Pragya hides standing on the window. She then manages to go upstairs. Aaliya calls the police station and asks Inspector to come to Mehra Mansion. Pragya tries to open the door.

Aaliya asks her not to open the door. Pragya opens the door. Aaliya pushes her down. Pragya opens the door and pushes her down. She gets inside the room and finds it messy and Abhi not there. Aaliya takes her down. Police come there.

Aaliya asks the Inspector to arrest and take her. Pragya pleads in front of everyone to tell what happened with her husband and asks why everyone is silent. She asks Inspector to ask them what they are hiding? Aaliya asks the lady Inspector to take her from there. Inspector asks her to come. Pragya says I will not go and tells that they are hiding something from us. She says my husband is not fine, they are doing something wrong with him. Inspector says come with us. Pragya says I will not go, I have more right on this house than them.

Aaliya says she loves her husband’s property and assets, rather than her husband. Pragya says if I had interest then wouldn’t have stayed in a rented house. Aaliya tells that they are more worried for Abhi. Pragya says she saw a killer outside who wants to kill him. Tai ji asks her to go and says Abhi doesn’t want to meet you. Pragya says I didn’t show my rights until now, but now I will show my rights.

The lady Inspector says I think she is right and tells her that you can’t stop her from meeting her husband. Aaliya says you had brought NGO workers and I showed them divorce papers. Pragya says you didn’t want our relation, but it couldn’t break since 25 years. She says you have taken my signs on the divorce papers so that I don’t show my rights on his property. Aaliya says why will a teacher sign without reading it?

Pragya says she had kidnapped my daughter and made me sign on the papers. She says the papers don’t matter anything, as we are married just 3 days back. She says everyone has seen our marriage but has promised to lie. Aaliya asks if there is any witness here and asks the Inspector to take her. Pragya says I can prove and tells that she has an eye witness, Meera who was there during her marriage and in fact had given her cloth for the marriage. She calls Meera. Aaliya says Meera is not here, she has gone as the contract is over!

Pragya calls Meera. Aaliya says she is not here, her contract got over and that’s why she left. She asks do you have any more witness to your marriage. Pragya tells the lady Inspector that there is an eye witness to their marriage, and tells about the the Priest who had conducted their marriage. Aaliya says she is lying and will run away from here. Pragya says why will I run from here, who is get inside. The Inspector says she will send her team to bring the Priest.

Sarita behen thinks to go out and worries for Pragya. She then thinks what if Prachi and Shahana ask her, thinks it is 2 am and Pragya didn’t come. She tells that she couldn’t stop her from going to meet her husband. She tells that she feels connection with her and prays to God to support Pragya and handle her.

The Constable brings the Priest to the house. Pragya asks the Priest that the Inspector called him to witness their marriage. The Priest says yes, I have solemnized your marriage and I got Dakshina from you both. He says he will give his statement.

Mitali asks Pallavi if it is right to give wrong statement after witnessing their marriage. Pallavi says she will save Abhi’s family from Pragya’s bad sight and will do whatever Aaliya asks her to do. Mitali says what if Pragya proves that she is Abhi’s wife, she will return with all the proofs. Tai ji asks what if Pragya prove that marriage had happened then what will happen? Aaliya says either we will lose from Pragya or she will lose her everything today.

Pragya comes there with the Priest and says you had said that if I prove that I am his wife, then nobody can stop me from meeting my husband.

The Inspector says law says this, not me. She questions the Priest if he got Pragya’s marriage done in the temple, 3 days back? The Priest says he had done the marriage with all the rituals and mantras. Aaliya is shocked.

Mitali asks if havan kund was there. The Priest says yes, that marriage happened. Pragya says the marriage happened 3 days back and the divorce which Aaliya is talking about is 15 years back. She says my marriage is valid and there is no importance of the papers. Aaliya asks if the divorce papers are not valued? Pragya says I am his wife and didn’t divorce him. She says don’t know what happened to these family members and says she sits in someone’s mandap or gets someone kidnapped from the mandap etc. Aaliya shouts at her.

Pragya asks her not to shout and says if I want then I can call your husband here, and he will prove. She says I am the daughter-in-law of this house, your Sister-in-law and tells that this is proved that I am Abhishek Mehra’s wife and you people can’t stop me from meeting my husband. She tells Aaliya that she will get her arrested.

The Priest says forgive me, but I can’t do this. Pragya asks what happened? The Priest says whatever you said and lies to the Inspector that he can’t do a big sin. He says he can’t support her lie. Pragya is shocked. Pallavi and Aaliya looks on. The Priest tells that Pragya asked me to tell that he had solemnized their marriage, but he didn’t do. Pragya says why are you lying?

Aaliya smiles and recalls telling the Priest that he has to lie, as Pragya married him for money, and tried to kill him. She emotionally blackmails him and asks him to talk to the hospital. The Priest says it is sin to lie. Aaliya asks him to say lie for saving her brother. She says I will touch your feet. The Priest says I will lie to protect your brother. Aaliya thanks him and gives the money. The Priest refuses. Aaliya says this money is for the temple. The Priesr refuses. FB ends. Aaliya thinks the Priest acting is good.

Pragya asks the Priest to say the truth. He says he can’t lie anymore. Aaliya says enough! Pragya says you have given money to him and tells Pandit ji that her life will be ruined due to his statement. Aaliya asks Inspector to take her and imprisoned her for life else she will complain to the Commissioner against her (the Inspector).

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