Sherlyn plays a trick that makes Rakhi, Dadi and Kareena force Preeta to apologise to her. Preeta happily apologises to Sherlyn when Kareena scolds her for it.

Srishti gets upset to see this and leaves for home. She tells Janki about everything and learns about Sarla’s sickness.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn challenges Preeta that she will get her ousted from the house if she tries to expose her again. Preeta badmouths Sherlyn for falsely accusing Megha. Sherlyn proudly confesses that she is Bakra No3 and she was involved in Akshay’s murder. Preeta shocks her after revealing that she is aware that Akshay was blackmailing to expose the truth behind her pregnancy. Sherlyn remains speechless and decides to discuss it with Mahira and Prithvi.

Janki, after talking to Srishti, phones Preeta and asks her about Sherlyn’s act of deceit? An upset Srishti goes to her room, while Janki thinks about Sherlyn.

At the Luthra House, Karan and Preeta share a sweet moment together. Preeta and Karan discuss how Sherlyn has managed to fool everyone yet again.

Meanwhile, Prithvi and Mahira enter Sherlyn’s room and try to pacify her. Sherlyn warns them that she will not help them when they get stuck in dire situations! Prithvi lures her into believing that he didn’t help her to make her give out her best to deal with the situation.

The next day, Karan feels nice to see Preeta wake up on the same couch with him. Mahira feels jealous to see them having a gala time. Everyone gathers at the dining table and Kareena announces her decision to get Kritika and Prithvi married within three days. Sherlyn, Karan, and Preeta are upset to hear this but the news gladdens Kritika. Rakhi decides to organise Sherlyn’s baby shower within two days.

At the Arora House, Sarla’s condition begins to deteriorate and Srishti tries to convince her to visit a Doctor. Srishti insists that Sarla visit a Doctor due to her deteriorating condition. Sarla initially refuses, but finally agrees to it.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn feels uneasy due to her pregnancy and calls the same hospital for an appointment. Srishti supports Sarla when she feels dizzy and takes her to Dr Khanna for her checkup.

Preeta arrives there and requests Dr Khanna to expedite Sarla’s checkup process.

Suddenly, Sherlyn arrives at the hospital with Prithvi.

The Receptionist at the hospital sends Sherlyn and Prithvi to Dr Roshni Duggal due to the unavailability of her regular Doctor. Sherlyn presumes that the Doctor is one of Prithvi’s ex-lovers. Prithvi and Sherlyn cross Preeta and Srishti’s path, but they all fail to notice each other.

Outside the Doctor’s cabin, Prithvi requests Sherlyn to meet the Doctor alone as he has to take an important business call. Sherlyn enters the cabin and she’s shocked to realise that the Doctor is Prithvi’s ex-lover. Dr Roshni talks to Sherlyn about the days before Prithvi got close to her.

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