Mitali asks the lady constable if she is scared of ghost. The Constable says no. Mitali opens the door. The lady constable finds someone attacking her with the ball. She shouts and runs out. Mitali gets shocked and closes the door fast. Pragya asks did you see him? Constable says I have seen him and he is fine. Pragya says then why did you shout? Aaliya asks her to go.

The Inspector asks Pragya to go else she will arrest her. Pragya says I will go and will not trouble them. The lady Inspector asks Pragya to go. She asks Aaliya to call her if needed. Pragya asks Dadi to tell what they are hiding. Aaliya warns Dadi. Dadi asks Pragya for everyone’s betterment. Pragya goes out of the house. Tai ji says if Meera would have been here, then it would have been good. Aaliya says it would be bad, tells that very less people should stay here to hide Abhi’s truth.

Pragya thinks what Aaliya was telling Dadi. She thinks Dadi would have never asked me to leave here and thinks the matter is very serious than I thought. She thinks of their moments and thinks to go inside through kitchen corridor. She goes to kitchen corridor and hears Mitali talking to the Servant and telling that he don’t like food, so I have to make food now. She says she shouldn’t have come here and goes. Pragya breaks the window pane and gets inside. She hears Aaliya talking to her Manager and asking him/her to be with Purab, as he is in shock. Pragya thinks why is Purab in shock? She comes near Abhi’s room. Tai ji comes there. Pragya manages to hide from her. Tai ji says she is scared much due to that room and goes…

Pragya knocks on the door and asks Abhi to open the door. She finds the door locked and tries to open the door. Aaliya finds the window glass pieces on the ground. Mitali comes there and says food is ready. They rush towards Abhi’s room. Aaliya tells Tai ji that Pragya is here. Pragya is about to open the door, but Aaliya calls Police and takes Pragya down.

The lady Inspector comes there and tells the lady Constable to arrest her. Pragya says you shall arrest Aaliya, for locking my husband in the room. She asks did Aaliya give her money? The lady Inspector shouts at her. Aaliya tells that she can show the doctor’s report in which he told that Abhi should rest. Pragya runs to Abhi’s room and knocks on the door. The lady Inspector and constable takes her out, while Pragya is still pleading infront of them. Aaliya looks on. Pragya asks the lady Inspector to let her see her husband again. The lady Inspector says your husband is fine, my Constable have seen him, he is fine. Pragya says she wants to see him once. The lady Constable tells that she can’t do anything.

Sarita behen thinks how can anyone loves someone so much? She prays to God, asking him to make her meet Mr. Mehra once. She thinks how to help her and thinks to call Baljeet ji. She thinks why she didn’t help Pragya yet, thinks to talk to her and asks her. She calls Dadi, but the latter rejects her call. Sarita behen finds her number blocked and thinks there is something big, my daughter is fighting alone.

The lady constable tells Pragya that the food is ready. Pragya tells that she don’t want to have food and tells that she wants to meet her husband. The lady constable asks her to tell everything. Pragya tells her everything. Lady Constable tells her that Aaliya don’t want her to meet him. She says she reminds her of her daughter who is dead now and asks her to promise that she will not go again. Pragya promises her.

The lady Constable talks to the lady Inspector. The lady Inspector lets Pragya leave after the latter promise her that she will not go again.

Digvijay talks to someone and tells that Abhishek Mehra’s company is finished, as he is dead! The guy says he is not dead and was brought back from death, but something bad has happened with him. Digvijay gets shocked and calls the Killer. He asks Killer if Abhishek is alive, and if he is alive then kill him. The Killer says someone must have joked. Digvijay asks him to find out and kill him.

Aaliya thinks of Pragya’s words. Mitali comes there and asks her to have food. Aaliya refuses. Mitali says Rhea didn’t want to have food. Aaliya says Rhea is suffering because of Prachi and now due to Pragya. Mitali says until when Pragya will be in lock up as she didn’t do any crime.

