s threats with her.

Preeta learns that Karan is being moved to a new jail. Suddenly, Sarla arrives there and learns that Preeta and Srishti are going to visit Megha. She stops them from doing so and asks Preeta to take her to visit Karan.

At the Police Station, an Inspector stops Sarla and Preeta from meeting Karan. Sarla questions the Inspector about Karan being moved to a new jail? He refuses to answer her questions and sternly asks them to leave! Preeta consoles a furious Sarla and takes her home.

Sherlyn recalls the past incidents and keeps worrying about Megha’s demands. Rakhi arrives there and tries to talk to Sherlyn when she sees her worried. Prithvi, standing outside the room, eavesdrops on their conversation.

Sherlyn lies to Rakhi that she just wants to see Sanjana and later makes an excuse of being unwell. Rakhi calls Dr Deepali and takes her appointment.

After she leaves, Prithvi enters the room and criticises Sherlyn for being nice to Rakhi. Sherlyn vows to destroy the Luthras and later requests Prithvi to visit Dr Deepali with her. Prithvi half-heartedly agrees to it and they spend the night together.

Srishti calls Sameer and asks him if he cares about her and loves her? She asks him to join her when she meets the inspector.

The next day, Sherlyn and Prithvi argue over going together to visit Dr Deepali.

Coincidentally, Kritika plans to have lunch with Dr Deepali, her old friend. Sameer agrees to drop her off and then pick up Srishti to visit Karan in jail.

Rakhi tells Pammi that she is going to meet Dr Deepali for Sherlyn’s medical checkup. However, Sherlyn lies to her that she will go there with Sanjana.

Prithvi leaves after Sherlyn goes out and Pammi keeps an eye on them. Pammi video calls Rishabh and tells him about Sherlyn’s appointment. Pammi asks Rishabh to video call Sherlyn with the intention to expose them!

Preeta asks Mahesh to take his medicines on time and Rakhi stands by her. They all feel sad to recall Karan while discussing it. Rakhi suggests them to visit Karan in jail together. Preeta refuses to go with them, which worries Mahesh and Rakhi.

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