Soon, Girish comes from the terrace and tells everyone that the Police has arrived. Mahesh loses his temper and scolds everyone. Rakhi tries to alert Karan, but fails to contact him.

Prithvi secretly tells Sherlyn that he has called the Police to have Karan arrested. Sherlyn says that Karan’s presence frightens her, but Prithvi pacifies her.

The Police Inspector asks Preeta about Karan, but Rakhi defends her. A team of Police Officers begin to search the house. The Inspector goes to Karan’s room with Preeta and Rakhi to find him.

Srishti apologises to Mahesh for everything, but Dadi and Kareena support her decision. Mahira criticises this decision, but Pammi silences her.

Prithvi gets restless when he fails to find Karan in the room. Prithvi decides to do something to bring Karan to the Police.

Prithvi looks for Karan in the Luthra House to bring him in front of the Police. Karan, who had been out for fresh air, returns inside the house and Prithvi sees him. He tries to instigate Karan and threatens to destroy him. Karan tells him to look after Kritika and warns him to stay away from him! Prithvi feels joyous to see Karan move inside the house after their argument.

The Police Inspector is shocked to see Karan walking up to him. He asks Karan about his presence at the Luthra House and the missing Constables? Karan explains that he has admitted them to a hospital and has come home to arrange the money.

The Inspector reveals that someone had tipped off that the Luthras and Srishti were involved in hiding Karan. Karan denies the allegations and proves everyone innocent, which makes the Inspector praise him and Rakhi’s upbringing.

Rakhi and Srishti try to confess the truth out of guilt, but Karan smartly stops them. Karan surrenders to the Police and bids his family adieu.

Prithvi pretends to be upset in front of Preeta, who criticises him for informing the Police. She reveals that Karan had planned to get himself arrested earlier. Preeta warns Prithvi and Sherlyn that they cannot harm the Luthras!

Later, Preeta and Kritika prepare to leave for the Luthra Villa and Prithvi insists to escort them. Sherlyn requests Rakhi to let her join them by making an excuse.

Karan, in the Police cell, recalls some memories with Preeta. The Police Inspector visits Karan and apologises for misunderstanding him. He praises Karan for saving some Constables’ lives. He assures to always help Karan as a human being, but not as a Police Officer.

Rakhi calls Preeta and asks her to stay at the Luthra Villa due to the red alert.

Meanwhile, Prithvi keeps thinking about the issues between Preeta and Sherlyn.

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