The lady Constable comes to Sarita behen and drops Pragya. She tells her everything and tells that she has promised that she will not go to Mehra house again. Sarita behen offers her tea. Lady constable refuses and goes. Aaliya tells that all the responsibility came on her. Mitali says I can help you. Aaliya says you can just help to make tea etc. Raj Bhaiya doesn’t come home and Purab… is in his own world. She says all the responsibility came on me. Mitali goes. Aaliya thinks Pragya didn’t do any crime, but entering here is not less than a crime. She asks how dare she? She thinks she can come out of lock up as it is not non bailable offence.

The Killer comes to Digvijay and says I am ready to do my work. Digvijay takes his gun and tells that how can anyone survive when someone is shot on his forehead. Killer says why Manager will die? Digvijay says if he is not dead, then he has to die tonight. Killer says why you want to kill him. Digvijay says he has ruined many in business. He says I will not tell until my work is done and says Abhishek Mehra has to die tonight.

Sarita behen calls Pragya. Pragya says I am going to Mehra Mansion and tells that she didn’t see him, but felt his presence there. She says he must be angry with me. Sarita behen says you shall not go now. Pragya says what to do? Sarita behen says everytime there will be no lady inspector who leaves you with a warning. Pragya says I have to meet him. Sarita behen asks her to understand and reminds of her promise. Pragya says I lied there. She tells that she will go there and meet him anyhow.

Aaliya thinks Mitali gives her tension and also problem. She calls Lady Inspector and asks until when Pragya will be in jail. Lady Inspector says we have left her. Servant brings tea for Aaliya. Aaliya throws the tray and says get out. She shouts at the lady Inspector and asks why did you leave her? The lady Inspector asks her not to shout at her and tells that Pragya is a simple woman and she has not done a crime. She says we can’t lock her in the lock up for this and tells that she would have called the lawyer and get freed. She says I have just saved her lawyer’s money.

Aaliya shouts at her and ends the call. She calls Security and tells that the woman (Pragya) should not enter inside. She asks them to beat her. The lady security guard says she can’t beat her. Aaliya shouts and asks her to say louder. The lady security guard says I will beat her. Aaliya thinks she won’t let Pragya come inside!

Pragya is traveling in a taxi to go to Mehra Mansion. She thinks of her moments with Abhi. She thinks of Aaliya warning Dadi not to say anything. She stops the taxi far away from the gate and thinks she will meet him.

The Killer comes to Digvijay’s car. Digvijay asks him to kill Abhi and tells him that he will get happy hearing his death news and will give the news. He then asks him to have Elaichi as his mouth is stinking. He then asks him to return back to the car after doing the work, and sit on the driver’s seat and drives off. The Killer says okay. He comes to Abhi’s house and runs seeing the tight security. The Security finds someone’s presence there and starts searching who is there? The Killer manages to open a car and gets out from the other door of the car.

The lady guard sees the killer and catches him, but the Killer runs away. Pragya sees the killer running away and runs behind him.

Aaliya, Pallavi and Mitali come out of the house. The guard tells that there might be a thief, as it was a man. Aaliya says it was bad news.

Digvijay thinks the work is done, seeing the Killer coming back. The Killer sits on the driver’s seat and tells that he couldn’t do the work.

Pragya comes to the car and finds the mask inside. She holds Digvijay’s neck and asks him to get down the car. She asks him to say who is he?

Aaliya tells Mitali that Pragya came back and the guy wanted to divert the security.

Pragya tries to see Digvijay’s face and says I will not leave you for attempting to kill him. Digvijay runs towards the car. The Killer gets the car keys and brings the car near Digvijay. Digvijay sits in the car and escapes. Pragya thinks Abhi’s life is in danger.

Aaliya asks the security guard to stop Pragya from entering here. Pragya hears them and thinks neither Aaliya nor her security can stop her. She thinks to go from backside. Mitali tells Aaliya that she is feeling scared and cold, tells that they should go back.

Pragya goes back and thinks to climb up using the stairs, which were used for the decoration. She gets inside the hall. Mitali hears the sound, thinks she should not take the risk, should call Aaliya. Aaliya asks what is it? Mitali thinks this house has become a ghost house. Pragya crawls and hides.

Mitali asks Aaliya to call the security inside and shouts calling them. Aaliya says nobody will dare to come… and says Pragya. She comes down and checks. Mitali calls Security guards and asks them to check. They begin searching.

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