Unaware of this, Prithvi talks to Megha on the phone, outside the main door. Prithvi refuses to give Megha INR 7,000,000 and her phone gets switched off.

Mahesh learns about Rakhi’s decision and supports Karan’s decision  to get himself arrested. Pammi sternly opposes Mahesh’s decision and supports Rakhi. Rakhi tells Srishti to share the next plan with Mahesh. Rakhi keeps her hand on Pammi’s mouth and Sameer keeps his hand on Mahesh’s mouth to let Srishti complete it. Srishti suggests everyone to pretend to be unaware about Karan and asks them to lie to the Police about him.

The Police arrive at the Luthra House to look for Karan. The Police Inspector informs the Luthras about Karan being missing and asks if he has come home?

Rakhi, Pammi, Srishti and Sameer lie to the Inspector that he has not returned home. They pretend to be worried and sent the Inspector and his team out of the house.

Karan learns about it and decides to go the Police Station. Srishti pushes Karan to stop him and he falls on Preeta, who takes him in her arms.

Karan and Mahesh decide to video call Rishabh and inform him about this. Rishabh tries hard to convince everyone to send Karan back to the Police Station. Rakhi pretends to divorce Mahesh and he stops supporting Karan. Rishabh feels shy when Rakhi and Mahesh profess their love to each other. Rishabh asks Karan to call the Police and surrender himself. Karan asks Srishti about the other Police Constables with him? She breaks down while narrating the incident and Karan cuddles her to calm her down.

Meanwhile, Prithvi knocks at Dr Deepali’s door and Kritika hides, assuming that it’s Rishabh. Kritika is shocked to hear Prithvi tell Dr Deepali that he is Sherlyn’s husband.

After a long conversation, Karan decides to stay at home.

Dr Deepali welcomes Prithvi, and Kritika sees him there. Kritika asks Prithvi if he is Sherlyn’s husband?

Meanwhile, Rakhi forbids Karan from leaving the home. Rakhi phones Srishti and calls her there. She locks Karan in the room and asks Srishti to keep an eye on him. Preeta insists to stay with Karan in the room. Srishti and Rakhi step out of the room and Rakhi hugs Srishti to thank her.

Sherlyn learns from Dr Deepali that her husband has arrived. She gets shocked when Dr Deepali tells her that Kritika is here too. Dr Deepali explains that Kritika is her friend.

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