Rishabh video calls Mahesh and asks for his help to tell Rakhi that he is unable to attend Sherlyn’s baby shower. Rakhi, sitting next to Mahesh, hears this and tells Rishabh to come home for her  sake.

Preeta bids Karan adieu while he leaves for his practice. Prithvi arrives there and criticises Karan for not giving her enough time. Preeta shocks him by revealing that Dr Roshni has told her about his and Sherlyn’s affair. Preeta questions Prithvi’s intentions by asking why he wanted to marry her when Sherlyn was always there with him? Prithvi proudly confesses about his affair with Sherlyn. He tells Preeta that he still wanted to marry her because he likes her too.

Preeta threatens him to reveal all this to Kritika. She begins to walk up to Kritika and Prithvi reminds her that it is of no use, as Kritika has blind faith in him.

Surprisingly, Kritika arrives there and begins to take care of Prithvi when he pretends to have a headache. Kritika takes Prithvi to their room and Preeta stands there feeling worried.

Rakhi arrives there and asks Preeta to take rest.

Janki tells Srishti that it is better not to tell Sarla anything because of her condition.

The next day, Sherlyn gets ready for her baby shower and Mahira enters her room. Sherlyn finds Mahira to be jealous and begins to taunt her. Sherlyn reminds Mahira that her poor state can change only after she gains the former’s trust again.

Rakhi, Dadi and Kareena welcomes Sanjana home.

Rishabh calls Rakhi and apologises to her for being unable to come home. Sanjana asks Preeta to prepare a cup of tea to get rid of her.

Preeta bumps into Prithvi and during an argument, she threatens Prithvi to expose him and Sherlyn today! Prithvi’s confidence shatters after Preeta says that she knows that Sherlyn is pregnant with his child!

Prithvi immediately runs to Sherlyn’s room to tell her about this. He tries hard to tell Sherlyn about Preeta’s plan but she avoids listening to him. In no time, someone knocks at the door and they get shocked to witness this. Suddenly, someone knocks at the door and both of them are shocked.

Prithvi hides inside and Sherlyn feels at peace to see Rakhi at the door. Rakhi takes Sherlyn to go the living room wherein everyone is waiting to begin the baby shower.

After they leave, Prithvi comes out of the room through a window and Srishti sees this.

Srishti walks up to Prithvi, who is stunned to see her there. Srishti and Prithvi get into an argument when she threatens to expose him soon! Prithvi accepts her claims and says that she and Preeta will have to face his wrath if they try to expose him or Sherlyn!

In the living room, all the women of the Luthra family are excited to begin Sherlyn’s baby shower. Rakhi, Sanjana, and Kritika get their gifts for Sherlyn. Sherlyn looks at Preeta with sheer confidence and Rakhi asks Preeta to go ahead with the ritual.

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