Mahira vows to get Prithvi and Sherlyn ousted from the house and threatens to target Preeta!

Srishti sees this and teaches her a lesson. Prithvi laughs at Mahira’s condition and she challenges to destroy him and Sherlyn!

After Mahira leaves the Luthra House, Srishti talks to Preeta about it. Srishti considers it to be a piece of good news for everyone. She keeps wondering why Prithvi exposed Mahira? She tells Preeta that they have to expose Prithvi before he marries Kritika. Preeta reminds her how they have always failed to expose him and Sherlyn. She worries about the Luthras and Kritika, who had threatened Rishabh to commit suicide.

In the living room, Dadi gives Prithvi and Kritika’s wedding card to Sanjana and Sarla. Janki tries to mention how they had come only to check on Sherlyn. Srishti tells everyone that Janki is trying to explain how Mahira’s departure is a good thing and the wedding can improve everyone’s mood. Dadi decides to get them married within a day and Mahesh leaves from there.

Mahesh overhears Rishabh telling Karan that he is sorry for Sherlyn, but he’s also feeling guilty about not feeling any attachment with their unborn child.

Mahesh consoles Rishabh and explains how fatherhood in a man grows with time. Prithvi praises Sherlyn for telling everyone to marry Kritika to him. Sherlyn tells Prithvi that his actions have proved that they are an inseparable couple even if he is with Kritika.

Kritika finds Sherlyn talking to someone and enters her room to console her. Sherlyn, however, begins to fear that Prithvi might fall for Kritika.

Meanwhile, Preeta consoles Rakhi as she blames herself for allowing Mahira to stay in the house.

Kritika gets restless when she does not see Mahesh and Rakhi around for her Chooda (bracelet) ritual. Dadi tells her to be patient and Mahesh’s arrival makes her feel joyous. Kareena and Dadi discuss how Mahesh and Rakhi love Kritika like their own daughter.

Preeta asks Kritika to close her eyes while performing the ritual and Rishabh teases her. Rishabh tries to cheer up Kritika when the Luthras get emotional.

Prithvi, in his room, feels proud of himself while getting ready for the wedding. He gets a text message from Mahira and keeps replying to her without noticing that it’s not her. Srishti, on the other hand, keeps texting him and comes up with a plan to expose him! Srishti decides to execute her plan to stop Prithvi and Kritika’s wedding.

However, Sherlyn keeps fearing that something is going to go wrong. Srishti’s arrival frightens Sherlyn, but she overlooks her worries on seeing Preeta and Srishti busy with the wedding preparations.

Sherlyn gets upset with Rishabh when he asks her to take rest. Srishti meets Rishabh and tells him that she loves him for being such a kindhearted person.

Kareena notices this and tells Srishti to stay away from him! She tells Srishti that Rishabh is sad and vulnerable, but she shouldn’t try and get close to him!

Sherlyn secretly enters Prithvi’s room and tells him that she is feeling something is off.

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