Sherlyn is shocked to see Megha outside her room late at night. Megha threatens to give her INR 7,000,000 by the next afternoon.

After Megha leaves, Sherlyn goes to Prithvi’s room and reminds him how Karan had surrendered to the Police to save Preeta. Sherlyn asks Prithvi if he can get himself arrested for her? Sherlyn apprises him of Megha’s threats after Prithvi plainly refuses to surrender to the Police.

Sherlyn criticises Prithvi’s love for her and asks for his help in her plan to steal Rakhi’s jewellery. Prithvi refuses to be a part of her plan. Sherlyn decides to rob Rakhi on the same night, which scares Prithvi. He dislikes the fact that Sherlyn has begun to like Rishabh.

Preeta burst into tears while recalling the memories with Karan in a room. She thinks about the past events and vows to punish Sherlyn if she is found guilty.

Sherlyn decides to steal Rakhi’s jewellery and goes to her room. Preeta enters the room and sees Sherlyn looking for something. Sherlyn gets defensive and begins to make excuses. Preeta doubts Sherlyn’s intention and questions her behaviour. Sherlyn begins an argument and leaves from there. Sherlyn waits to go back to the room after Preeta sleeps. Meanwhile, Preeta keeps thinking about Sherlyn’s suspicious actions.

An infuriated Sherlyn asks Megha to come to the place where Akshay was murdered. Megha refuses to come there and Sherlyn says that it is the only option!

The next morning, Preeta visits Karan in the jail and says that she has a positive feeling about the day.

Prithvi enters Sherlyn’s room and tells her that Pammi is suspecting her. Prithvi is shocked to learn that Sherlyn has arranged the money by stealing Rakhi’s jewellery. Sherlyn later plans to replace the original jewellery with its imitation. She goes to give the money to Megha and Prithvi leaves to go on a date with Kritika.

Megha meets Sherlyn, who has some secret plans against her.

Srishti and Preeta arrive at the same hotel to find some evidence against Sherlyn.

Sherlyn calls Megha into the hotel room, where Akshay was killed. Meanwhile, Preeta and Srishti visit the hotel to find evidence against Sherlyn.

A hotel staff tells them that someone is occupying the room wherein Akshay was killed. Sherlyn tells Megha to take the money and leave all the evidence against her, but Megha refuses to do so. This begins a heated argument between Sherlyn and Megha.

Preeta shows Sherlyn’s picture to the hotel staff, but he denies seeing her at the hotel.

Preeta takes Srishti to Akshay’s house to look for some evidence against Sherlyn. Preeta finds Sherlyn’s pregnancy report there and they presume that the letter sent by Megha was originally sent by Akshay.

At the hotel, Megha refuses to hand over the video footage and messages Sherlyn that she doesn’t have any evidence.

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