Sameer drops Kritika at Dr Deepali’s house and they spend some fun moments.

Sherlyn calls Dr Deepali and agrees to visit her house. Prithvi scolds Sherlyn for lying that she is coming with her husband.

Sameer and Srishti arrive at the Police Station station and request the Inspector to let them meet Karan. Srishti sneaks inside while Sameer is talking to the Inspector. The Inspector scolds Srishti for sneaking inside and Karan apologises to him. Soon, Srishti argues with the Inspector when he takes away the tiffin from Karan.

Preeta tells Rakhi that Karan is being moved to a new jail. Rakhi gets upset to learn that they wouldn’t be allowed to meet him. Rakhi consoles Preeta and tells her that Mahesh will find a way out.

Kritika visits Dr Deepali and enjoys a warm cup of tea. She tells Dr Deepali how she got married in a haste. Dr Deepali tells about her lover and Kritika praises him.

Sherlyn arrives at the door with Prithvi. Unaware of this, Kritika decides to prank on Dr Deepali’s patient and offers to open the door. Suddenly, Prithvi receives Megha’s call, which worries him even more.

Srishti and Sameer bring an unconscious Karan home, which worries his family. Srishti suggests Sameer to hide how they got him home. Srishti lies to everyone that the police has released Karan. On being questioned about his injuries, Srishti lies that Karan had met with a minor accident due to rash driving. Everyone rushes Karan to his room and Preeta gets emotional while treating his wounds.

Karan regains consciousness and tries to pacify Preeta. He tells Srishti to reveal the truth to Preeta. Srishti tells everyone that Karan has not been released. Srishti explains how she and Sameer helped Karan break out of jail. Karan says that he was being moved to a new jail and remembers nothing after that. Srishti says that his vehicle had met with an accident and she could bring him home because she was following him.

Dr Deepali realises that Sherlyn is stressed and asks her to relax.

Srishti reveals how she and Sameer saw Karan meeting with a Car accident. Sameer says that Srishti had insisted him to do so. He says that he couldn’t leave Karan in this state and got him home. Karan decides to return to the Police Station and surrender himself.

Rakhi begins to worry about Karan and stops him from leaving. She praises Srishti and Sameer’s efforts. She asks them to confiscate Preeta and Karan’s phones.

Rakhi takes Srishti and Sameer to the living room and asks Preeta to tend to his wounds. Karan and Preeta share a sweet moment in their room.

Meanwhile, Kritika learns from Dr Deepali that she is checking up Sherlyn and her husband will arrive anytime soon. Kritika assumes that Rishabh has come there and feels excited to see him.

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