Siddharth presents a CCTV footage wherein Sherlyn is seen going to meet Akshay. This makes everyone doubt Sherlyn’s intentions behind meeting Akshay. Preeta requests the judge to pass the judgment the same day for Karan. During the break, Kareena scolds Preeta for her accusations against Sherlyn but Rakhi supports Preeta. Rakhi tells Preeta how she is worried about Sherlyn and wonders what will happen to the Luthras’ honour if she is proven guilty.

Sherlyn begins to panic after Preeta accuses her of Akshay’s murder. During the break, Sherlyn pleads Mahira for help, but she leaves after Preeta arrives there.

Preeta warns Sherlyn that she will bring her to justice, but Sherlyn refuses to back out. Sherlyn warns Preeta that she will have to pay for her accusations!

Sameer notices Preeta getting worried after this.

Rakhi calms Karan down and assures him that everything will be fine.

Sherlyn secretly meets Prithvi and takes him away from the Court room. She pleads Prithvi for help, but he blames her for her state. Sherlyn reminds Prithvi that if she gets arrested, he will be exposed too! She mentions how the revelation can bring out the truth that she is pregnant with his child. Sherlyn asks Prithvi to help her for the sake of their relationship.

Kritika overhears this and questions Prithvi, but he comes up with an excuse.

The Court hearing resumes and the evidence presented by Preeta gets verified to be authentic. Sherlyn, however, requests the Judge for a chance to prove her innocence.

Sandeep, Akshay’s lawyer, presents the fabricated evidence gotten by Sherlyn to prove her innocence.

In no time, Sherlyn accuses Megha of Akshay’s murder. Sherlyn reveals that she had to steal Rakhi’s jewellery because Megha was blackmailing her. Sherlyn claims that she had gone to meet Akshay to get Kritika’s pictures and videos, which leaves everyone perplexed.

Sherlyn falsely accuses Megha of Akshay’s murder. She begins to narrate the incidents wherein it is proved that Megha had been blackmailing her. Sherlyn reveals that Megha was threatening her to make Kritika’s pictures and videos viral.

Sherlyn’s fabricated testimony and false pieces of evidence prove Megha guilty and Karan is granted acquittal.

Prithvi and Mahira feel proud of Sherlyn’s move and Preeta feels bad that she has failed to expose her.

Karan returns to the Luthra House and Dadi welcomes him. The Luthras rejoice and Kareena immediately takes the opportunity to blame Preeta for falsely accusing Sherlyn! Kareena tells everyone that Preeta was deliberately trying to frame Sherlyn under the pretext of proving Karan innocent! Dadi and Kareena praise Sherlyn’s actions to prove Karan innocent.

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