Prithvi cooks up a story to defend himself and Sherlyn. He says that he entered Rakhi’s room to help Sherlyn during her deteriorating condition. Everyone begins to question Preeta’s intention when she confesses installing a camera in Sherlyn’s necklace.

Sanjana and Dadi keep asking for the reason behind Preeta’s actions? Prithvi defends Preeta against everyone and praises Preeta for it. He explains that her actions have just proved beneficial for Sherlyn.

Soon, Sherlyn regains consciousness and everyone goes to see her. Before others enter the room, Sherlyn tells Preeta that she knows why the camera was installed.

Rishabh apologises to Sherlyn for being upset and she fogives him. Sherlyn decides to punish Preeta for trying to expose her!

Sherlyn regains consciousness at the hospital and asks Rakhi to take her home. Rakhi takes good care of her and tells her that she will be under observation for sometime.

At the Luthra House, Prithvi walks up to Preeta and begins to make fun of her. Preeta asks him how Sherlyn learned about the camera on her necklace? Prithvi shocks Preeta by revealing that Sherlyn was faking a panic attack. He soon explains how he got to know about her plan against him and Sherlyn.

Prithvi tells Preeta that he does not want to marry Kritika. He says that Kritika is mad over him and she wants to marry him. He tells Preeta that he is getting married to Kritika only to be with her, which disgusts Preeta.

Meanwhile, Rishabh, Rakhi and Kareena bring Sherlyn home. Sherlyn tries to avoid Mahira when she says that her pretence was very nice.

Kareena requests Sanjana to stay home for a few days, but she refuses to do so. Rishabh gets medicines for Sherlyn and Kareena feels good to see them together.

Kritika sees Preeta badmouthing about Prithvi and questions her. However, Prithvi distracts Kritika by saying that she was praising him. Kritika asks him to take her for shopping the next day and he agrees to it.

After everyone leaves, Sherlyn asks Rishabh if he suspects her of having an affair with Prithvi?

Before leaving for his practice, Karan asks Preeta about her plan against Sherlyn, but she requests him to focus on his matches.

The next day, Sherlyn calls one of the henchmen and instructs him to kill Preeta. Sherlyn turns around, and she’s shocked to see something behind her.

She turns around and sees Mahira behind her. Mahira praises Sherlyn for her decision to kill Preeta. They decide to go to the meeting point to meet the hitman and discuss the plan. Mahira begins to fear after learning that he is going to run over Preeta. Mahira tries to reason with Sherlyn, who avoids her suggestions.

At a Jewelery store, Prithvi feels suffocated with Kritika, who is glad to shop for their wedding.

Sherlyn decides to execute the plan keeping Prithvi uninformed.

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