Sherlyn brings Prithvi inside to make Dr Roshni feel jealous. Prithvi pretends to be nice to her, which angers Sherlyn. Prithvi tries to calm Sherlyn down when she continuously taunts Dr Roshni. Sherlyn overreacts and accuses Dr Roshni of instigating her against Prithvi! Prithvi pretends to dislike Dr Roshni and tells Sherlyn to cooperate with her.

Preeta and Srishti eavesdrop on Prithvi and Sherlyn’s conversation with Dr Roshni. They later shut the door, but Prithvi hears the sound and begins to panic.

Srishti and Preeta eavesdrop on Prithvi and Sherlyn’s conversation with Dr Roshni. Prithvi hears a thud on the door and suspects someone’s presence around. A Doctor calls Preeta and Srishti to collect Sarla’s medical reports. As they walk away from there, Prithvi comes out of the room and finds nobody.

Meanwhile, Dr Roshni asks Sherlyn to visit a different Doctor in the future, as the latter keeps taunting her.

At Srishti’s request, Sarla agrees to go home alone. Srishti and Preeta wait for Sherlyn and Prithvi to leave to get some evidence. Srishti keeps telling Preeta that Prithvi must have come with Sherlyn to the hospital.

While they keep discussing about it, Prithvi arrives there with Sherlyn. Prithvi pacifies an upset Sherlyn by kissing on her forehead and Preeta and Srishti get sure about them after seeing this.

Preeta and Srishti talk to Dr Roshni and request her to let them see Sherlyn’s medical report. Preeta deduces that Sherlyn is pregnant with Prithvi’s child and she has been fooling Rishabh. Dr Roshni tells them that Sherlyn and Prithvi have been in an affair since their college days. Dr Roshni mentions how Sherlyn had introduced Prithvi to her as her husband. Preeta reveals to her about Sherlyn’s evil actions and she finally agrees to let her take pictures of Sherlyn’s reports.

At home, Dadi and Rakhi plan Sherlyn’s baby shower and gift her some expensive jewellery, which upsets Mahira.

Srishti and Preeta return home and discuss how Sherlyn is fooling the Luthras.

Dadi, Kareena and Rakhi are busy making arrangements for Sherlyn’s baby shower. Rakhi asks Preeta about Sarla’s condition and Kareena tries to undermine the topic. Sherlyn is frightened to hear Preeta tell everyone that she had seen her at the hospital. However, Preeta fails to make the revelation because of Dadi.

Mahira feels jealous of Sherlyn and criticises her for fooling everyone. Sherlyn proudly refers to herself as a selfish person and does not care about Mahira’s accusations.

Karan arrives home and looks worried because his performance at the matches is not up to the mark. Preeta chooses to stay quiet and avoids revealing that Sherlyn was with Prithvi at the hospital. Srishti hints Preeta about her plan against Sherlyn and supports Preeta’s decision to stay quiet.

Rishabh video calls Mahesh and asks for his help to tell Rakhi that he is unable to attend Sherlyn’s baby shower. Rakhi, sitting next to Mahesh, hears this and tells Rishabh to come home for her  sake.

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