Preeta comes onstage and breaks Sherlyn’s confidence by saying that she knows that the latter is pregnant with Prithvi’s child. Sherlyn is speechless after hearing that Prithvi had proposed to help Preeta in exposing her. Preeta says that Prithvi has revealed about their relationship and their child as he wants to get rid of her.

Sherlyn recalls Preeta’s warning when Rishabh arrives home. While everyone is joyous to welcome him home, Sherlyn fears being exposed anytime soon!

Rishabh arrives home and the Luthras feel immensely happy to see him home. Dadi, Kareena and Rakhi make him perform a ritual to keep Sherlyn away from the evil eyes.

Suddenly, Karan arrives home and feels joyous to see Rishabh. After they hug each other, they go with Sameer and Mahesh to have some drinks.

Mahira sees Preeta and Srishti keeping an eye on Sherlyn, who looks prominently scared.

Sanjana finds Sherlyn worried and tries to ask her, but she leaves from there in a haste.

Sherlyn takes Prithvi to Rakhi’s room and scolds him for offering to help Preeta in exposing her! He denies doing so and tells Sherlyn that Preeta had seen them at the hospital and knows their secret.

Meanwhile, Srishti and Preeta eavesdrop on their conversation. Srishti goes to the living room and shows everyone a live footage of Sherlyn and Prithvi. Rakhi is worried to see them in her room and a furious Rishabh walks ahead to knock at the door. A heartbroken Kritika follows him to that room. Srishti argues with Sanjana when she tries to prove Sherlyn’s innocence to Rishabh.

Meanwhile, Sherlyn’s health begins to deteriorate and Prithvi finds himself in a fix.

Rishabh keeps knocking at the door of Rakhi’s room and Kritika asks Prithvi to open it. Sanjana keeps telling Rishabh and Kritika to calm down. Srishti argues with Sanjana when she tries to defend Sherlyn. Preeta notices that Sherlyn is getting a panic attack. Everyone rushes to Rakhi’s room and Preeta asks Rishabh to break open the door. The moment the door opens, Prithvi runs out with an unconscious Sherlyn in his arms.

The Luthras rush Sherlyn to a hospital and Dadi asks Rishabh to look for a better Doctor. Rishabh explains how it is the need of the hour. Dadi asks him why the room was locked? Rishabh immediately begins to question Prithvi. Kritika asks Prithvi to tell the truth and Sanjana begins to worry.

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