Sherlyn returns home and strangles Prithvi when he criticises her. Prithvi calms Sherlyn and claims that he had gone on a date with Kritika only to calm her. Sherlyn begins to narrate her argument at the hotel to Prithvi, who is shocked to learn that Sherlyn had taken a gun there.  Soon, Prithvi feel victorious when Sherlyn reveals that she has gotten all the evidence against her from Megha.

Rakhi keeps looking for Mahesh’s injection and is confused on seeing the clothes in her wardrobe scattered.

Mahesh worries about Karan’s court hearing on the next day, but Preeta pacifies him. Preeta reveals to Mahesh and Rakhi that she has gotten a strong evidence against the real cuplrit, which frightens Sherlyn and Prithvi.

Srishti questions Sarla when she sees her praying to God and performing a ritual at night. Sarla agrees that this is not the right time for this ritual and explains why she is still doing it for Karan.

Meanwhile, Prithvi keeps thinking about Preeta’s warning to him and Sherlyn. Suddenly, Sherlyn arrives there and says that Preeta’s warning is scaring her. Preeta’s claim about the evidence, frightens Sherlyn.

The next morning, Rakhi prays to God to help her prove Karan’s innocence. Preeta joins her and prays for strength to prove Sherlyn guilty to help Karan.

At the Arora House, Janki and Srishti stop Sarla from going to the Court because of her illness.

The Luthras meet Karan at the Court before the hearing and motivate him. Srishti empowers a tensed Mahesh and Rakhi, with teary eyes, assures Preeta that everything will be fine.

Prithvi pretends to be caring towards Kritika, who is worried for Karan.

Preeta and Srishti feel worried when Sameer explains why he couldn’t get the hotel staff to testify in Karan’s favour.

Sherlyn, sitting in the Courtroom, messages Megha that she knows her secret, but Megha overlooks it.

Preeta comes with an envelope and gives it to Siddharth, Karan’s lawyer before the hearing begins. Siddharth reveals to the Judge that Karan had falsely confessed to killing Akshay only to save Preeta. Soon, Preeta enters the witness box and accuses Sherlyn of killing Akshay, which leaves everyone shocked.

Preeta, in the witness box, accuses Sherlyn of Akshay’s murder, which shocks everyone. The Judge asks her to present the relevant evidence to prove her claim. Preeta reveals that she has evidence against Sherlyn, but first presents a witness.

Soon, Rahul, the hotel staff, enters the Court room and Sherlyn gets the shock of her life. Preeta recalls how she and Srishti had tried to convince him to testify in Karan’s favour.

Rahul confesses that he had seen Sherlyn at the hotel before Akshay’s murder. He further narrates how Sherlyn bumped into him while running out of Akshay’s house.

Akshay’s Lawyer tries to deny the allegation but Rahul shares the lines that she had blurted out to him that “If he was DEAD?” Sherlyn fears that she will be jailed, so accuses Preeta of bribing him. Sherlyn and Preeta get into a heated argument and the Court orders them to maintain calm.

Mahesh is stunned to hear Preeta’s accusations, but Kareena defends Sherlyn against her.

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